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Tumblephoto December 21, 2007


King Weave by YMC. You just poke the buckle bit through the weave, so for the first time in my life, I didn’t have to get a cobbler to punch extra holes in a new belt. I have a lot of YMC stuff. A key part of my ’1950s geography teacher with a shady past’ look! See also: MHL.

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Tumblephoto November 21, 2007


By Vik Prjónsdóttir. (Via Kitsune Noir)


Tumblequote June 5, 2006

I personally think people under estimated/completely ignore the influence the of the Edinburgh Festival on the Edinburgh crews. All the continental fashion on show for all to see and be influenced by for 8 weeks in the summer every year.Mod, with an interesting theory on Edinburgh casual.

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Tumblephoto February 8, 2006

TG10, by Mot.

From a 1955 photo essay by Ken Russell on Teddy Girls.

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Tumblephoto November 12, 2005

Masked loonyCantankerous sound almost as good as they look

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