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Tumblequote December 4, 2007

The smart thing to be doing online these days is tumblelogging, says the Telegraph. Oh dear.


Tumblequote November 3, 2005

Tumblelogs; just a fancy name for the weblogs people like me used to have back in the day, really, back when Blogger was state-of-the-art. Before Movable Type made us put a title on everything, and suddenly posting a link or a snapshot of your thoughts wasn’t ‘substantial’ enough. Of course then linklogs came along, and and Flickr and all that jazz, and it seemed like every component of what a weblog used to be had been spun off into its own format, its own identity. Like sit-com characters starring in their own shows. — MacDara Conroy, nails Tumblelogs on his newly tumbly weblog.