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Tumblethought March 5, 2008

Turning Twitter ‘tweets’ to Tumble thoughts.

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Tumblethought February 16, 2008

If you look down, you’ll see that you can now browse the Tumble archives. Well, you always could, but until now it involved typing URLs into the address bar of your browser. Links are so much more modern and convenient, don’t you think? Can you believe it took me more than two years to add <ul><?php wp_get_archives(); ?></ul> to the template file?!

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Tumblethought October 6, 2007

TumbLrd points out that, like an idiot, I forgot to include ‘previous’ and ‘next’ links on Tumble’s pages. That glaring error is now fixed: on a post page click on the little arrows that appear after the list of tags to navigate back and forwards in time. I’ll add a way to browse the archives soon, too.


Tumblethought January 8, 2007

Posting of pretty pictures, lovely links and, er, quote-worthy quotes will resume tomorrow. Fixing the tag cloud might take a little longer (but you can still view tags by clicking on them under the posts).

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Tumblephoto May 29, 2006

Meta, by Mot.

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