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Tumblephoto May 29, 2008

Armstrong Collage

More of Louis Armstrong’s collages at The Paris Review

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Tumblevideo April 23, 2008


Tumblethought March 19, 2008

Reviewing the work of people you know is not entirely pleasant.

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Tumblephoto March 7, 2008

Figures Standing by Nick Evans at Inverleith House

Figures Standing by Nick Evans at Inverleith House by Mot.

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Tumblephoto December 13, 2007


From a brilliant game of ‘guess the album from an MS Paint version‘ at Optimo (Echatio).

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Tumblevideo June 5, 2007

500 years of portraits morphing into one another. Mesmerising.

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Tumblephoto February 18, 2007

Spit on me

By Gunnar Green. More info here.

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Tumblequote February 1, 2007

The machine has rejected ornament and the machine has everywhere established itself. We are irrevocably committed to a machine age.–Herbert Read, Art & Industry, 1934.

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Tumblephoto January 24, 2007


By Ben F. Laposky

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Tumblevideo January 23, 2007

The Wyoming Incident

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Tumblequote January 20, 2007

A coarsely understood modernism is at once an historical scandal and a contemporary disability–Michael Levenson

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Tumblequote January 17, 2007

Think of Florence, Paris, London, New York. Nobody visiting them for the first time is a stranger, because he’s already visited them in paintings, novels, history books and films. But if a city hasn’t been used by an artist not even the inhabitants live there imaginatively–Alisdair Gray, Lanark

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Tumblephoto January 17, 2007

Mass Art

Painters compete during a facsimile match in Dafen Village. More than 110 contestants make facsimile of portrait or scenery oil painting in the timed match.

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Tumblephoto August 4, 2006

Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting

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Tumblephoto July 7, 2006

Still From Laddy And The Lady, by Henry Coombes, uploaded by Mot.

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Tumblequote July 7, 2006

(1) The artist may construct the piece. (2) The piece may be fabricated. (3) The piece may not be built. [Each being equal and consistent with the intent of the artist, the decision as to condition rests with the receiver upon the occasion of receivership.]–Lawrence Weiner

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Tumblephoto April 24, 2006

opening03, by Janet.

Briony danced outside a pub to mark the opening of the Anderson Magee show at Limousine Bull, Aberdeen.

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Tumblequote April 13, 2006

The world is full of objects, more or less interesting; I do not wish to add any more.Douglas Huebler

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Tumblephoto April 6, 2006

Drawing by Robert Horvitz

Drawings by Robert Horvitz.

Since 1970, all of my drawings have been made with just one kind of mark. I put the pen on the paper and flick it… Most of my drawings contain thousands of marks.

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Tumblephoto April 5, 2006

Morse Video, by Mot.

This is a still from a video by Andres Ramirez Gaviria that “uses Morse code to visualize and sonify a section of the index from the book, Point and Line to Plane, written by Wassily Kandinsky in 1926.”

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Tumblephoto February 17, 2006

Contact Sheet, by Mot.

These photographs by Janet are for the book we’re working on with art duo Anderson & Macgee.

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Tumblephoto February 11, 2006

Draped Croft #2, by Mot.

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Tumblephoto February 3, 2006

blind-cab, by eversion.

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Tumblequote February 3, 2006

Fingere ex argilla similitudines Butades Sicyonius figulus primus invenit Corinthi filiae opera, quae capta amore iuventis, abeunte illo peregre, umbram ex facie eius ad lucernam in pariete lineis circumscripsit, quibus pater eius inpressa argilla typum fecit et cum ceteris fictilibus induratum igni proposuit, eumque servatum in Nymphaeo, donec Mummius Corinthum everterit, tradunt. — Pliny, via Lacus Curtius, telling the tale of the Maid of Corinth.

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Tumblephoto January 12, 2006

Children, by Govan. (I’ve been meaning to photograph this for ages myself)

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Tumblephoto December 8, 2005

Cathy Wilkes Installation, Selective Memory, SNGOMA #7, by Mot.

The Selective Memory show at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art is one part mince, one part brilliant, and one part truly great. This is a little detail from the truly great part.

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Tumblephoto November 2, 2005

Wee boy looks at telly
A still (I think) from Cathy Wilkes’ new film piece, Most Women Never Experience. (Read me gushing about her most recent show in Glasgow.)

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Tumblephoto November 2, 2005

A police car, a rock and the text Recruiting!
The poster component of Coptalk, by Chris Evans