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Tumblevideo February 18, 2008

Via xlab.

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Tumblephoto May 27, 2007

Tigh Beg on Loch Feochan, Argyll

Tigh Beg on Loch Feochan, Argyll by Ned Trifle.

(I’m spending a few days at this place next week with my Aunty, Uncle and Cousin. Can’t wait!)

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Tumblequote April 17, 2007

One in 50 Scots is a heroin addict.–according to the QI Fact & Quotation of the Day.

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Tumblephoto January 29, 2007

Clearances Pisser

Clearances Pisser by Mot.

This is one of the urinals in The Lismore pub, each is inscribed with the name of a figure in the Clearances for you to aim your piss at. Keen sense of history, the Scottish.

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Tumblephoto February 11, 2006

Draped Croft #2, by Mot.

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