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Tumblephoto November 16, 2008

Burroughs at his writing machine

Burroughs at his writing machine

As seen at Naked Lunch @ 50.

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Tumbletip May 8, 2008

To get a grave accent on a Mac running OS X, press Option + `, then the letter you want to accentify. I’m hoping that by writing this here I’ll finally wodge the technique into my brain.

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Tumblethought March 19, 2008

Reviewing the work of people you know is not entirely pleasant.

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Tumbletip July 12, 2006

If you want OS X applications to check your spelling against a proper English dictionary, rather than an American English one: hit Command+Shift+: then select ‘British English’ in the ‘Dictionary’ dropdown menu. (Nota bene: you need to do this in every application in which you employ the spelling checker.) Thank you codeman38.

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Tumblephoto July 9, 2006

Making CheapsterPDA, by pigpogm.

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Tumbletip November 2, 2005

A useful little habit: when writing, select all your text and copy it to the clipboard at frequent intervals, before you hit save (which if you’re as paranoid as I am, is every few lines). This gives you an easily accessible revision history, especially if you use a utility like Jumpcut, and lets you pause for a microsecond to gather your thoughts.

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