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Tumblephoto April 24, 2006

opening03, by Janet.

Briony danced outside a pub to mark the opening of the Anderson Magee show at Limousine Bull, Aberdeen.

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Tumblequote February 18, 2006

Choreographic rhythms have their model outside of the profane life of man; whether they reproduce the movements of the totemic or emblematic animal, or the motions of the stars; whether they themselves constitute rituals (labyrinthine steps, leaps, gestures performed with ceremonial instruments)–a dance always imitates an archetypal gesture or commemorates a mythical moment. — Mircea Eliade, Cosmos and History: The Myth of the Eternal Return.

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Tumblephoto February 17, 2006

Contact Sheet, by Mot.

These photographs by Janet are for the book we’re working on with art duo Anderson & Macgee.

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