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More On The Eee PC

I’ve had the Eee PC for a few weeks now, using it as my main computer for most of that time, and have been jotting down notes on using it all along. Instead of a thorough review (see Ars Technica’s coverage for that), I thought I’d gussy those notes up a bit, to make a loose, bullet-pointy, rather vague reviewlet of the machine as I use it, for writing and research, mostly.

Using The Eee PC


The operating system

So, is it any good?

Yup! In the end, the Eee PC has far exceeded my expectations. Sure, it has its flaws - small screen and keyboard, the lack of polish and limitations of Xandros when compared to a ‘proper’ OS - but it’s a more than capable laptop, ultra-portable and eminently usable. It has completely replaced my MacBook Pro as a laptop, which is now installed in the office as a desktop replacement. At a push, I could even see someone with relatively modest computing needs making the Eee PC their main machine: add an external DVD drive, full-size keyboard and monitor, and it would more than meet the needs of anyone who uses a PC primarily to write, surf the web and manage mail.

See also: Eee PC Setup.

Posted at 4pm on 10/01/08 by Jack Mottram to the linux category.
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