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Triple Works Hidden Rivet

This is likely to be of limited interest to most readers, but the denim heads1 will drool. Iron Heart have just released a new pair of jeans in a limited edition of one hundred: the Triple Works Hidden Rivet TWHR01.

Just look at that belt-loop stitching.

A belt-loop stitched to a waistband, for extra strength.

Like the mighty Iron Heart IH-634S, they’re based on the 1955 Levi’s cut, though probably not too closely, as Levi’s sued Iron Heart and other Japanese repro brands last year for trademark infringement. Unlike the IH-634S, which is made of incredibly hefty 21oz selvedge denim, the TWHR01 comes in a relatively lightweight 13oz selvedge, though it’s woven on the same 30” Riki-Shokki—that’s Japanese for “power loom”—and from the same long-fibre cotton.

Some more nerdy details:

And if you order now, you can get an optional crotch rivet free of charge. Yes, you read that right, an optional crotch rivet!

  1. Hello Roger! Hello Mike!

Posted at 8pm on 18/11/08 by Jack Mottram to the misc. category.
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  1. waves

    nice jeans!

    Posted by mikeD at 8pm on 20.11.08

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