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City Link

City Link are the worst couriers in the world. Here’s why:

What should have happened:

  1. City Link deliver package to me at some point between 9am and 5.30pm on Wednesday.

What did happen:

  1. I stay in all day on Wednesday, waiting for a delivery. No package arrives.

  2. On Thursday, I obtain the tracking number from the sender of the package. According to the City Link website, an attempt to deliver the package was made (this is untrue), and the package has since returned to the City Link depot.

  3. On Thursday morning, I attempt to telephone City Link, but give up after 45 minutes on hold. The hold music consists of an eight bar Eurorave loop with a chirpy voiceover informing me of the unparalleled brilliance of the City Link delivery experience, in terms not dissimilar to the unreliable delivery company’s motto, which is ‘To be the Carrier of Choice through operational excellence and customer focus - delivering success through our people.’. This does not endear me to the inept carriers City Link. Later that afternoon, after another half hour on hold, I am told to call back again, as City Link are suffering an ‘IT failure’. Later still that afternoon, after a relatively reasonable 20 minutes on hold, I am informed that I can either a) wait in all day on Friday for a re-delivery, or b) collect the package from the City Link depot in sunny Cambuslang, bringing my missed delivery card with me (which I do not have, because City Link made no attempt to deliver the package in the first place). I choose b), and am told to call on Friday morning to verify that the package is at the depot.

  4. I call this morning. After 30 minutes on hold, I am told that City Link are suffering an ‘IT failure’, that they do not know where my package is, and that I should call back at 2pm. I do, and, after a thrillingly brief ten minutes on hold, City Link confirm that my package is available.

  5. I travel by low level train to Cambuslang, and make my way across a footbridge covered in the monograms of various Young Teams, and on into a deserted industrial estate, thinking, ‘I’m glad it’s daylight, this place is well shady’. Once I locate the City Link depot, I queue for fifteen minutes, and give my tracking number to the nice lady behind the desk, who confirms it is there, and claims that she will send someone to fetch it. I ‘phone my Dad, to tell him the good news. My friend Nadine ‘phones, and tells me she is off to New York City for Christmas. In light of my present condition, I admit to feeling pangs of jealousy.

  6. After 30 minutes, I remind the nice City Link lady of her promise, and she rather unhelpfully suggests that it’s possible my package is nowhere to be found, and that no one has informed her of this fact. After ten more minutes, I inquire again, and receive the same answer, and a suggestion that I leave my ‘phone number so that she might call to arrange another delivery date. I decline, raising my voice only slightly, and restraining the urge to pepper my reply with the foulest language. After a further 20 minutes I inquire once more, politely insisting that someone is sent off to find my package. A nice man returns with my package in two minutes flat, apologises, and wishes me a Merry Christmas.

  7. I walk through the deserted industrial estate, and across the footbridge. It is now dark, which is why I don’t see the young gentlemen loitering on the footbridge until I am upon them. The young gentlemen ask if they might borrow my mobile telephone. I reply that they may not. There is a brief altercation, fortunately restricted to verbal badinage (rather than, for example, some light stabbing) which ends when I flee to the safety of the local Morrison’s supermarket car park. The young gentlemen lose interest, after hurling a few incomprehensible insults in my direction, and leave me free to continue to the train station.1

  8. I arrive home, and place the package in my holdall, so that it can be taken to the Wirral, wrapped up and placed under the tree, ready for my Dad on Christmas morn.

In summary:

Time spent waiting for delivery which never arrived: precisely 8.5 hours.

Time spent on hold to City Link: approximately 2.25 hours.

Time spent travelling to and from the City Link depot: approximately 1.5 hours.

Time spent waiting at the City Link depot: approximately 1.3 hours.

Time spent shitting myself and legging it away from scallies: approximately 3 minutes.

Total time spent being dicked around by the unreliable couriers City Link: approximately 13.6 hours.


City Link are the worst courier company in the world. I hope that anyone who Googles them in future happens upon this post before their website, and decides to use another service. Strapping goods to a half-starved mule and riding to your destination would likely be a quicker, more efficient mode of delivery.

1. I admit that, strictly speaking, #9 isn’t the fault of City Link, but I wouldn’t have been lugging hundreds of quid’s worth of Christmas presents across an unlit footbridge at night if it weren’t for them, and I’m not in a particularly forgiving mood. So they get the blame.

Posted at 8pm on 21/12/07 by Jack Mottram to the misc. category.
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  1. Excellent rant! Have linked to help you achieve your page rank goals. Had a rant about Virgin Trains myself. ‘Tis the season to bemoan!

    See you soon,

    Posted by Donny at 10pm on 21.12.07

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you here. Citylink are useless. I was recently stung by their non-delivery antics too and had to visit their shitty warehouse to pick up my parcel. Thankfully I took the car but I only found it because one of their 40 ton juggernauts almost collided with me on the way out of the depot.

    You should send yourself a large cardboard box full of your own shit via Citylink and sleep easier at night knowing that it will be stinking out their depot for months to come and there is no chance that it will ever reach its destination.

    Posted by c0NZ at 11pm on 21.12.07

  3. Good idea Conz. I shall wait for an especially unhealthy turkey-based emission.

    Don - see you soon! Are there any Tranmere plans? Also, I have your birthday present with me, only several months late, City Link style!

    Posted by Jack at 11am on 22.12.07

  4. Have just happened across this whilst on hold to citylink after having waited in for two days for delivery of a large parcel (a Christmas present for a five year old). Apparently they’ve been practicing their stealth delivery techniques all over Glasgow - they told me they’d tried to deliver twice but forgot to let me know they’d been there. I can’t be arsed going into all the details of their failings here - I need to save all of my righteous anger for the letters of complaint, safe to say that I’ll be putting in a claim for compensation, and suggesting that they make a sizable donation to the charity that I work for to compensate for me not being there on the busiest days of.

    Ooh, got through after only half an hour on hold. And guess what? IT failures mean that they don’t know where the parcel is. And apparently there are no supervisers working today, but at the same time they’re all in a meeting. I think the Citylink have cracked the space/time continuum thing and are able to exist on several different planes simultaneously, and so perhaps my parcel is in another dimension. If only they’d’ve told me that…

    By the way the direct line for the depot in Cambuslang is 0141 641 6250

    Posted by Ali at 12pm on 22.12.07

  5. Of course they have fobbed me off with a wrong number! I’m trying 0141 643 3141 just now.

    Posted by Ali at 12pm on 22.12.07

  6. I’ve had the same experience with City Link, Glasgow. I expected a parcel to be delivered on Wed 19 Dec, Express Delivery. Their web site says that they tried to deliver it on Thur 20 ( a day late). They did not appear and no card was left.
    After a long wait on the phone they said they would redeliver it on Fri 21st. Again the web site said that an attempt at delivery was made. I was watching out the window for them by the front door when they said that they made this second attempt.
    If really they did try to deliver they went to the wrong address on both occasions.
    I phoned this morning to be told that City Link had “IT failure” and had 3000 unsorted parcels and that they could not guarantee that I would get the parcel if I went for it.
    I went there at 10.30 am this morning but would not find the depot because, I think, that the address on the internet may be incorrect. It is certainly not known to my SatNav.
    Well……….. the saga continues, I still do not have the present and Xmas approaches.

    Posted by Ian at 6pm on 22.12.07

  7. I’m with you.

    Rather than deliver a shiny new hard drive on time, they shoved a leaflet under the door a day late to say they had tried. Not my flat door, you understand; the outside building door. Not in an out of the way area; it’s in the bloody city centre with lots of passing people. And not actually all the way through. Mostly it was left on Hope Street.

    Good timing is all that saved that from going missing.

    (Rather than venture the trek out to their depot in the backwaters of nowhere, since no redelivery options were available, I just let them return to sender).

    Posted by Gary Fleming at 2am on 23.12.07

  8. Totally agree about City Link - not just useless, but liars too. Ask The English Cheesecake Company how THEY feel about City Link - as these totally unreliable couriers FAILED to deliver all of The ECC’s freshly-made (and perishable) product this weekend. City Link are useless, lying scumbags - DO NOT USE THEM. EVER.

    Posted by Dan H at 12pm on 24.12.07

  9. Yes, I had the same problems, stayed in tuesday, wed, thurs, frid, tried to deliver each day, yeah right! watched all their vans go past my door, did one stop, no, even said online, they carded me, well not thru my door! A certain (gentle)man named bill at city link said they wld deliver sat, and if i wasnt in wld leave it with a neighbour, although another employee of city link said they werent allowed to do that so bill was in the wrong!
    Even although i do not have a car and i live in the east end of glasgow i am going to trek over that rugged terrain in cambuslang to get the christmas parcel i ordered from amazon who are also going to be informed of city links useless service. I will also tell them why do they use the cheapest service, folk would rather pay more to have a guaranteed service, I am sure.
    When my phone bill comes in, city link are going to get a print out, and if i ever order online again from anywhere! i will find out the courier first. Heres hoping when I do visit their depot my parcel is there cos i am not in a very good mood!!

    Posted by Madge at 10am on 27.12.07

  10. Hello

    Ive been waiting for a package since Friday 21st Dec..I rang there Cust serv Saturday to be told its on van show

    I rang on Xmas eve tobe told its on van and all parcels must be delivered before vans return to show..

    I rang today 27/12/07 to be told they have lost the parcel and it never even reached my local depot

    There a joke …Every time I buy something off the net (which is a lot) I cringe when tracking number is **ity Link

    I really feel like going and egging the Citylink van which parks in a road just 5mins from :P

    Posted by Ste at 12pm on 27.12.07

  11. That’s a bloody nightmare. I spent an hour or so in some other couriers’ depot only for them to realise the package had been sent back to the vendor. What you absolutely don’t need after that is a near-mugging. Horrendous.

    Posted by Gerard at 7pm on 28.12.07

  12. I live in Dorset and had all my families Christmas presents sent up to them on 17th. December by City Link. So called two attempted deliveries with cards left, no cards left and family there all day. Numerous telephone calls information given didn’t tie with Online Tracking History and at 28th. December Tracking History states parcel being returned but office say it is still at Cambuslang Depot. E mails sent with request for telephone response - nothing. Promises of it will be delivered on 29th. - won’t be holding my breath and won’t ever recommend City Link. Have written now to Cambuslang and Head Office. 28.12.07

    Posted by Linda Stewart at 7pm on 28.12.07

  13. Citylink Cambuslang is a shambles at the moment. They had my order for delivery on the 18th but there’s been someone home for the last 9 business days - including Saturdays - and they still haven’t even attempted delivery. Site tracking says it’s now ‘Returned to sender’. I’ve emailed Head Office - no response of course, but I will be making a formal complaint in due course. Citylink are easily the worst of all the main UK couriers; managing to ‘forget’ where my house is for roughly one in four deliveries! Boycotting suppliers who use them would probably help. BTW, the depot manager at Cambuslang is a David Pettie - in case anyone’s thinking of launching a Small Claims action against them.

    Posted by bad santa at 6pm on 29.12.07

  14. UPDATE
    Parcel didn’t arrive on 29th or 31st. No-one answering phones. Phoned local number on 2nd to be told was being delivered back to original collection point that day. Tracking History a joke, states on 29th. parcel delivered successfully, scheduled date for return delivery 31st.!!!!! But to cap all that the parcel arrived today 4th. Jan at my parents house where it should have been on 18th. Dec. If that is Express Delivery - well what can one say - if you are crazy enough to use City Link start posting your Christmas presents now and they might just get there in time.

    Posted by Linda Stewart at 3pm on 04.01.08

  15. i have been reading the commets people have made,and they are right order goods not arrived waiting in all day there was no card now 4 days later no parcel,i am sick of them every one should get together and put them on watch dog they should not be aloud to get awy with this bloodt company

    Posted by sharon brown at 7am on 10.01.08

  16. I don’t know why reading this has made me feel better, but perversely it has

    I am waiting for a washing machine (easy to lose those concrete-bottomed parcels) which was due for delivery on Jan 7th.

    Didn’t come then. Or on the 8th, 9th, 10th or 11th. The faithful promises that it would be there on the 12th by midday weren’t met.

    Then the deliveries for the 14th and now 15th have failed. I’ve variously been told that “drivers ran out of time” and that “there’s an IT problem”. Also that the parcel “is not lost, it’s just that we can’t locate it”

    So, after really losing it with them on the phone, I’m now promised special delivery by 1030 tomorrow. I’ll be back then to post the excuse they use when it doesn’t arrive…

    Anyone who has googled City Link with a view to using them - save the reputation of your business and steer well clear

    Posted by Bobby at 1pm on 15.01.08

  17. City link are such a bunch of idiots. I have sat in all day today, to be told by the depot that they have attempted a deliver! Bullshit. I know that I am never ever going to get the tv i ordered

    Posted by Sara at 3pm on 17.01.08

  18. City Link are bloody useless. All I wanted them to deliver was some blank CDs and still they can’t even manage that. I’ve been sat in waiting for TWO WHOLE DAYS (and counting) waiting for them to deliver my parcel.
    Yesterday I was sat at my computer and just happened to check the status of my parcel on City Link’s online “tracking” system and found that the driver had apparently attempted delivery not 10 minutes earlier. Of course, I knew this was a lie.
    So, I go to check my post box. Guess what…No card, for the second time. So how am I supposed to know what the number of my local depot is where these bafoons are keeping my parcel?
    So I have to ring the central number (sigh) - for the second time. I’m put on hold while some irritating woman tells me over and over how I can track my parcel online and how efficient City Link are. If they are so bloody fantastic, WHY AM I RINGING THIS BASTARD NUMBER! Eventually I get through and I explain the lack of a card and the fact that the apparent delivery was only attempted not 10 minutes ago. She puts me on hold while she phones the driver…I am then informed that the driver is no longer in the area (and probably never was) and that I absolutely must wait until tomorrow. She takes my suggestion that he turns around and comes back by suggesting that I come and collect the parcel myself. OK, like I’m going to pay you money to deliver a pacel to my door only to waste more time, money and effort going to collect it myself. Why don’t I just go and collect it from Ebuyer’s warehouse myself and flush all my money down the toilet while I’m at it? She takes my phone number in order, she says, to make sure that the driver can find my address.
    The end result? Today, as I sit typing this, another of City Link’s diligent employees is probably shoveling an invisible missed delivery card through my letterbox. This will of course force me to go and strangle the driver and ultimately land me with a 25 year stretch. Of course, I can’t strangle him because he’s not even anywhere near my house, he’s just pretending he is.

    Posted by Jacob Drummond at 12pm on 22.01.08

  19. Make that three days…
    My goods are apparently still being loaded onto a van. At least they are being honest by saying that no attempt to make a delivery has been made…

    Posted by Jacob Drummond at 9pm on 22.01.08

  20. Hm, I know this might ruin the fun of your rant, but it WAS the 21st of December and you said they said there’s an IT failure more than once. That tells me they weren’t just spinning you one if it was different people you spoke to.

    Sounds like a terrible job. Speaking to angry customers with no IT and 3000 unsorted parcels just days before Christmas? Poor bastards.

    Posted by Karl at 7pm on 23.01.08

  21. Aye, but spare us the overzealous whingeing mate…

    Posted by walker44 at 12am on 27.01.08

  22. I work as a driver for city link in Aberdeen.

    I feel for your predicamant, but you have to realise that in the run-up to xmas, city-link and ALL courier companies are so depserate for staff that they will employ any old junkie or fuckwit they can get their hands on, to drive and work in their stores.

    Personally I spent the run up to xmas working 60-75 hour weeks, consisting of a hell of a lot of late night deliveries to ensure clients got their consignments for xmas. Mostly due to correcting the mistakes of the above influx of donkeys.

    Long and short of it is simple, City-Link was a franchised nightmare with hugely varying standards accross the land, it has now been bought back by the mother company, and as a result the whole network is being upgraded. New vans, IT systems and guns (the things with the screen u sign at the door) and new depots. A new depot in aberdeen opens this month for example.

    I have never really been loyal to any employer before but I feel city-link are at least slowly moving in the right direction and only time will tell.

    Posted by The Badger at 6pm on 09.02.08

  23. Ebuyer & City link
    Phantom delivery, from a quick google I can see this is not uncommon. Alas, which bampot depot do I call given I have no card

    Posted by Jamie at 8am on 22.02.08

  24. so i’m not the only one screwed over by city link,they are by far the worst company i have ever dealt is now 4 days since i placed an order with NEXT DAY delivery and i am still waiting.they treat there customers with utter contempt over the phone and refuse to take responsibility for there failure to provide a service.How they have a contract with amazon is beyond me they are utterly useless.

    Posted by gary at 1pm on 23.02.08

  25. City Link are the worst courier company in the world. It’s not just one branch, it’s every single one of them.

    I was supposed to have something delivered the other day, but City Link didn’t bother to leave a card or contact me in any way to let me know they tried to deliver it. I would have gone to their depot and collected the parcel if I had known it was there. There have been a couple of instances in the last year of goods I have ordered being returned to sender by City Link without any indication that a delivery was attempted (at two different addresses), two occasions when a delivery was supposedly attempted while my girlfriend was in the house, and on one occasion the driver delivered to the wrong house. After many bad experiences with them I refuse to do any further business with any company that continues to use them. You should too. Find out before ordering anything online what courier they will be using, and if it’s City Link send them an email explaining why you won’t be purchasing from them.

    Posted by Sam at 1pm on 05.03.08

  26. I’ve had bad experiences with City Link and am currently sat here waiting for a Saturday delivery from Ebuyer myself. I have to admit I feel as though I only have a 50/50 chance of receiving my spanky new monitor.

    Anyway, if you ever need to use a courier to send something yourself, I would recommend this site:

    They do have City Link on their list of couriers but as an Ebay seller so far I have used DHL Home Delivery and TNT through this site with great success.

    Posted by Brindy at 12pm on 08.03.08

  27. i have used city-link for about 3 years and have sent hundreds of parcels no problems, i do send a email to the customer letting them know when i am sending parcel so i suppose that helps, i have used other companys before and have had nothing but problems, city-link have just recently purchased target express and have got all there drivers to add to there team, yes problems do happen when it is busy time, but check out other complaints about other couriers and you will soon see city-links complaints are very few and far between, try google for other couriers type in (parcelforce problems) or dhl problems you will soon see what i mean,

    U.K. Courier Company of 2007 Reliability of Service and Excellent Customer Service awarded by the Institute of Transport Management.

    Posted by cliff at 11pm on 19.03.08

  28. The Aberdeen depot number os +44(0)1224 293304, but it continually rings out…

    Posted by Andrew at 12pm on 28.03.08

  29. This is happening to me at this very second! I even gave them my phone number to give me a ring when the driver failed again to find my real address, but no, that was too difficult. When I rang to complain, I mentioned the sh1t service, the phone immediately went dead, and now there is just permanent hold for me, with the constant blurb about how the can guarantee next day delivery to any where in the world! What a joke.

    Posted by Mike Frankum at 1pm on 18.04.08

  30. Well it’s now June and I have just lost 2 days waiting in for a parcel from City Link. We were going away for a couple of days but as the parcel was the bike battery we’ve had to cancel. I’ve written to complain but no doubt my letter will end up in the bin. Customer service everywhere these days is crap. All what is written here is what has happened to me, how do they sleep at night?

    Posted by Patricia Edwards at 6pm on 25.06.08

  31. Agree - citylink awful.
    damaged a bollard outside our house, months later, still taking ages to return calls, emails etc.
    when they do - not helpful or sympathetic, i am almost made to feel
    1) I am lying
    2) it is my fault
    Danielle (ge4), Mr Murphy (transport manager)
    you are now named and shamed. Hope your family can read this someday.

    Posted by ian at 4pm on 17.08.08

  32. I can’t be bothered to explain how angry i am with city link so heres my letter of complaint to google:

    To Whom it may concern,

    I wish to make a serious complaint about how i have been treated by
    City Link Rotherham and the Customer services team based there.
    On friday 26th Sept i ordered a monitor for my pc from Amazon U.K.
    and paid extra for it to be delivered before 1pm on the next day, as
    i was going to be on holiday the week after. I waited all morning and
    nothing was delivered so i checked my online tracking ref with Amazon
    and city link (ref: YE543949) and it said attempted delivery at 10 am
    then left card. No card was left at my door or any delivery attempted
    at the correct address that morning. I waited around till one and
    nothing appeared.
    I tried ringing the autmoated number for city link on the sunday only
    to get a recorded message telling me about their opening times.
    Monday the 29th September i was travelling all day to get to my
    holiday destination so the next chance i could ring was Tuesday
    morning (30th) when i spoke to a gentleman who told me that the
    parcel had been put on the van monday and tuesday for delivery. I
    asked what had happened to the saturday delivery and he said that the
    driver had gone to a blue door? but subsequently mon and tuesday had
    found the right brown door and posted cards through the postbox. The
    customer services representative then informed me that he cold do
    nothing for me as i worked mon - fri and could only be in saturdays
    and i wouldn’t be put on next saturdays list. The best thing he said
    I could do was to ring up at 8am saturday and ask/beg? to be put on
    the list.
    After putting the phone down, the frustration set in at not having a
    resolution or a plan of action. I rung back within ten minutes and
    spoke to another man in the call centre and explained the following
    points to him.

    1. I had paid extra for next day delivery
    2. I had wasted all morning waiting for a delivery that had not come.
    3. City Link had gone to the wrong house.
    4. Now they could not give me a new delivery date and would not put
      me on saturdays list even if i was on holiday.
    5. They were ruining my holiday.

    At no time was i disrespectful to the staff on the phones, the
    customer services representative said he would talk to the “the
    gaffer”. When he returned to the phone he said that it had been
    agreed that it would be delivered saturday 4th October 2008.

    On Friday 3rd October i rang City Link again on 01709536501 at 1.30
    pm to confirm that it was going to be delivered on saturday and i
    left my mobile phone number with the man on the phone 07879221613 and
    said to ring me if there was any problems.
    Saturday 4th October - i waited all morning for a parcel to be
    delivered and there was nothing.
    I looked on website to find this information:

    20:03 Friday, October 3, 2008 Goods returned to sender
    01:15 Saturday, October 4, 2008 Goods returned to sender

    I cannot explain my frustration and anger at this shambles of a
    service, i have effectively wasted my time trying to sort these
    problems out and work with city link to resolve this issue. I feel i
    have been lied to by 3 city link staff and i believe that anything
    they tell me from this point on is a lie. I even have the feeling
    they were proud of spinning me a few lines to get me off the phone.

    The only way i can get any satisfaction is by compaining to both
    companies Amazon and City link and hope someone can offer some sort
    of explanation. I would also like my money back for the next day
    delivery at the very least.



    Posted by Lee at 2pm on 08.10.08

  33. Just to add to the complaints. I won’t use Amazon anymore until they stop using city link and hdnl.

    Posted by Tiel at 5pm on 22.10.08

  34. if its so much of an issue using courier services why not buy goods from a shop!! problem solved

    Posted by hugh jarse at 8pm on 24.10.08

  35. positively the worst delivery service ever…lets name and shame gareth brown, the guy does not even know how to apologise and he is a supervisor for city link!!! 4 days and I am still waiting, I advised laura ashley to find another source of delivery as these people cannot even deliver a decent telephone converation. BEWARE CITY LINK! They guarantee no next day delivery wherever you are in the world! ;)

    Posted by sharron nickson at 2pm on 06.02.09

  36. You are all so so sad!

    Posted by louise at 10pm on 07.02.09

  37. I agree, very similar City Link incident happened to me! The worst service by far!

    Posted by Katerina at 4pm on 03.03.09

  38. Nice Info, I will visit again. Thanks For sharing the information

    Posted by khairilz at 3am on 18.03.09

  39. As I received confirmation by the supplier on Friday 27 March, I was hoping my parcel (ref: GOU01541) would be delivered on Saturday. I phoned City Link to check this and I was told it would be delivered on Saturday 28 March as I am close to the centre of Paisley.

    The parcel did not arrive on Saturday and I phoned City Link again to find out why. They told me that it could not be delivered on a Saturday because the supplier had only paid for a Monday to Friday service. They said it would be delivered on Monday, but I explained to them that I work all day Monday to Friday, so I would not be in. Nevertheless, they apparently attempted to deliver on Monday and Tuesday (according to their website). Funnily enough though, there was no card left on either of those days (even though it also states that on the website).

    I decided that I would try to find the depot on Saturday 4 April, although I knew it would be difficult for me on Saturday morning and the depot closes at 12 o’clock, but I had a go anyway. I checked google maps and it looked like it was best for me to drive along the Hurlet Road and go up the Carmunnock Road way… Well, that proved to be a bad decision, as the road was closed at Clarkston. So, I followed the extremely long diversion and came back through at the other end of the closure in the centre of Clarkston. I then found Carmunnock Road and went along some small and windy country roads. However, it was now approaching 12 o’clock, so time was against me. I must have taken one or two wrong turnings, as I ended up in Busby (I think) when I noticed it was almost 12 o’clock. So, I had no choice but to turn back empty handed. To top it all, I seemed to go a completely different way back home which was even longer. A completely wasted journey! I was totally fed up when I eventually got back home. So, their depot isn’t very easy to get to, is it?

    I wish the supplier had used Royal Mail, then I would only need to go to my local Paisley depot to collect my parcel. I now do not know how I am going to get my parcel, as I leave to go on holiday to Thailand for a month on Friday 10 April (this week) and that is why I ordered the items in the first place (on 5 March 2009).

    I finish work at lunch time on Thursday, so I am hoping they will be able to deliver on Thursday afternoon or Friday, but I see they are not operating a normal service because of Easter, so I don’t hold out too much hope, especially after reading the other comments above. I suppose could try to find the depot again on Thursday afternoon, but I plan on being busy packing at that time and I really don’t want to waste any more time on another nightmare journey.

    Wouldn’t it be an idea for City-Link to review their delivery policy to include Saturdays for people who work Monday to Friday? They may say that will cost the customer more, but I wonder how much City-Link are losing with these numerous failed deliveries.

    Posted by Andrew Erroch at 11am on 05.04.09

  40. Yep been there got the t’shirt….i live in dorset and have a very similar problem with city link constantly claiming delivery…..when we’ve waited in all day for them. When you eventually contact them they are generally rude and unhelpful….we were told if we continue not to be in when their driver tries to deliver we’ll be put on a BLACKLIST !!…as did we realize how money money they wasted on redelivering items!

    CITYLINK is an anagram of = Probably the worst rudest service i’ve ever recieved (ok not really but it shud be)

    Posted by mike gardner at 4pm on 07.04.09

  41. After my problems with City-Link before (see above), I phoned them on Monday morning, after that weekend when I could not find the depot before they closed at noon. I was told the items were due to return to the supplier that day (not so long after they got them). I said “NO, don’t do that, I want the items. I don’t want them to be returned to the supplier, I’m sure you and the supplier don’t want that either…

    I arranged to collect my package on Thursday afternoon and it was agreed between myself, the supplier and City Link that they would be held at the Cambuslang depot until I arrived. I had a hell of a day at work on Thursday (yesterday, even though it was supposed to be a quiet half-day) and I left a bit later than planned. So, I was rushing all the way from Beith in Ayrshire to the Cambuslang depot (33.3 miles according to google maps), still unsure how to get there. I did arrive at 2.30 pm, but only to find that they had on Tuesday returned my items to the supplier in Fife afterall… I could not believe it and that was just the day after I had spoken to them (on Monday)! It even said on their computer that they were to be held until Thursday. The less than helpful ned of a guy that was there said “nobody here was told that they should be kept”… It was clearly stated on the computer!!!

    I contacted the supplier again and they told me they would pay more to have the package delivered on Friday morning (today) before I fly to Thailand in the afternoon. This would effectively be a Saturday service, because it is now the Easter break. When I got back home yesterday, I phoned City-Link and they told me there was no note of the new arrangement, but it may just not be on their system yet. The nice girl I spoke with at the call centre told me to check with them again after 8 am. I have just phoned them and can only get the message that they are closed for Easter… Now I don’t know if I will see my package before I leave and they are clothes to wear in Thailand.

    I am absolutely disgusted with City-Link, surely the worst couriers in the world!!!

    Posted by Andrew Erroch at 8am on 10.04.09

  42. Just a wee Live Update… My package has actually arrived! Cheers City-Link!… at last. Well done on a holiday… I suppose.

    Posted by Andrew Erroch at 11am on 10.04.09

  43. City Link have just ruined Christmas. I just found out, after being given the run around on their website, being put on hold for half and hour, given the wrong information, and then finally getting through to the local depot that because of adverse weather they won’t be delivering until 29th of December.
    Did they inform us of this before we called, no. We were told that if we phoned before 2pm we could have gone and collected them - we phoned at 3pm. If they had emailed the day before, or even in the morning we could have gone and collected the packages ourselves. But no, no email, no call.

    Shame on you City Link - you have ruined Christmas.

    Posted by Mr Kaye at 5pm on 24.12.09

  44. Email to Mr Stuart Godman, City-link Managing director:

    Dear Mr Godman,
    It is with great reluctance that I E-mail you and only because Mr Gareth Moore at Citylink customer relations refuses to return any of my correspondence.
    Please find below details outlining my recent experience with your company.
    This whole episode has been unbelievably unpleasant and stressful and i am totally shocked at how it has escalated to ridiculous proportions.
    I sincerely hope that you will consider this complaint with an open mind and the matter can be resolved to both the companies and my satisfaction as i would prefer not to escalate it further.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Keith Johnston.

    Email Complaint sent by Keith Johnston to Citylink on 26th April 2010:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to strongly complain about the poor service and attitude i received from the Citylink courier driver that uplifted my parcel from 24 Yarrow Drive, Dumfries at around 4pm on Monday 26th April.
    Instead of lifting my parcel the driver chose to role the item which is very fragile possibly causing great damage to the contents. On telling the driver that this was not acceptable i was criticised for not adequately labelling the parcel and told that i was lucky it was being uplifted at all as it was too heavy and required lifting by two people.
    I returned into my home for a pen and wrote on the parcel “Fragile” .I then helped the driver lift the parcel into the rear of the van. Just before he got back into the van I requested his name for reference but he wouldn’t divulge it.
    He then left without leaving any receipt.
    I found the whole episode a major inconvenience, thoroughly unpleasant and totally unacceptable and found the attitude of the driver very confrontational and unprofessional and feel i have no option but to complain about the terrible service i received.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Keith Johnston.

    Telephone call from Mr Stuart Binnie Citylink, Carlisle on 27th April 2010:

    Received a message on my answer machine from the Boss of Citylink Carlisle. He thanked me for my e-mail, was very apologetic and assured me the matter was in hand. Apparently there have been complaints about the driver in the past and it’s very likely that he will be seeing his P45 in the very near future.

    Wednesday 9th June 2010:

    Decided to use Citylink through Interparcel again and was totally flabbergasted when the driver i had been told was going to be sacked, turned up to uplift the item.
    In an effort to ease an embarassing and tense situation between myself and the driver i attempted to have a relaxed conversation as i do with every other courier driver and was completely ignored. The driver maintained his silence in the 2-3 minutes it took for me to sign the document and uplift the parcel making the situation extremely uncomfortable.

    Wednesday 9th June 2010. Email of complaint sent to both Interparcel and Citylink outlining what had happened with driver.

    Friday 11th June 2010. 15.00:

    Today at 15.02 I recieve a phone call from Mr Stuart Binnie, Citylink Carlisle manager. The call went as follows:
    “Hello, can i speak to Mr Johnston?”, “speaking” I replied. There was a long silence……….”You asked me to call”, yet another silence, “yes?” I replied. It was then alleged in a most aggressive and confrontational manner that i had verbally assaulted the driver which i denied. Due to the managers manner i requested if i could speak to his superior, he gave me a name and then asked if i wanted to know what was happening with the driver, i said i would rather talk to his boss. He suggested i email Mr ****** but did not give me any contact details and then hung up.
    So after not being able to help enough this manager guy had become the very opposite and his whole attitude was less than helpful.

    Friday 11th June 2010:

    Telephoned Citylink customer relations and spoke to a Mr Gareth Moore. I Outlined all of the above, my dissatisfaction to be told by Mr Moore that the service i had recieved was unacceptable and that he would look into it. I have since tried on numerous ocassions to contact Mr Moore to no avail and he has failed to contacted me.

    Returned phone call to Mr Gareth Moore City-link customer services who finally contacts me after i e-mail his boss Mr Stuart Godman.
    Mr Moore is oblivious to all problems even though i previously explained everything to him. He offers no apology or solution and is extremely unhelpful.

    I had decided i would not pursue things further but after seeing this web page i am considering escalating things.
    This company must not be allowed to get away with its utter contempt for its customers.

    Posted by Keith Johnston at 10pm on 15.06.10

  45. I sometime thinks some folk like Mr Johnstone have nothing better to do than complain.

    Posted by Gavin Box at 9pm on 28.06.10

  46. Question to Gavin Box: Do you feel that Mr Keith Johnstone’s complaints were unjustified, based on the terrible service he had received? Would you happily accept such a poor service?

    Posted by Andrew Erroch at 10am on 26.08.10

  47. dear All,

    I am going to make a complain to persatuan penguna and I hope you can join in as well.

    Please go to and submit the complain form. Really have to teach them a lesson.

    Posted by Jane at 6am on 18.09.10

  48. 9-5.30am, that makes yo lucky mate ive got the time 7.30am-5.30am. youre also lucky you actually got on hold ive phoned them 3 times today at various times of the day and it goes straight to an automated email saying “sorry all our phone lines are busy please try again later”, so i thought send them an email where i got an automated response to that also saying someone is looking into it………….my arse, that was 2 hrs ago ive been up since 8am waiting for them as he came at 8.45 am yesterday its now 4.30pm and still no sign of them.
    apparently my “local” depot is in trafford park, which i wouldnt say 13 mile away was local would you, ive phoned all the numbers and every one of them is automated, an ebay seller is going to get his reputation marred for charging me 10.00 to post a computer hard drive then using the worst courier in the world!!!!

    Posted by craig at 5pm on 14.12.10

  49. Essential car parts for MoT ordered 18/12/2010
    CityLink Collected 21/12/2010, after sender had to recontact them.
    MoT Expired 21/12/2010
    Retest due within 10 days, sadly parts still not arrived by 30/12/2010
    No car to go to work, have to pay for retest
    Lost wages
    Declare Car SORN as I cannot tax till MoT’d
    CityLink blame weather and backlog - did they not know Christmas was coming?
    If they needed staff there are 2.5 million unemployed who are available!
    Agree weather was poor but I used the car throughout till MoT ran out.

    Rang local office and head office and was told there was nothing they could do, and they could not compensate me
    A 24 hour service should be guaranteed - failure to supply that service should be compensatable. If they knew there was a backlog at the time of sending they should have advised the sender accordingly so he could use UPS or DHL who actually take a pride in their service.

    Posted by Richard at 4pm on 30.12.10

  50. Citylink collected a package which I need for work on 21. December (guaranteed next day delivery). 15 days later it arrived. No one could tell me where it was during that time. I lost my wages. I have telephoned them 15 times over the last week, been put on hold every time for a minimum of 20 minutes, been transferred to a manager 3 times only to be cut off each time. I have e-mailed them twice. No reply. I even went to their Durham depot personally today and was escorted back to the gates (The customer’s section was locked as they’d had too many complaints). I stood there shivering until someone came out to the gates, listened to my complaint and then promised me that I would get a phone call later on today. Nothing. I will give them another week and then I will block their gates with my car until someone.. anyone.. comes out and at least apologises, but preferably, gives me some answers.

    Posted by Kate Bettaney at 11pm on 11.01.11

  51. Uter utter scumbags.

    I have several times had the misfortune to experience the CityLink scam. Once the van was driving away down the road as I opened the door. Sometimes carded, some not.

    Here’s how the scam works:
    1) make a half-hearted attempt to deliver. At least get close enough to get the door colour. Then drive off.
    2) do not go back on day 2. But of course you can prove another delivery attempt by knowing the colour of the door (unless customer changed it overnight)
    3) then that makes the next delivery chargeable.
    It’s a win-win for CityLink
    Either customer coughs up for a “third” delivery (££) or comes to pick up (saves another delivery) or goods returned to sender, whereupon sender will pay CityLink to re-send (£££).

    Here’s how to avoid it:
    1) Do not order from anyone that uses CityLink
    2) If you only discover after ordering that the supplier uses CityLink, cancel the order. Distance Selling regs and all that.
    3) If you cannot cancel the order, do not stress. If you’re in and they actually deliver, you got off lucky. If CityLink fail to deliver and return the goods to sender, just get a refund and buy from someone else. Do not go to the depot; do not have the goods re-sent. That’s how they make their money.

    Posted by Rob at 10pm on 12.05.11

  52. should be called dodge city link they are a bunch of cowboys

    Posted by stephen foy at 8am on 25.05.11

  53. Excellent summary. City Link are absolutely shit. Whenever I see one of their “we’re sorry we missed you” (not)! cards, my heart sinks as I know it’s a prolonged session in voice mail jail and then a trip to some shitty low rent industrial estate in the arse end of nowhere. What a bunch of arseholes. Spread the word and, hopefully, they’ll go bust and we can be rid of them.

    Posted by Jim at 10pm on 24.06.11

  54. I have waited in all day Monday, Tuesday and until lunchtime today Wednesday as we have not even got a DAY when City Link would deliver a present from our sons.
    I popped in the garden for less than 10 minutes to get some lettuce. I put a note on the door ‘If we don’t answer the door we are in the garden’ with an arrow pointing to the gate on the side of our house.
    My kitchen windows (facing the road) was wide open and the television switched on, which could be heard outside.
    So what happened, yes you guessed it, City Link had been here and gone again, pinching my note from my front door and popped a card through the letter box saying our parcel would be delivered tomorrow. So, I’m facing another day trapped inside my house.
    I did try ringing the depot in Epsom - no sorry or anything. The lady was just rude and said we could do what she always does - have our parcels delivered to our work place. It will be interesting to see if we have a delivery from City Link tomorrow !!!!!

    Posted by Molly at 4pm on 24.08.11

  55. same every time these clowns unfortunately end up in posession of my goods to be delivered. I now ask before i purchase and i am always sure to let the company i “was” going to purchase that i wont be!. That goes for the other arseholes dpd as well after one of there drivers actualy did a wheel spin round my car as i pulled in to my drive because he had already posted the card and could not be arsed to haul his sorry arse out of his piece of shit van. But shitty link are by far the most pathetic excuse for a company and densely poulated by horrible lying inept cunts.

    Posted by geoff at 11pm on 22.09.11

  56. Appalling service. I rang first thing this morning to confirm the delivery would happen and everything was in place. They confirmed the address with me twice and said they would give me a 10-minute notification prior to delivery. Kindly, the girl even said she would track it.

    Seven hours later, four phonecalls (c.45 minutes on hold): and no delivery. They had the wrong house number. I’ve taken a day off work, lost money, lost time and been stuck in a flat waiting all day for their stupid delivery which never came. I can’t have it redelivered on any other day. Twice a manager has said he has called me back in five minutes, and twice he hasn’t, so I’ve had to call them back.

    There’s (allegedly) no email address I can send my complaint to. Most unhelpful company ever. Top points for being obstructive enough to make you want to give up rather than pursue it - it takes some committment to have customer service that poor that it makes ME give up. Final sums?

    Me - a completely wasted day and racked up phone-bill. No goods.

    Supplier - lost £270 worth of business and all my future business, I’ll never order from them again if I have to go through this.

    City-Link - quids in. A paid-for courier delivery service and no effort required.

    Posted by Spitting feathers at 6pm on 04.11.11

  57. I was due delivery of a 120 ” optoma projector screen today (Monday 5th December 2011), phoned retailer (Lambda-Tek via amazon marketplace, who also have there own shop web site) to ask for a tracking number which they gave me.

    Phone City Link customer line to be informed that Delivery had been made at 10.41am and signed for by a Mr M Mop!
    Surely a made up name?

    Obviously I had not received it and I certainly wasn’t or know a Mr M Mop!

    Informed them that I was informing police as obviously a theft had taken place and item delivered to different address!

    After numerous calls to retailer and city link customer Svs I was informed that they couldn’t contact driver as they don’t have phones (really???) and I would have to wait until driver returned to depot later that day and only then would they find out the details. As you guess, not a happy teddy bear!

    I then received a call from city link to say driver finished his deliverys and was heading back to local depot within 30 mins.

    Told them to give local depot my number and to give me details of the delivery, who was it given to ( description), location description of where the driver dropped it off etc for me to get police involved.

    20 mins later received a call from local depot telling me the item was still to be delivered as driver had made a scanning error and would be here by 5pm! He also informed me that the driver was struggling! Not words to reassure an irate customer!!!!!!! As of 13:45hrs still waiting……

    I said to depot, considering the balls up with this they would expedite delivery to appease me but no, would get there when it gets there and moaned that I had lost my rag at him! He then put the phone down!

    A shambles to say the least! I’d rather pay more and use a company who is able to deliver with the basic amount of skill!

    To make me even more miffed, earlier that day I recieved some audio AV cables from America via express delivery by Fed Ex, those arrived ok all away from the USA! Ordered same time as projector screen yet managed to arrive before it had yet this item was on an express service a few hundred miles away!

    Avoid them as if they were a dose of the clap!

    So I await until 5 pm for delivery, shan’t hold my breath!
    Andy Fenwick-Green

    Posted by Andrew Fenwick-Green at 2pm on 05.12.11

  58. Nice to see that four years after the original rant there are still plenty who need to vent steam.

    I went back and had a look at what orders of mine went through City Link, and to my surprise there were only two: The PS3 I’ve just finished yet another lengthy session on and the Mac Mini I’m writing this on now.

    I know City Link can deliver things, perhaps a little late but I’m looking at and using proof of their capabilities.

    But can they send me a book and a DVD? Hell no. I could write my own book and film my own sell out comedy tour quicker than this package will arrive. They’ve arrived at ‘the Depot’ at least twice already, I can only hope they leave it at some point…

    Posted by Xal at 7pm on 07.12.11

  59. City link are indeed rubbish.
    Parcel collected 9 days ago for next day delivery. Still not arrived, after 3 phone calls having to wait 30 mins each time and asking to speak to a manager who just so happened not to be working I was told the manager would call back today, guess what no call. I am seriously like loosing my patience now. Looks like its going to have to be another phone call in the morning.

    Posted by Paul at 10pm on 20.12.11

  60. Tues 13-Dec I get to buy a touchpad, order accepted the same day
    Weds 14-Dec Email from HP to say it has been shipped – Great !! Check City link Website and it arrived at delivery deport at 07.10in the morning but wasn’t delivered
    Thurs- 15-Dec Check City link website – 8.05 goods loaded onto van. The City-Link Van arrives after lunch but driver can’t find parcels
    Fri16-Dec I call City link – on hold for 20 minutes before getting to speak to someone. I was assured that the delivery would be made that day. The case arrived but no Touchpad. City link Website reports goods returned to depot at 15.47 and goods delivered at 19.06! I call to find out what’s going on but gave up waiting after 25 minutes on the phone
    Sat 17-Dec I called again Saturday morning (another 30 minute + wait on the phone), and spoke to Christine who gave me a reference of 018745511-12, and I was told that she could see that it had been put on the wrong van but it would be delivered on Monday 19th December.
    Mon 19-Dec 19.43 - No Delivery – I email HP & City link
    Tues 20-Dec I call HP who are very apologetic and they said that they’d order a replacement
    Weds 21-Dec Email from HP stating they have sent a replacement –
    Thurs 22-Dec (14.43) - Goods arrived at collection depot at 19.44 of 21st Dec but not on the way to me. Emailed HP again to state that I am leaving for the holiday at relatives at noon on Friday 23-Dec. Very concerned this is not going to arrive

    City Link call me (after I requested they call me on Monday) the and I explained the same-
    Fri 23-Dec Checked the City link Website (just done it again – 11.13) still not on the delivery van!!
    Sat 24- Planned delivery showing as 22-Dec - They are taking the P*** now !

    Unfortunately for these bunch of Muppets I work fro HP and have brought this to the attention of the VP of PSG - Bye-Bye Contract with HP!!!! - Happy Christmas all

    Posted by Neil Lanning at 7pm on 24.12.11

  61. 15 days to received my product!!!! my cstmer complain on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! city link is bad service!!! if u dont belive.. check this refrence no…. my procuct never delivered untill now!!! sucks service!!!! 24262338

    Posted by wan at 9am on 23.01.12

  62. Hi, Here we are in 2012 and I’ve just had 2 days of lunacy from City Link … So much like yours.

    Here’s what happened:

    1. Day one - City Link delivers a not at home note to the wrong house.
    2. I write to them explaining what has happened and provide them with exact description of the correct property and even provide a telephone number for him to call me if he has troubles. They know I will be at home all day, with no reason for a not at home notice again.
    3. The email team tell me that the driver will have these details put on his delivery sheet, so no excuse for the next day.
    4. I waste another day waiting for ther driver.
    5. The driver makes exactly the same error as the day before. No phone call.
    6. I contact the email team again and they tell me that the driver didn’t know that the details were added to his sheet. The email operative says “Having spoke to the driver he is now aware that you live in a bungalow and will deliver again tomorrow.”
    7. I ask for an exact delivery time because today I had to wait until 4.30 pm until the driver messed it up again.
    8. They say that that would be impossible to say.
    9. I give bad feedback to my ebay supplier.

    It has to be added that at no time did any of the emails use the word ‘Sorry’. Had I been responsible for such a cock up I would have been doing all in my power to let the customer know how sorry I was and I would go miles out of my way to make it right.

    These guys are about the worst delivery company that I’ve ever encountered. To cement this thought I just had a Tesco delivery at exactly the time that they had promised. Maybe Tesco should take on parcel deliveries.

    Thanks for the chance to join in.

    All the best.

    Col :-)

    Posted by Colin Hall at 6pm on 01.02.12

    Monday waited in all day delivers start at 7.30 till 5.30

    Posted by Anne Currie at 8pm on 01.02.12

  64. citylink’s clerk call me at 1:30pm (10feb-today) because driver could not find my house…but till 4pm there is nothing.. i call that clerk again but she does not pick up the phone…than i call the herbalife distributor center, the operator ask me to call the herbalife center, so i try to call but the operator said its temporary unavailable, so i try to find citylink phone no through internet…
    so i call the citylink branch in penang, the clerk make an excuse by saying that she already told me that they going to send to me tomorrow, but actually she never say so…she just ask for the direction when she call me…she just make we waste 3hours just to wait for them & waste my phone credit…than just now i just search for the my delivery status from citylink page..i found that 9 feb status stated that location not found…WTH…so why they did not call me ask for the direction yesterday..not today..than make such a stupid excuses…..i will never use citylink…why herbalife co must use them??? arghhhh…. ; (

    Posted by Munie Merican at 10am on 10.02.12

  65. I read all the posts about crappy City Link. But listen to mine.. I booked a collection from a seller one week ahead. City Link could NOT handle my package it was to big it was four and a half meters in length. So I used Parcel Monkey to get it shipped and they booked it with Night Freight. Then on the day came for Night freight to collect it Parcel monkey sent CITY LINK! Daft thing is the driver took it even though it hardly fitted in his van.
    I paid 39 pounds for next day delivery and insured the package for 400 pounds the price I paid for it. Its now almost 3 weeks and the parcel is still not here. They were going to set the lost parcel wheels in motion for a claim BUT after Parcel Monkey asked City Link WHERE IT WAS they said they never had a record of any collection!! Hell the seller even helped the driver to carry this heavy load to his van! But that’s the last we have seen of it. Because City Link deny they collected it they are only admitting the package was not collected and offered me my 39-pound delivery fee back! How do I prove they collected it! On collection they never give a receipt. Its parcel Monkey’s fault by sending the Wrong Courier and City Links for accepting a package to big then loosing it and denying they were involved when the sender helped load it into the City Link drivers van!!
    Robbing bastards. What’s more what they are implying is that either their driver is a robber OR my sender is a thief and a liar!!

    Posted by Paul Barnes at 1am on 15.02.12

  66. Here’s my comment fellow City-Link haters - this one is a corker!

    I organised a courier to collect a very valuable sculpture from my own address and deliver it to Exeter, next day. I used City-Link, blindly oblivious to the awful reputation I’ve since discovered.

    City-Link collected the sculpture on the correct day but delivery was not attempted for another week, according to their tracking site. In truth I didn’t hear from my client so she thought I had forgotten (hadn’t bothered) to send it and as far as I was concerned the sculpture had arrived safe and well.

    13 days later, whilst out mountain biking, I receive a call from a (hero of a) gentleman explaining that he has found my sculpture. I was understandably quite confused so he went on to explain: He is an Exeter-based land owner and had been walking round his land and came across some fly-tipping. (You can see where this is going…)

    Yes. Upon NOT finding the aforementioned client’s house, the City-Link driver decided to dump the parcel, plus one other as-yet-unidentified package, in a DITCH.

    According to their tracking site they had tried to deliver it 3 times, once even on day 9 at midnight (doubt that!). Fortunately for City-Link I made the whole discovery on a Sunday, when their offices are closed. Needless to say, heads will roll tomorrow. And if they don’t, I’m going to the papers.

    Would anyone care to join me? If so, my email address is

    Posted by Hannah Shergold at 9pm on 23.09.12

  67. spent the day off work to wait in for delivery of my new phone at the cost of £120 wages. if they knocked on my door it was as loud as a mouse fartting . slip said they would deliver the next day 7.30 am til 5.30 pm . so phoned to ask for a exact or aprox time as cant waist another day and wage spent £ 8.00 on my pay as u go only 4 the girl to hang up on me then went to a bt land line pay phone at the cost of 1p a second , on the slip i got from them there was no mention this was a premium rate number and spent £12 only to run out of money @#+~ . i will be on to their complaints department and ask you all to do the same 10 mins a week out of our lifes a week could make a city link employes life a living hell pls join me in the jehad of hate towards them

    Posted by fatman at 6pm on 26.09.12

  68. I have used City Link for over ten years now and always found the service to be good.My local driver is superb and always very obliging.
    It will be a shame if Rentokil choose to close the doors in December if a buyer cannot be found.
    Can anyone reccomend an alternative carrier should City Link close down?


    Posted by Rammit Home at 6pm on 20.10.12

  69. I would like complaint your service, your customer service is very poor reply. Becouse i want to checking statement of account on May 2013. But untill now you service is not anything reply to me. So now we our company cannot make payment.


    Posted by Sharon Yee at 9am on 09.09.13

  70. Keith Johnstone from Dumfries sound like an old woman with nothing better to do than complain.
    I bet hes got not friends.

    Posted by Gain Box at 7pm on 09.11.13

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