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  • Nick Bradbury: Hit The Deck: Tasteful Ads in FeedDemon
    If this comes to NetNewsWire I *really* hope they offer an option to pay for an ad-free version of the application. (If they don't I doubt I'd switch away though - NNW is so much better than the alternatives, especially when you take the iPhone client into account, that there's no app to switch to.)
  • RealityStudio » Michael Moorcock on William S. Burroughs
  • STACK independent magazine subscription and delivery
    A subscription service that sends you a variety of magazines. Brilliant idea, and not too pricey at £3 per mag.
  • The Agrippa Files
    "Agrippa (a book of the dead) appeared in 1992 as a collaboration between artist Dennis Ashbaugh, author William Gibson, and publisher Kevin Begos, Jr." It included pages that faded over time, and a Gibson poem that "ran from a diskette once before encrypting itself into oblivion".
  • BBC NEWS | UK | England | Cambridgeshire | Love letter jigsaw takes 15 years
    Sweet story, even if it shamelessly plugs a vanity publishing outfit and learndirect.
  • CustomizeGoogle: Improve Your Google Experience — Firefox Extension
    "CustomizeGoogle is a Firefox extension that enhances Google search results by adding extra information (like links to Yahoo,, MSN etc) and removing unwanted information (like ads and spam)."
  • tap tap tap ~ 10 useful iPhone tips & tricks
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    Today’s Links (09/12/08) Tue, 09 Dec 2008 14:39:54 +0000
  • Another country: Artist Charles Avery discusses the Island - The Scotsman
  • VUKZID06 - Goodiepal - collected works - V/Vm Test Records
    “Here for the first time in an easy to download set of zip files are a series of collected Goodiepal works which include at Goodiepal’s request ‘Narc Beacon’ and his ‘Mort Aux Vaches” releases. There are also a selection of rare Goodiepal tracks along with some of his selected advertisments.”
  • Posterous: Minimalist Blogging - ReadWriteWeb
    Posterous is an interesting weblogging app that you post to via email, and which can then send your posts on to Flickr, Twitter, your weblog, &c.. Cool, if not terribly secure.
  • Why I Chose Posterous: a Quick Review - Joel’s posterous
  • Evolution of the visual system is key to abstract art
  • Aeeeris Tablet Conversion Kit
    A custom faceplate for the Eee 70x that turns it into a nice-looking mini-tablet.
  • MediaConsumer 0.1 - David Raynes
  • The Pixel Palace
    "Tyneside Cinema, the oldest surviving newsreel cinema in the country and one of the UK's leading cultural venues, is exploring cinema's potential in the new digital world, using the latest digital projectors, high-speed networks, games consoles and mobile devices to help us uncover ways in which we can make cinemas (and perhaps other arts and cultural spaces) as relevant in the 21st century as they were in the 20th."
  • Sucked Into The Tunnels Beneath Las Vegas : NPR
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    Today’s Links (06/12/08) Sat, 06 Dec 2008 11:16:50 +0000
  • The Art of the Title Sequence
  • Would current technology allow someone to make an audio recording of their life? | Ask Metafilter
    Answer: yes, but processing the data would be very hard/expensive.
  • Dept. of Technology: Remember This?: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker
    "Gordon Bell… by means of custom programs and gadgets, now collects the daily minutiae of his life so emphatically that he owns the most extensive and unwieldy personal archive of its kind in the world."
  • The Grid System
  • 35 Days Against DRM — Day 7: Prince: Friends without benefits. |
    This is why I didn't buy anything from the NPGMC. That and all the songs released were bibble.
  • Dinosaur Gardens » BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Fourth Dimension
  • Sucked Into The Tunnels Beneath Las Vegas : NPR
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    Today’s Links (23/11/08) Sun, 23 Nov 2008 08:00:49 +0000 The link to the ‘BNP proximity search’ has been removed after a series of threatening emails. It may or may not be reinstated pending legal advice.

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    This Month’s MetaFilter Posts Sat, 22 Nov 2008 08:00:24 +0000 This month I’ve made quite a few posts at MetaFilter, an American website where thousands of people gather to share links to cool websites and shout at each other. Here they are:

    The Tone Generation

    The Tone Generation is a radio series by Ian Helliwell ‘looking at different themes or composers in the era of analogue tape and early synthesizer technology’. The original globe-trotting series: Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, USA, Canada, Rest of World. Bonus programmes: Expo 58, The RCA Synthesizer. All links are to MP3 files, except the first one. Alternatively, you can slurp down the lot in one go by subscribing to the podcast feed.

    Theatre of the New Ear

    Theatre of the New Ear. Two radio plays: one by Charlie Kaufman, the other by the Coen Brothers, recorded live and starring Steve Buscemi, John Goodman, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep.

    The Coen Brothers’ Sawbones can be downloaded from the site linked above, or streamed along with Kaufman’s Hope Leaves the Theatre here. Via Subtraction.

    L’Officiel de la Couture et de la Mode

    A complete archive of French magazine L’Officiel de la Mode, from 1921 to 2008. It’s a treasure trove for fans of fashion, photography, advertising and design.

    Architecture, Sampled And Remixed

    Dionisio González makes photographs of imaginary favelas, Filip Dujardin makes photographs of imaginary buildings.

    The Demarco Digital Archive

    The Demarco Digital Archive holds 10,000 images and documents gathered by Richard Demarco, gallerist, Beuys collaborator, founder of the Traverse theatre and a key figure on the Scottish arts scene since the ’60s.

    The Lost Synthesizer Classics of Ursula Bogner

    It seems almost incredible that Ursula Bogner’s musical talents should have remained undiscovered until now.

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    Today’s Links (20/11/08) Thu, 20 Nov 2008 18:19:56 +0000
  • Journeyman Leather Belts
    Nice belts, handmade in Shetland.
  • BNP Members List Leaked - Complete details of all British National Party Members here!
    One member, a man from Pinner, that the press haven't picked up on, whose notes are just a trifecta of fail: "Former policeman. Lecturer in human rights/data protection."
  • RPX: Instant OpenID and Data Portability
    Lets you farm out authentication, so users can use their existing accounts on other services (Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, OpenID, etc.) to log in to your site.
  • Iranian Blogger Could Face Death Sentence
    It's Hoder, who I know through MetaFilter.
  • Radio Wallah
    "Click on the links below to see some fabulous transistor radios from the fifties."
  • Mens Underwear and Male Underwear from Sunspel
    Nice T-shirts. As worn by Charlie Watts!
  • groupr
    "groupr is a small web application that groups photos in Flickr groups that you belong to into a series of web pages, so that you can easily look at them and see what's been added."
  • Official Google Blog: Feed me! Google Alerts not just for email anymore
  • Fix for Flickering Fullscreen Application with Compiz | Tombuntu
  • TypePad - Why Blog - Journalist Bailout Program
    Send a link to your last published piece to SixApart, and they'll give you a free TypePad account, and enrol you in their advertising programme.
  • A Tutorial on Hyperfocus Technique
    Thanks for the link Dad!
  • Hyperfocal Focusing Photography Tips - Digital Camera Techniques
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    Triple Works Hidden Rivet Tue, 18 Nov 2008 19:40:34 +0000 This is likely to be of limited interest to most readers, but the denim heads1 will drool. Iron Heart have just released a new pair of jeans in a limited edition of one hundred: the Triple Works Hidden Rivet TWHR01.

    Just look at that belt-loop stitching.

    A belt-loop stitched to a waistband, for extra strength.

    Like the mighty Iron Heart IH-634S, they’re based on the 1955 Levi’s cut, though probably not too closely, as Levi’s sued Iron Heart and other Japanese repro brands last year for trademark infringement. Unlike the IH-634S, which is made of incredibly hefty 21oz selvedge denim, the TWHR01 comes in a relatively lightweight 13oz selvedge, though it’s woven on the same 30” Riki-Shokki—that’s Japanese for “power loom”—and from the same long-fibre cotton.

    Some more nerdy details:

    • Goatskin leather patch
    • Hidden rivets
    • Donut buttons
    • Button fly
    • Selvedge detailing inside the watch pocket and the fly construction of the jeans
    • Two colour stitching throughout
    • Extra-heavy twill pocket bags
    • Half-lined rear pockets
    • Belt loops stitched into waistband for extra strength

    And if you order now, you can get an optional crotch rivet free of charge. Yes, you read that right, an optional crotch rivet!

    1. Hello Roger! Hello Mike!

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    Today’s Links (07/11/08) Fri, 07 Nov 2008 10:41:08 +0000
  • BBC NEWS | Politics | Shops may take ID card biometrics
    ‘Supermarkets could be asked to take people’s fingerprints as part of the government’s identity card scheme.’ What. The. Fuck?
  • Barack Obama: How He Did It
    Fascinating, sometimes gossipy behind-the-scenes look at the Presidential campaign. The fact that the reporters ‘were granted year-long access on the condition that none of their findings appear until after Election Day’ is pretty dubious, though.
  • Podcast Downloading Confirmed in iPhone Firmware 2.2 | TheAppleBlog
    Cool. (For some reason I’ve got really into listening to podcasts on my iPhone, though I never did on my iPod.)
  • PdaNet — Use your iPhone as a Wireless Router for your PC/Mac
    If there’s no official way of tethering in the next month, I’m going to have to jailbreak my ‘phone for this.
  • AT&T-sanctioned 3G tethering on the way for iPhone
    Fingers crossed O2 follows.
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    Today’s Links (05/11/08) Wed, 05 Nov 2008 13:42:42 +0000
  • wp-Hyphenate 1.0 beta • KINGdesk
    ‘Hyphen­ation is finally avail­able for the web.’ I just installed it, and it works very well.
  • Twitter / NumbersStation
  • Simon Pegg on why the undead should never be allowed to run
  • From Silver Lake to Suicide: One Family’s Secret History of the Jonestown Massacre - News - LA Weekly - LA Weekly
  • The Croft
    Mike D.’s new weblog (at least I’m pretty sure it is!) about the Hebrides.
  • Hand-Knitted Luxury Aran Icelandic Jersey ‘Odin’ from Scotweb Kilt & Tartan Store
    Very nice hand-knitted wooly jumpers. Bit pricey, mind you.
  • Clarkson joke sparks complaints
    Looks like funny jokes on the BBC will have to be banned.
  • PyRoom — distraction free writing
    WriteRoom clone. I think I’ll go with this one for the Eee PC.
  • textroom - Google Code
    WriteRoom clone. Has some interesting features, including set target word count, but fiddly to install.
  • The Comics Reporter
    "Garry Trudeau has confirmed… that he has submitted Doonesbury strips for next week that are based on Senator Barack Obama winning the presidential election to be held on Tuesday."
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    Today’s Links (31/10/08) Fri, 31 Oct 2008 11:44:38 +0000
  • WordPress › Blog » The Visual Design of 2.7
    Looking good.
  • Shepard Tones
    "The "sonic barberpole" illusion invented by psychologist Roger Shepard at Bell Labs. The illusion consists of a seemingly endlessly rising or falling set of tones. The trick is done by simultaneously sweeping eight (or so) pure tones (i.e., sine waves) tuned exactly one octave apart. The human ear/brain has a really hard time figuring out which pure tone is the fundamental, so it "slips" periodically, just like an eye watching a barberpole (or looking at an Escher staircase)."
  • Five Things You May not Know About NetNewsWire: NewsGator Widget Blog
    The screenshots of old versions are making me all nostalgic.
  • Griffin Technology: iTalk Sync
    Free audio recorder for iPhone. (It irritates me no end that a separate Mac app is needed to sync files - it'll be the third such app I've installed, when I should be able to mount the iPhone on my desktop and drag files off it.)
  • Does Obama / McCain slash fiction exist?
    Of course it does.
  • Conky - Home
    A Linux utility (equivalent to Geektool on the Mac) that puts info on your desktop - uptime, network activity, email notifications and whatnot. A bit fiddly to configure, but there are squillions of sample config files on the web.
  • Minefield
    An experimental new version of Firefox. I’ve been using it for a couple of days now, and it’s incredibly fast. Stable too, surprisingly, and all my add-ons work fine (thanks to Nightly Tester Tools).
    An art magazine.
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