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Flu-Addled Daft Idea Of The Day: Colouring Twitter

When I noticed Gary Fleming hashtagging his microreviews of films on Twitter, my flu-addled brain took his #FF08 tag for a hexadecimal colour code with the end lopped off.

Which gave me a daft idea: why not add a bit of colour to Twitter postings that way? As in:

emokid1982 Oh, woe is me, I am so depressed and everybody hates me #000

raspberryreichman Bruce LaBruce has a queer zombie flick at Sundance! #ffc0cb

ecowarrior my new hemp trousers are just spiffy #008000

Then, some clever coding person could whip up a beautiful interface to Twitter, allowing users to browse tweets according to their hue. And another even cleverer coding person could write a thingy that analysed the text of colored tweets, matching words to their associated shades.

Wouldn’t that be fab? By which I mean spectacularly pointless.

Update: I’d forgotten that actually implements something akin to this, for folk who want to ‘bookmark’ colourschemes, though it’s quite tricky to use.

Posted at 3pm on 16/01/08 by Jack Mottram to the misc. category.
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  1. what?

    Posted by bobby at 6pm on 16.01.08

  2. I fear for your sanity, Jack, but admit that could be a neat little idea. Let me know how you get on with it. ( seems somewhat buggy to me).

    Posted by Gary Fleming at 6pm on 16.01.08

  3. Not being a clever coding person, I won’t get on with it at all, I suspect! Shame had to close down.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 12am on 17.01.08

  4. i don’t want that ur idea mak twitter’s post like MSNPlus! Nicks (with color comands…. duh, so ugly)

    Posted by albertroswell at 2pm on 18.02.08

  5. Thanks! I’ve just made a Twitter bot. More info

    Posted by Jonas Lejon at 2pm on 30.03.09

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