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On The Computer

i have invariably been on this computer since 6pm today, updating my website. (lurkers, i caution you: i am but a fledgling in the designing realm, so be warned of my primitive site)

but i am severely exasperated by some miniscule errors i must have made.

some of the links do not abide by the style.

the aural page should have a visual link, not er, an aural link.

and to be honest, no one will give a fuck about all of that, but i was bemused by some excellent techno toys, readily available:

a 5GB pocket sized hardrive, a tiny video bug to plant in a room of your choice, goggles which can detect action from up to 30 feet away through wood/concrete/fibreglass/non metal materials…(x ray spex!), a wireless tap…which looks like a dictaphone, but can be plugged into the headphone jack of your mobile phone to record conversations.

so, we can now spy on anyone in our homes, and with the goggles we can peer into other people’s homes/into parties without going in(you could see if there are plenty of folk dancing, rather than a couple of very sedentary burnt out stoned silentees).

the tap sounds like great fun though: imagine all the warping you could do to sampled segments! it only costs $59.

but for those with nastier intentions, these toys are but tools to further their evil ways.

[the gabba will be put onto a new collection for you soon after set up of motherboard appliance type, sometime amidst the january sales….][hope you know who you are…!]

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