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Move the blog

hey SH, since there’s nobody blogging here but us chickens, do you think this place should be set free from submit response? it has exactly fuck all to do with the nightclub, and i could make it look prettier (a matter of opinion, maybe) if it wasn’t sitting in a frame on the site…

also, i’m getting utterly freaked out by just joshin’ at the minute, as when stirmonster first pointed me there it appeared to be a music and interesting things on the internets kind of a place, but now it has all the woes of joseph on it i find it hard to bear looking there. normally i have no problems reading about the minutiae of a person’s life on their blog (because that’s the point of them, duh) but there is something about these postings that makes me think i should avert my eyes. or send him a bunch of flowers and a nice little note. unfortunately it’s on the list of pages i’m horribly addicted to (symptoms: the deep feelings of despair when there’s nothing new since the last time, hitting refresh in vain hope, hoping the weasels give you an icon sometime soon in return for all the fucking amazing gossip you’ve posted in the last year. sorry, that last one is a bit specific.)

( i can’t wait for the gabba. truly the zenith of man’s musical acheivements, even though it’s never quite fast enough.)

click to see the kids at play.

Posted at 12pm on 21/12/01 by Jack Mottram to the site news category.
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