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Off to the Wirral

hello all, i’m off to the wirral now, and, since the motttrams senior, chris and bob (i should have made a site for a christmas present… watch that space), might well take offence if i spend the festive season glued to the laptop like usual, so i will not be posting or blogging for a wee while. well, i say that now…

some wirral trivia for you:

Wirral’s most famous ‘unknown’ son is a chap called Crapper, who came up with the greatest modern invention as listed in the top 100- the toilet system. It is the number one invention followed by the computer, the printing press, fire, the wheel, radio, etc.

if i was more awake, i’m sure i could come up with something hilarious to say involving words like ‘apt’, ‘because’, ‘it’, ‘is’, ‘a’ and ‘shithole.’

tra la la, i’m full of festive cheer, possibly due to sleep deprivation, so you all have yourselves a delightful christmas and a messy new year!

Posted at 9am on 22/12/01 by Jack Mottram to the misc. category.
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