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Some music on the web

spookily enough, the blog has had exactly 100 more hits than the website since i added the counters. i don’t know whether to find this funny or depressing.

fancy going somewhere on the internet? i’m increasingly obsessed with the internet archive. it has famous things like the trojan room coffee machine, and will throw up something from any elderly url you care to throw at it. on the minus side it only goes back to 1996.

if you prefer things that are on the interweb now, try found magazine. it’s stuff people have found. oddly poignant, recently updated. if you like it, go here as well.

all the kids are fawning over anemic at the moment for some reason. it’s pretty pretty flash flash, if you see what i mean.

also, fans of anal games will like borbonesa. it’s not what you think.

finally, blag yourself a whole pile of fantastic mp3s from viralcee. and i mean fantastic, although the site employs some pretty wiggy javascript that might make your browser have a wobbler. yet more music is available at the hideously designed the larry levan mix from 1985 is georgeous, as are all the ron hardy and frankie knuckles ones. sound quality is appalling, but the hiss will take you back to the days of swapping tapes in school.

ta ra.

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