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Salivating over design

i have no idea whether any of you lurkers and so on are prone to salivating spasms over design sites and the like, i know i am (right boys, you know how to turn me on) (dont take that in seriousness). anyway,fancy playing with zippy’s stick? pity there’s no bungle about. you could just choose your own game though. [maybe there should be some kind of link skeleton body building poetry competition, because i really am pretty naff at trying to make these entries enticing textually, and could well do with some theiving oppurtunities.] trawling after the finest and optimum flash examples, i came across this exceedingly cute design site, with a wonderful chart: king horror, if youre reading, there are vip king and queen characters! and those of us with more shady musical collection pasts (cough cough, im up against the wall on this one) might be shocked by the rather impressive site of now thats what i call music! and lovers of soulbath might be unimpressed by the content and links of soulbaths’ creators, over at hi-res who seem to be behind that dazed and confused “intersection” car culture book on its way soon, and also have, in my opinion, bad taste in music and tv programmes.

hmmm………………well, hope you all have a fantastic day!

Posted at 11am on 21/11/01 by Simone to the web category.
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