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Positive Piracy Panel

I’m taking part in a panel discussion on Positive Piracy at the mighty EIFF next week. We’ll be talking about the way cinephiles are increasingly turning to the web to get their fix of rare and cult cinema, the impact of digital distribution on future film-making, how Bittorrent is way cool, and stuff like that.

The other panelists are Alex Orr, whose bonkers-sounding horror flick Blood Car is screening at the Festival, Mike Gubbins of Screen International, Mark Adams from the ICA and Eddy Leviten from the slightly scary Federation Against Copyright Theft, who should ensure that the discussion doesn’t end up being a big file-sharing love-in. So will I, in fact—despite the two terabytes of media obtained by questionable means currently littering my hard drives, I’m pretty ambivalent about, you know, nicking things people have worked hard to make.

If you’d like to come along, it’s at 6pm on Wednesday 25th June at the Traverse and costs a measly fiver.

In other EIFF news, vote for Hannah in The Herald Fashion Awards! Should she win, I will be demanding a credit for spending countless hours waiting for her outside the changing rooms of fashionable boutiques.

Posted at 6pm on 14/06/08 by Jack Mottram to the links category.
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