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Today’s Links (05/06/08)

I really must get over my weblogger’s block, rather than posting these link dumps every couple of weeks, eh?

Posted at 7pm on 05/06/08 by Jack Mottram to the links category.
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  1. Shock - company tries to develop new market .

    Hardly suprising that a business which sells something which makes you smell different trys to convince people that the way they smell in the first place isn’t as nice.

    I have to confess that even though I don’t exactly work for them my annual bonus is dependent on them selling their stuff …so France your jam is horrible buy more marmite, America your clothes reek wash with persil, China your tea is too hot drink Lipton’s iced tea, ladies of the world you too can look/live/love like that woman from Desparate house wives just by eating magnums. Asia you already know what you’ve done wrong.

    Posted by franko at 3pm on 18.06.08

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