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Capitalist Pig-Dog

After upgrading the site yesterday, I installed a special thingy to show me statistics about who visits the weblog, what they read while they’re here and what links they click on.

I haven’t had a system like this in place for years, and was quite surprised this morning by the stats. Many more people visit the site than I thought, and certain posts — the one about casuals, the one about collapsed lungs, and anything about how to do stuff on a computer — actually get a decent number of hits each day, from real live humans, as best as I can tell.

So, I thought I’d try a little experiment and… add some advertisements to the site. You know, so I can profit from football hooligans arranging fights and unwell Americans without health insurance. Might as well go the whole hog, eh?

Of course, this is wrong and bad and I should kill myself at the first available opportunity, so, to salve the terrible guilt, if I make more money than it takes to pay my hosting and domain registration fees (around £60 a year, I think), I’ll give it to charity.

I don’t want folk who actively read the site to be troubled by these ever-so-discreet textual intrusions of Mammon, so, just in case you’re not already blocking them, adverts will only appear below entries a week after they’ve been posted, and will never appear in RSS feeds or on the home page.

Here’s what they look like:

Adverts Screenshot

What do you reckon, then? Sensible plan, or revolting act?

Posted at 1pm on 14/03/08 by Jack Mottram to the site news category.
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