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Football Casuals and their Brands

grid::brand This post is one of many on the topic of brands, prompted by Ashley Benigno’s idea for a grid weblogging project. You can follow other participants from this RSS feed, or pick from this list.

The UK has had it’s fair share of fashion-led subcultures. Arguably, this tendency dates to the 18th and 19th Century dandies, who either revelled in the strictures of ‘correct’ attire, or plumped for flamboyant, decadent dress, with a hint of gender confusion thrown in for good measure.

By the latter half of the 20th Century, the sartorial descendents of Beau Brummel and his ilk came in waves. 1950s Teds resurrected the Edwardian drape coats that gave them their name (a look revived in the 70s, filtered through Glam, or in its original form). The 1960s belonged to Mods, who morphed into Skin- and Suedeheads, and saw their sharp-suited tastes perrenially revived. Even Punk, whatever the protagonists might say about DIY, post-Winter of Discontent rage and anarchy, was a fashion movement first and foremost: just ask Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm MacLaren.

All these modes share common traits, regardless of the aesthetic - the clothes had to be expensive, they had to be ostentatious, they had to be immaculate, and they had to be worn first by working class young men. Given the high rate of fashion churn between the post-war period and the 1970s, it’s perhaps a surprise that the last great revolution in mens clothing was sparked sometime in 1977 and holds fast to this day - the Football Casual.

I think this has something to do with the brand. Where a Mod might wear any suit, as long as it adhered to the conventions of Italian tailoring, a Casual can’t wear any old tennis shirt: only Sergio Tachinni would do, or Fila, or Lacoste.

At the risk of offending some very scary hooligans who live in London, Casual began on Merseyside. First, when scallies from on and around the Scotland Road in Liverpool merged elements of Punk style with shades of David Bowie’s proto-glam, plus an odd attachment to drainpipe jeans and, of course, the wedge haircut. Then a little later - 1978-9 - scally supporters of Liverpool FC found themselves at a loose end in French and Italian city centres, thanks to their club’s European successes, and took the opportunity to acquire (or, more accurately, steal) sports- and causal-wear they knew fellow and rival supporters back home had no chance of finding.

Despite shifts in popularity over time, the brands favoured by the first casuals are those seen on every British high street today, whether it’s the European away match makes - Kappa, Lacoste, Ellesse, Sergio Tacchini - or brands adopted more recently - Burberry, Stone Island, Acquascutum - and not just on football fans. The seemingly permanent fetish for the early model Adidas trainers that can be seen on the feet of everyone from floppy-fringed indie kids to perfectly respectable middle-aged men began with the early Casual preference for Sambas, swiftly followed by Stan Smiths. That nice shower-proof cagoule you have in the wardrobe dates to Casual anoraks, originally worn over Pringle or Slazenger sweaters, often by Kappa, sometimes by Patrick. Admittedly, you don’t see many folk sporting Inega, Fiorruci or Lois nowadays, but they’re the exceptions that prove the rule.

This sartorial longevity is down to the brands, as much as it is to the enduring (admittedly distasteful) glamour of the well-turned-out football hooligan. To be a dandy, Mod, Punk or Skin involves an attention to detail shared by the Casual, but thanks to branding, that attention to detail can be reduced to a basic list of clothing manufacturers, rather than, to take Mods as an example, an in-depth understanding of the proper number of cuff-buttons and an eye for the correct width of tie. Of course, any old Casuals reading will disagree, as will their Burberry-capped and tracksuited contemporary followers, and they can reasonably cite the subtle differences of Casual attire from football club to football club (the London loyalty to Farah, say, or the short-lived fad for deerstalker hats in the North of England) but the fact remains that Casual was the first brand-led fashion movement to take hold in the UK, and it is branding that has made it last.

In case you’re wondering, when I got up this morning I put on a Sergio Tacchini sweater (in navy blue and red with white piping - mmmn!), dark grey cords and Diadora trainers. Hence this post.

Before you leave a comment on this post, please note that sectarian insults and attempts to arrange fights will not be tolerated and if necessary reported to your internet service provider.

Posted at 10pm on 01/12/03 by Jack Mottram to the art and culture category.
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  1. There’s another clothes-themed grid here, and you can find links to interesting grid posts at Ashley’s summary of the inaugural griddings…

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 2pm on 04.12.03

  2. casual movement started in Liverpool??
    The land of the soap dodger
    Dont think so mate
    your ironically
    Axel F
    CCS (HIBS)

    Posted by axel at 9pm on 18.03.04

  3. Axel F????????
    Pull yer neck out!!!
    Any self repecting casual knows that the scousers did start the casual clothing closely followed by ourselves in the ASC…
    You Edinburgh muppets were well behind…

    Posted by captain at 6pm on 26.03.04

  4. Axel F????????
    Pull yer neck out!!!
    Any self repecting casual knows that the scousers did start the casual clothing closely followed by ourselves in the ASC…
    You Edinburgh muppets were well behind…

    Posted by captain at 6pm on 26.03.04

  5. right you scousers whats yous talking about the differins beetween us is that the ccs team run the hole show now right bams

    Posted by simon at 11am on 18.05.04

  6. who the fuck is axel f ccs.yes the hoolie seen started in the pool then to the mancs they started the days of raiding shops and taxing.the hoolie seen never came north of the border until the early 80,s so dont take the resect away from the scouser.

    Posted by HBC at 8pm on 20.05.04

  7. edinburgh muppets well maybe? for the first 3 to 4 years but what else have yous shaggers got to do up thair.dig for oil’well into 85 hibs started to get it together and as i recall a hibs boy in a two peace suit steaming into yous very anti sus.then in 85 a home game at easter road whare we clashed at the top only for hibs to come out top and thair we have stayed for many years.we may have been a bite slow at first but wen we kicked off we did it in quality.OLLDAME ASTONE VILLA MILLWALL.A the good old days not like that now your lucky if you can trust the guy next to you in your mob to be in for you.HBC

    Posted by HBC at 8pm on 22.05.04


    Posted by HBC at 10pm on 25.05.04

  9. Jack, c’est fantastique. Ageing thugs arguing over peter storm cagoules.

    Posted by new denim at 7pm on 31.05.04


    Posted by GRIFF at 9pm on 03.06.04


    Posted by mick at 8pm on 17.06.04

  12. any fuckin satarday service boys out thair who remember in the 80s going to easter road.only to be getting on your buses in motherwell to be steamed into a mob of hibs(CCS)who came threw before the game had started.remember this was a home game.smarte thinking city linking.CCS CCS CCS THE HIBEES FAMILY beet that one.

    Posted by HBC at 10pm on 18.06.04


    Posted by REIDY FI YNT at 12am on 15.07.04

  14. I’M a 20 year old hibby, was at the leith san siro 4 the leeds game, the service crew had came up expecting some serious swedgin they must of been seriouly dissapointed, it appears our once tidy firm has become a bit of a distint memory, Scotland is miles behind england in the hooligan scene and its our fault, its time 4 a second coming we need 2 re-earn some fucking respect and get some aggro back on the menu on a saturday afternoon

    Posted by SPECIAL BREW9.0 at 9pm on 01.08.04

  15. wiz on th news fightin leeds fans n u see me scelp th guy a fuker yahooo

    Posted by black guy on th news at 2am on 05.08.04

  16. what the fuck has happened to the C.C.S thev’e all fucking dissapeared. we will be back to do some serious damage so whatch out ………:)

    Posted by doad at 3pm on 14.08.04

  17. we owe it to this city Doad, we need 2 get back 2 what we r good at (not playing football) but kicking fuck out of daft soap-dodgers and sheep-shaggers

    Posted by SPECIAL BREW9.0 at 4pm on 14.08.04

  18. we are johnny blackleys soccer trendies,na na na nana na na,

    any capital city service remember going to a raith rover v aberdeen cup game in the early 80s!!!!! or the meadowbank v motherwell cup game also early 80s!!!!!!
    and scotland game wembley 86” where was the english hooligans, also back then there was casuals in scotland english boys were not known as casuals not for a long time….

    hibs did become the main hooligan elemnt in 85” and stayed there for many years i dont know the situation nowadays.

    Posted by pablo at 11pm on 01.12.04

  19. DSC 04

    Posted by mclean at 2pm on 17.12.04

  20. i remember seeing a huge travelling ccs at love street in 1984, we were beaten 2-1, benny brazil scored for us. I was 11 at the time and a wanna be BBC member in a blue lacoste.
    Hibs took 150 to that game it was an awesome march to the ground to witness! there was fighting in the St Mirren end which spilled onto the pitch, some ccs had sneaked in undetected. General chaos and disorder reigned all afternoon, i really felt kinda sorry for the inhabitants of paisley that afternoon.

    Posted by check at 1am on 24.12.04

  21. i remember in ‘85 we lost a midweek night game to the dons 3-0 at easter road. After the game i found myself accidentally in the middle of a mob of 60 ASC on Brunton Place, i didn’t know they were casuals ‘til they started chanting ‘aberdeen’. Shat masell but escaped unscathed

    Posted by check at 1am on 24.12.04


    Posted by Sergio Hellas Verona at 5pm on 27.12.04

  23. just got scottish top firms dvd theres a march through dundee city centre by the CCS to meet the huns icf at the train station great day that like can still see the daft huns face after ah whacked him 1 it wis priceless lets get back to being number 1 and lets take the other scottish firms by storm and do the lot of them

    Posted by rab at 7pm on 03.01.05

  24. Edinburgh Muppets? I think not! are we debating who did or didn’t start well dressed over aged neds fighting with each other over football? cmon now lets jus grow up children and come play in the real world yeah? and by the way Chelsea Causals Rulin it 2%5 Style RfC fTp WE ARE THE PEOPLE ~LOL~

    Posted by Miss Ainsley at 9am on 18.01.05

  25. Reidy, that’s a top story about Pitoddrie, hahahahahahahahahahaha.
    Anyone remember a 1985 kick off in the Dunbar End against Motherwell? Right at the chicken wire partition between the fans.
    CCS v Motherwell Saturday Service

    Posted by check at 4pm on 23.01.05


    Posted by CCCYYYTTT at 5pm on 23.01.05



    Posted by ASC LEADING LAD at 10pm on 27.01.05

  28. pathetic rant by a typical highland sheepshagging jim.
    Let’s talk football! 2004/5 games to date stats
    Aberdeen 0 Hibs 1
    Hibs 2 Aberdeen 1
    no contest!

    Posted by check at 8am on 29.01.05

  29. whay does cyt stand for????
    canny wait for the reply

    Posted by check at 8am on 29.01.05


    Posted by Provo Bhoy at 3pm on 14.02.05

  31. celtic never had a firm and never will

    Posted by check at 5am on 17.02.05

  32. Oh dear, its a rant and a half here!! CCS and the ASC arguing about who was this and that. I was in edinburgh for the hibs v leeds match, have to say hibs had a very good turn out but the OB spoiled the party. heard rumours of the ASC being done by the CSF.
    it seems to me that the OB are no 1 and we only have our memories of the good clothes, drink, dr*gs and fights we had. GOD I MISS IT!!

    Posted by AYRSC at 11am on 18.02.05

  33. i heard that hibs had a good mob for that game but i also heard that leeds service crew had 350.
    We have the return fixture against leeds away at the start of next season, the whyte and mackay cup is supposedly an annual fixture. What upset and annoyed me was seeing lads casuals punching hibs fans who were wearing their colours.

    Posted by check at 4pm on 18.02.05

  34. Hibz casuals all the way CCS u fukin arses well beat ur mob anyday goin 2 leeds in august 2 samsh they daft cunts first

    Posted by choochoo at 7pm on 22.02.05

  35. The leeds service crew didi have a good mob give them credit for that but hibs will bring coach loads 2 elland road in august and we will have abot 100 baby crew and 200 older for that a would say we have been 2 every game this season and it seems only hibs aberdden and rangers can pull a mob but dundee bring 1 to us last saturday but they are shite bags anbd have been leaving early since 84 any 1 want 2 meeet us for august or a fight send me an email oon [email address removed] n a will get back 2 u CCS back on top

    [I edited this comment because I don’t want this site used to arrange fights. A bit of banter is fine, but read the post for God’s sake - it’s about fashion, not kicking the crap out of folk! Anyone else attempting to arrange a meeting will be reported to their ISP, as will anyone making sectarian comments any stronger than Provo Bhoy’s above - Jack]

    Posted by ChooChoo at 7pm on 22.02.05

  36. aye mon’ the hibs, we need to get back to where we were a few years ago

    Posted by BossKing at 11am on 24.04.05



    Posted by boab at 5pm on 04.05.05

  38. tell ye all wat ya fuckin raj english cunts any time ye feel hard enough uz come up and try yer luck wi the c.c.s . FREEDOM!

    Posted by sean elliott at 7pm on 11.05.05

  39. okay if adidas is a casual brand, is UMBRO??

    Posted by cayman at 3pm on 15.05.05

  40. Yup, Umbro is a fairly casual brand, as far as I know.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 11am on 18.05.05

  41. lol @ all these Hibs tossers going on about their mobs this season. Must have been oh dunno maybe 80 or so at Motherwell a couple of weeks back and 70 of them looked to be under 15. Glad to see they’ve moved on from all wearing Aquascutum to Paul & Shark but does mean I’m gonna have to burn all my gear now if they vermin are wearing it.

    Posted by Bob Todd at 6pm on 19.05.05

  42. saturday service fanny! i was at the game against you lot a few weeks ago and i seen your so called for our young mob,they would kick your smelly soap dodgin cunt in.then the heavy mob would come along and really tear you a brand new arsehole. and as for you sayin ur gonna burn ur paul and shark gear uz musty be the trampiest mob in the country. i seen 1 boy with a ny cap on and a pair a adidas la trainers with a hole in the front so shut ur mouth. C.C.S

    Posted by jambo basher at 11pm on 25.05.05

  43. i was at the motherwell game up at your patch the other week. you cannot even slag our young mob becoz they wold kick ur fuckin ur pathetic mob’s cunt in. yous got some turnout for a home game uz were pushing on double figures. uz r pathetic. can u plz tell me how many u had, and if u claim there was over 10 i would like names. as for you sayin u r goin to burn ur paul and shark gear uz r trampy bastards! our “15 year olds” had clothes on that are more value than your house u fucking tramp!

    Posted by jambo basher at 12am on 26.05.05

  44. wit u talkin” aboot we (csc) have never had a firm,ask the chelsae scumbags,when they shat it at the bloddy sunday march,glasgow in january,them and there icf pals broke through the polis barrier then jamp back in,dirty loyalist bastards.celtic soccer crew#1 o’glaigh na heireann. P.I P.I P.I.R.A WE WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED TIOCFAIDH AR LA ETA PLO

    Posted by csc_bhoy at 2pm on 27.05.05

  45. Er, I’d rather there weren’t direct threats of violence and/or sectarian crap on my website, thanks.

    Posted by Jack at 4pm on 27.05.05

  46. As true aberdonian and worked in Edinburgh for years and went to loads of matches - in both ends - you talk off the fights and crews but realy being a supporter would be fun.

    ps was left in Edinburgh when 11 when cousin was arrested for fighting at Waverley in 1981 nae good.

    You never hear of the girl crews and we were there week in week out and fought like men when needed.

    Posted by Alison at 3pm on 29.05.05

  47. dear alison,
    would you consider yourself a casualette?

    Posted by check at 10am on 05.06.05

  48. Our mob at last game vs Hibs - erm they werent out for that game coz they didnt expect Hibs to appear in any numbers - they’d been bringing 10-20 previously so wasnt worth the bother.

    As for the gear our guys wear - gladly compare airmile points for Paul and Shark with any Edinburgh tosser. Collection of Zegna, Stone Island, CP Company and Paul Smith aint too shabby either and unlike you lot I didnt have to steal it or buy fake shit from EBay.

    On subject of casualettes - was that slapper in the pink top the CCS bike? Everyone get a ride on her on your buses home?

    and finally I was laughing my arse off watching your mob go past the pub window with your police escort. Funniest moment was the wee tosser that looked straight at me and my bro sitting in the window and you could almost hear the cogs turning before he realised who we were - then despite outnumbering us 30:1 managed to stick 2 fingers up at us then turn and run. Motherwell police reckoned you were so serious a threat they actually gave you a whole 2 officer escort :-)

    Saturday Service
    Member since 1983

    Posted by Bob Todd at 1pm on 09.06.05

  49. i thought this website was to be about the clothes and not slagging each other off?
    cos ive seen MSS CCS ASC CSC CSF andthe utility in action and the truth be told there were well dressed lads and tramps in all these firms! as well as game lads and shit bags
    my question is whatis the best pair of trainers you had in ur active days!
    best brand of jeans? best sweatshirt? and best jkt?

    Posted by PadsAyrService at 2pm on 14.06.05

  50. Wit The Fuks Hapenin These Days - Nae Cunt Up Fur A Fukin Scrap Or Wit - Seems Tae Be That The Lower Divisions Are Takin Er The Casual Scene - Cmon Tae Fuk Lads Get A Bit A Saturday Fight Back Intae Us - Glasgow North Celtic Casuals All The Way - Celtic Soccer Crew Number Fukin Wan - Pira Fleeto Up Thre Ra Fukin Erin Go Bragh

    Posted by Big Jie at 4pm on 14.06.05

  51. i thought this website was to be about the clothes and not slagging each other off?

    It is PadsAyrService, but you seem to be the only person who’s noticed! Anyone fancy answering PadsAyrService’s questions?

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 1pm on 15.06.05

  52. Best trainers I saw - probably my brother’s pink Adidas Gazelle he brought back from canada. Best jacket - probably the Ellesse one I got imported from Italy when you could only get their gear in London or as import.

    Posted by Bob Todd at 10am on 16.06.05


    Well what a crock of crap!!

    Posted by BASIL BRUSH at 11pm on 20.06.05

  54. Alrite all you lot out there talking shite, the scousers robbed there way through Europe in the early eighties and started the Sportswear fashions, i was going to Dundee and Utd games when 14/15 in 84/85, even though a life long Celt fan, “Dundee Utility” boys. In Scotland the first boys with the Casual gear was Motherwell we all know that,then A/deen, where were you Hibs boys when the Utility walked down Leith walk with 250 boys, at a Leeds match, ha ha ha.
    I miss the old days and still have most of my old togs and trainers, i hate the way evryone’s jumping on the band wagon these days, all the boys who were there at the start know it was more than fighting at football, it was about fashion, looking good for away days and the rest, it was a way of life for a lot of us.
    oh and one last thing for all you CCS, ICF boys and the like up here in Scotland, i’ve not been to games for years but last season the Utility ran right over evryone one of your mobs and not one of you can deny it, you Hibs boys wouldnt even come out of Tannadice,
    Fleet rule

    Posted by Mark at 11pm on 29.06.05

  55. who cares what you scotch lads think, you know nada about clothes and spelling and when are you going to put up a fight against us lot then? Good luck in the world cup

    Posted by jonny at 1pm on 16.08.05

  56. what a bunch o jumped up dickheads you tossers are stand proud SPD VENGALOYAL

    Posted by ridtrendyboy at 6pm on 11.09.05

  57. Jonny, it’s “Scots” not scotch, so you sort your spelling before you start slagging off anyone else. Fanny.


    Posted by Fuck England at 7pm on 12.09.05

  58. Well these days u hibee scum r just a streak aw pish on and off the park;) Mon the Jambos top aw the league

    Posted by top Jambo at 12am on 16.09.05

  59. listen up you filthy wee hearts jim we are supposed to be talking about casuals and their brands, then again what the hell would you know about casuals and their brands?
    fred perry and kappa are probably your favourite brands,
    hibs; hardest, best dressed and in europe, well for now anyway!

    Posted by check at 9pm on 16.09.05

  60. yes jonny you are indeed a fanny!
    hello bartender could i have a scots with ice please?…………… fanny!

    Posted by check at 9pm on 16.09.05

  61. GIRUY ya fuckin dickheads.
    CCS is still kickin it and believe me
    “THESE COLOURS DONT RUN” ya jambo fanny

    Posted by Mental Hibs FC at 5pm on 17.09.05

    ! CUM ON !

    Posted by Leo at 8pm on 19.09.05

  63. Dundee Fukin’ Utility, Remember Us!!!!!!!


    Best years of my fukin’ life!!!

    All you guys who done the shit back in the 80’s/90’s will know what I’m talking about.
    1 of clothes, none of this rip off pish that goes about these days.At least when you bought a designer sweatshirt or jeans in the 80’s/early 90’s you knew, and everyone else knew it was the real deal, not like now lol.
    Too much fake clothes now and too much fake fuckin’ casuals also.Today’s casuals wouldn’t have lasted 2 minutes in my day, we had balls and stood till the end.

    i.e. 6 of us stood against a shit load of Hibs in Dundee City Centre, They cunts came from everywhere, I got the shit totally kicked out of me, 137 cuts and bruises, they tied a rope(jumper string?) around my neck and I remember them saying KILL the Dundee bastard, man I had fuckin Timberland footprints all over my body lol, I survived and It was fuckin brilliant.
    Afterwards we were pissing ourselves it was class lol.
    That was the worst hiding I got and the most fun lol, If there’s any Capital City Service boys reading this from the 80’s/90’s that junkie fuck Bongo was there at the time when I got dood in lol, he’s probably dead now, he was always out of it.
    You were in Aberdeen and couldn’t get shit so you phoned Dundee for a liitle scrap which we were happy to oblige, you forgot to tell us how many you had thought ha ha.
    There was about 5 buses full, we were fuct from the start lol but as I said it was good fun at the time.

    I’m 35 now, married, 3 kids and a Scarfer, I love my team now and wouldn’t fight even if provoked, well maybe lol.

    Cheers 2 all the Fugs for stirring the memories.

    r0nd0. Utility no.1

    Posted by r0nd0 at 12am on 28.09.05

  64. utility on top non stop#1

    Posted by dazzy at 7pm on 28.09.05

  65. After having a few days to think about this shit, Having the cool clothes got you into the mob, staying there was about being a fuckin nutter and fuckall to do with clothes.
    Clothes never gained you respect, you done that shit for yourself lol.
    Rich guys had the dogs bollocks clothes but were pussies in the field, some guys like me who had good jobs (and clothes) fuct it up for themselves and ended up on the brew.
    No new designer clothes but the fuckin heart was there and no-one would say shit to us about clothes incase they got the shit kicked out of them.
    The rich pussy people used to pay £1 each towards our train fare to away games cause they knew they would be sort of safe with us lol and they were trying to buy respect but it never fuckin worked.Like I said earlier you earned respect not bought it.
    i.e. 6 of us went to Tynecastle and again we got fuct up but at the end of the day my mate was outside the train station and got a surprise kickin, he was my mate so I ran outside punched a few o’ the cunts and pulled my mate in the door, fuckin shiter, I tell you, I don’t know where it came from, my mate had a broken arm and on top of that they poured into the trainstation and we had no choice but to head over the fuckin railway track, and we got done for fuckin’ trespassing, what a joke eh! anyway we got PF letters soon after to say we were off the hook, thank fuck, that would mean another trip to Hearts end of Edinburugh with 6 again.

    r0nd0 Utility no.1

    Posted by r0nd0 at 8pm on 30.09.05

  66. Sort yourselfs out Edinburgh girls - Glasgow Is rougher and tougher

    Posted by D at 6pm on 01.10.05


    Posted by SHEEPY at 10am on 03.10.05


    Posted by sean csc at 6pm on 03.10.05

  69. listen aw use bawbags theres only 1 firm tht kin b respected thts the csc !! the rest eh yees huvnae even a decent team ya fannys ad slap yees aw wey ma dick ! ! CSC YA FUKIN BAM !! TIOCFAIDH AR LA !! big shout oot tae aw the st pauli wans !! (Y) IRA… FUK THE QUEEN N THE UDA !!

    Posted by pearo at 9pm on 03.10.05


    Posted by celtic lad IN YORKSHIRE at 10pm on 04.10.05

  71. mon the hoops, were gonnie fuck hearts in 2 weeks and then kick the shit ot there sons a william scummy bastard fans efter it. csc no 1. by the way sheepy a agree wae u hearts wanna be huns and hibs wanna b us but were top mob now so fuck u anol ya prick. fuk the queen and davie cooper

    Posted by micky bhoy at 12am on 05.10.05

  72. go tend your stalls at the barra’s ya weedgie scaffies, check you all in your fake clothes and your fake aftershave, what a joke! celtic casuals come on don’t make me laugh! just so as you know hibs hate celtic just as much as we hate the huns you are both the same thing, just a different colour. You represent religious bigotry, racism and and the all bad things about small minded society on the west coast. I think it would be fantastic if celtic were to beat it and go and play in the irish club league and rangers could go and play in the northern irish league, then we would be rid of this cancer that embarrasses scots like me all over the world, micky bhoy and celtic lad and, pearo and sean get lost and go home to ireland where you can sow your religious hatred and be welcomed, boys just think what that would do for kappa sales on the irish mainland! in your glasgow slums mate, hope the jam tarts thrash you! and by the way you probably would want to fuck davie cooper ya wee faggot!
    ps. i always support the edinburgh team over the old firm, always!

    Posted by check at 7pm on 05.10.05

  73. ya dirty fenion soap dodging cunts , yees got a doin at the queen st train station af hearts,, ha ha ha ha ha noo thats a laugh by the way U.V.F all the way ,the sheepshaggers noo thats another laugh take yees all oan ya dirty shopper of shite.

    Posted by skelf at 10pm on 05.10.05

  74. fuck you micky bhoy ya sick fuck .

    Posted by gaz at 11pm on 05.10.05

  75. hibs baby crew on top we will doo any mob jst ob are on top the now bring loadz 2 aberdeen they will be in for a shock like ccs on top

    Posted by choo choo at 7pm on 06.10.05

  76. Aberdeen first casuals first sheep s****** thats about it. I.c.f

    Posted by Daz at 2am on 08.10.05


    Posted by larkhal LOYALIST ICF at 12pm on 08.10.05

  78. ccs baby crew fuk u all

    Posted by paul at 7pm on 11.10.05

  79. was at the hibs game at easter road when we were in europe no long ago. after it i was walking up london road when the CCS appeared fae naewhere, must’v bn about 100 of them, n they cased sumcunts who were ootside the Omni centre, no sure who it was though but they ran like fuck… wiz legendary like

    CCS ya fannys

    Posted by GSE at 8pm on 11.10.05

  80. total agreement on the weedgie sectarian scum nonsense, get a life, and some decent clobber. yuze west coast slackers, are living in scotland.fuck i.r.a scum,and the uda ,dundee utility kick to kill.pure and simple

    Posted by utility soul boy at 1am on 14.10.05

  81. utility no 1,dont yuz forget it,keep the faith.

    Posted by utility soul boy at 1am on 14.10.05



    p.s. Fuck the sheep, I decked thier top man with a Sun Newspaper when I was only 17, DUNDEE UTILITY took 22 to Aberdeen and we fuckin’ ran they bottlin’ bastards all over the place, and in the train station I fuckin wacked a so called TOP MAN (Croitz ???)with a Sun Newspaper and he went down like a ton of fuckin’ bricks , Shitebag, We got our own Train home with 25 polis lol, there was only 22 of us. we had a fuckin good day, sheep shagin’ bastards.


    Ronnie Mckell.

    Posted by rondo at 9pm on 14.10.05

  83. you see, some of you people hide behind the old computer screen lol, easy to be hard behind there eh! My real name is at the bottom of my posts and I’m proud of my past, I was DUNDEE UTILITY THROUGH AND THROUGH, and laugh at some of your stupid posts, Guys and Girlies who think there so fuckin’ hard, but hide lol.
    If some hardcore guys and girlies from the 80s/90s want to give some feedback that would be real interesting not you stupid fuckers who think thier casuals now lol.
    If there’s people from the 80s/90s out there , share the stories ,let the little cunts know what it’s all about. It’s not about being cool or having the best clothes or girlfriends, It was about BALLS.

    Ronnie Mckell.

    Posted by ronnie mckell at 10pm on 14.10.05

  84. Celtic Soccer Casuals bred 2 kill IRA got our bak ,fuk yees all

    Posted by Rhino at 5pm on 16.10.05

  85. good to read old stories from my era those were good days indeed d/utility/thugs gave everyone a good go dont care what any other tubes say gave hibs a right good doing after night game at tannadice in a side street next to arklay st too many other good memories to recite.


    Posted by scoosh utility at 7pm on 16.10.05

  86. c’mon the motherwell s.s all the way,we fucked the hearts at haymarket!!!

    Posted by johnno at 4pm on 17.10.05

  87. scousers started the casual era FACT 10 YEARS BEHIND DICKHEADS L.F.C.

    Posted by jimmy d at 6pm on 17.10.05

  88. dear ronnie you are so tough and so cool i wish that i was you

    Posted by check at 3am on 19.10.05

  89. never been a casual but was a skinhead went to some matches always had to chase the aberdeen mob,also had a great scrap with the hibs before the dundee/dundee utd game at tynecastle,great battle at the train station doesn’t matter who wins as long as no one runs

    Posted by skegit at 1pm on 19.10.05

  90. hibs casuals! biggest crew of saps going. started on me before whilst minding my own and got more than they bargained for got the talk but nothin else thats the truth a bunch of fairies who need back up by 100 more fairies. NON OF THEM CAN FIGHT cos they dont have a reason cos they actually came from good homes but are so full of shit to tell you otherwise.FUKIN FAIRIES

    Posted by stylus at 4pm on 19.10.05

  91. ronnie when’s the book coming out?

    Posted by check at 10pm on 20.10.05

  92. when hibs beat aberdeen 1 nil at pitodrie we had 60 baby crew up 4 it.and 10 minutes before kick of a mob of aberdeen youth went past us on the bus thare woz only a few police around at the time.and not 1 aberdeen boy got off as we were chanting c.c.s tryin to get them off the bus before it pulled away.and wot happen a cople of weeks back whe our baby crew done 30 heart older boys inn ootside the hamarket.and thare woz about 15 hbc.and your main boy who steamd in first did a no punch 5 stone of his fat fucking heed. C.C.S SCOTLANDS NUMBER 1

    Posted by H.B.C at 5pm on 23.10.05

  93. fuck yis all man all the casuals are gay part fae 1 ICF(the gers) csc are the shitest cunts around !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by ryan taylor at 6pm on 27.10.05

  94. my english friends give me some links about your bands,i watched to good in my opinion films F.Factory and GSE.and I want to learn about you.
    Your Polish friend…

    Posted by TYLKO WIDZEW !!! at 7pm on 27.10.05

  95. the hbc were called bbc first after john blackley ( the then hibs manager) blackley’s baby crew. shouldn’t you now be called mbc instead of hbc (mowbray’s baby crew) . whit aboot the tufty club what are they called now?
    how many ccs were at pitoddrie? what were you wearing? top to bottom?

    Posted by check at 8am on 28.10.05

  96. all you rangers and celtic twats dont have a clue, you shout IRA, UDA. why dont you fuck off to ireland for a couple of weeks and see how you get on. you should try living in the real world for a while. wankers

    Posted by west coast don at 11pm on 30.10.05

  97. dont talk fucking pish its always been the hbc because a know the boys who started it.hibs fans chant tony mowbrays casual army but it dosent make us T.M.C.A The casuals have never named thare firm after the manager you fucking idiot.

    Posted by C.C.S SCOTLANDS NO1 at 5pm on 31.10.05

  98. C.C.S on top nae other firm can pull together as much up 4 it lads an u sheep shaggers can get to fuk ya bottlin bastards (any time ya fukin fannys)

    Posted by C.C.S (DUNNO) at 5pm on 01.11.05

  99. C.C.S on top nae other firm can pull together as much up 4 it lads an u sheep shaggers can get to fuk ya bottlin bastards (any time ya fukin fannys)

    Posted by C.C.S (DUNNO) at 5pm on 01.11.05

  100. CCS all the fukin way u muppets ! anyone fuks aboot they get fuk kiked out them. sorted.

    Posted by chew chew at 10pm on 02.11.05

  101. late eighties doing apprenticeship with guys from all over scotland, falkirk fear motherwell ss, ayr united , dressed ever was guy beattie from fear cost me a fortune in the last 15 years. wore chipie, chevignon, valentino, ralph lauren,timberland, armani, duffer of st george, sadly he died 10 years ago but he lives on in my fashion as i “ran” with celtic after meeting him and ever since have had a great passon for the style but also involved in some dodgy scenarios at the football. had good nights with all several nights with yogi from hibs in falkirk with ss and ccs and fear and other workers full of sweeties which killed the violence a little at those times as in slam in the park etc now over thirty married but still on the fringes and interested in getting back in to he boxing but still well turned out paul smith armani seal kay prada stone island aquascutum and merrel at the end of tthe day it was all about looking good while somsone was trying to rip your shirt off your back and you bought a better one for the return leg anyway.

    Posted by david nicol at 8pm on 06.11.05

  102. Re. previous reply violence is comin back in a ig way dur to the backseat of sweeties(E) for ching as the ame atmosphere can now be felt while on a night out as all full f charlie think the are invincible where as full of ectos just want to dance reminds me of late eighties as b4 we use to tan sulph or coke b4 games in mickey finns in ingram street in glasgow b4 games then started taking sweeties and couldnt b bothered going to games but now older more income can afford to take more coke etc it seems to b older guys from my era going back to the scene

    Posted by david nicol at 9pm on 06.11.05

  103. actually you fucking fanny it was bbc before hbc back in 1984. Blackley was the manager we had after Pat Stanton you probably don’t even know who either of those boys are you disgrace to the green and white badge ya

    Posted by check at 10pm on 10.11.05

  104. ‘ah know the boys who started it’, what an absolute load of rubbish u know naebdy and nothing mate, you are as hard as a morning stiffie. You probably only started going to games when we made europe this year. Go support the jam tarts!

    Posted by check at 10pm on 10.11.05

  105. very valid call about the chan and eccies, that’s true coke= violence

    Posted by check at 10pm on 10.11.05

  106. Aberdeen, Dundee? The only thing hardcore about these boys was the ammount of sheep they shagged! Ronnie McKell stick that in your local newspaper if you can read “lol”? CCS 1 fuck the rest

    Posted by E T at 12am on 11.11.05

  107. dear ccs number 1 you should hang your head in shame! learn about your team and their history before you go lipping off to fellow hibbys! it was always bbc, it only became hbc when blackley got sacked!

    Posted by richy at 6pm on 11.11.05

  108. We will take any one on an if any u celtic pricks want a go next week(19TH NOVEMBER 2005) when rangers go to celtic park am sure we can find a little arrangement to meet an we’ll kick ur cunts in I.C.F.

    Posted by Graham Rangers I.C.F at 11pm on 11.11.05

  109. Right, that’s it - any more comments like Graham’s will be deleted. Talk about football, talk about casual fashion, talk about the history of hooliganism all you want, but do not make threats, attempt to arrange fights, or trade sectarian insults.

    I don’t want my website polluted with that kind of shite.

    And none of you support Tranmere, so you’re all idiots ;-)

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 3am on 12.11.05

  110. graham rangers icf lolol fukin unlucky pal, as fir aw these chookters goin on about there famous casuals, who giv’s a fuk mate i wis at the falkirk away the other week n after aw those scum bags started singing get bak 2 ireland standin thinkin there mental, a saw the fukin look on there faces wen we responded with a nice corus of boys of the old brigade, every celtic fan in the place stood up makin sniper guestures goin fukin mental n face it uz aw shat it, same fir u aw u fukin rangers fan after wee shauns goal ye fukin start singin aw this cry is no surrender,every celtic fell about laughin ay ye’s fukin face it uz have surrendered yer team is the worst, we’re top of the fukin league we put yez out, and then ye’s sing rule britania after the second goal lol get a grip fanny’s its fukin 2005 britania dont rule fukin anythin man.

    [Sectarian chant removed - Jack]

    Posted by sean at 3pm on 12.11.05

  111. as for the icf u can all leave now coz i’ve seen the csc more than u lot and thats fuking rare. i am a celtic fan but all u ppl who r sayin csc no 1 etc shuld get a grip, last i heard we wuld all used 2 kick fuk out of u coz u twats culdnt even thro cs gas at the ccs without hitting ur own fuking fans, bunch of dummy’s. and where is the csc wen at tyncastle u get those fukin wannae b huns attacking woman and children? hearts casuals r a fuking disgrace 2 the hooligan name, i thot casuals where supposed 2 fight with other casuals not fuking attack woman and children. And half of u have the cheek 2 say we’re daft becoz we chant about the i.r.a, the only time we ever is wen u lot start aw ur get bk 2 ireland pish, and that seems 2 b aw the time. And as for u graham, take ur scum and icf back to castle gray skull becoz i havent seen a worse rangers squad in a while, fukin up ye mate “we’re top of the league and ur 4th”

    Posted by provos at 5pm on 12.11.05




    Posted by Jambo Fan at 12am on 13.11.05

  113. Always thought Aberddeen started the casual scene. Still we know Scottish football’s micky mouse so I suppose you gotta do somat. No surrender.

    Posted by Z.Ulu of Brum at 1am on 13.11.05

  114. SS Boys on Top Non Stop . .. Theres even a book out on us . . Saturday is Service Day…Look it up You Daft Cunts . .SS No.1

    Posted by Scootsy at 5pm on 13.11.05

  115. wits happened tae the celtic soccer crew they run the show ya dafties C.S.C ya fukin bams

    Posted by sean at 4pm on 15.11.05

  116. did you ever play away at firhill primary? that was murder

    Posted by check at 1am on 16.11.05

  117. most o our boys are from leith niddrie gilmerton royston m8.and al tell you wot m8 not much of us were brot up in life with a silver spoon in our mouth.But al tell you wot a couldnt give to fucks about whare our lads were raised or wot homes they came from its about bing LOYAL, AND HAVEING BOTTLEsomething you jambo cunts dinny have yous dont even come down tae easter road its 20 min walk fae your georgie slums. C.C.S SCOTLANDS NO 1

    Posted by HBC at 5pm on 16.11.05

  118. dus any one heer no the best way to join a firm am up for it but dont no who tae talk tae?

    Posted by lk at 8pm on 19.11.05

  119. nah nah nah nah lets go fukin mental hell yeah tell every hun that ye no that were tap a the league n yoor no 3-0 hartson balde n mcgeady yassssssssssss

    Posted by kj at 9pm on 19.11.05

  120. Come on now you’s Celtic scarfer fans, and less of the nonsense, most of you’s don’t have a clue. Firstly its not Celtic Soccer Casuals, it’s Celtic Soccer Crew. And whats the pont in giving it IRA etc after every sentence you’re just making us real CSC lads look as clueless as you are.

    The Hibs CCS were always seen as the number one mob, but ever mob has had their days.

    Ooh to gas, ooh to gas, ooh to gas a hibbee……….

    Posted by St Mungo at 9am on 20.11.05

  121. dus any one heer no the best way to join a firm am up for it but dont no who tae talk tae?

    Er, I’d prefer it if that went unanswered. Thanks.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 6pm on 21.11.05

  122. Man City’s GUVNORS are by far the hardest firm in Britain!!!!

    Posted by paul at 5pm on 22.11.05

  123. As a tim, I totally agree with all the abuse given to these fuckwit bigots who post their ira and uvf pish. Scotland can do without it. Worth mentioning that there are plenty of other teams who have fans who give this kind of crap out as well (Hearts, Dundee etc..)Fair play to Aberdeen though, have never heard any sectarion bile from them. funnily enough was called a fenian bastard by a hibs fan once a couple of years ago (2002).

    Posted by Neilly71 at 2pm on 24.11.05

  124. Carlisle til i die, (BCF)

    Posted by Gav at 9pm on 24.11.05

  125. carlise who the f*** r them

    Posted by joseph at 1pm on 25.11.05

  126. Yes , it was all started by Scousers who used to bring back previously unknown brands from Europe . Anybody who says anything different is just wrong .

    Posted by Kevin , Yorkshire at 6pm on 25.11.05

  127. for a start edinburgh is a posh culdisac where u all took cookin lessons ud hav a better chance if ur burds took yer team we,ll see on new yaers day wen the csc cum through we r gony take use out and member the semi final were u got ambushed at st enocs centre and use all hid behin the polis PIRA ftq

    Posted by fuckin top man at 5pm on 27.11.05

  128. stuff the ccs the ccf r the boys mon the cowden

    Posted by ross allan at 6pm on 28.11.05

  129. moni rule ya bass! fuk the ferry fleet! ill smash yas all!

    Posted by kyle brwon at 3pm on 01.12.05

  130. fuk all u sheep shaggin bastards! i floored ur top bloke wi a punch wot a fanny he woz! cum n see iz again if ya wnt samshed! MONI RULE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by kyle brown (56 crofford road) at 3pm on 01.12.05

  131. i cant belive all of u hearts fanny’s ….i wiz at e game e day and u all looked a bunch of tossers and probably couldnt fight ur way oot a paper bag………..the hibs look a proper bunch……..i cant wait 2 c u all again at almodvale………wat a laugh it will b

    Posted by LSF.......(livingston) at 8pm on 03.12.05

  132. cant wait till sat……….2 c all the no hopers that we call weedgies……….i hope you get alot this week in ur giro and collecting muney 4 looking afta cars………….u mite get £4 tops ………and that will b a great week……!!!

    Posted by hibee at 9pm on 04.12.05

  133. i fukin h8 millwall efc r guna fukin batter use if ne ov use wanna organise a fight email back 2 me u scummy milwall twats hope use all die.
    I also fukin 8 man united fukin orrible manc twats. buzbees aeroplane crashed wish i was da pilot.
    Went 2 blackburn away da other day an cracked a few heads open it was brill da nice of a few heads opening felt reli gud.



    Posted by EVERTON 4 EVA at 6pm on 05.12.05

  134. efc 4 eva guna fuk every millwall fan i see

    Posted by EVERTON 4 EVA at 6pm on 05.12.05

  135. will there be a posse of soap dodgin casuals on saturday? how many ccs are goin thru?

    Posted by Hibee Muzz at 9pm on 05.12.05

  136. Nice article jack.

    I’ve lived in edinburgh for 13 years now but grew up in Northern England. I’ve found it fascinating speaking to different lads from the firms up here and realising that a lot of the fashions were very specific to an area as well as a year.

    It was the customising as well that made you stand out from other firms

    Jumbo Lee cords with the badge taken off and sewn on the ankle anyone? - which ankle? ours were on the outside right.

    splitting your hems so they sat nice over your trainies

    kickers with extra tags (but not too many else you looked like a right tool)

    I recently saw a deerstalker on Easter Rd, worn with style and respect for the history. the geezer stood out a mile and looked way better than all the clone island kids do at every ground through the UK. It’s not just about being in a mob but standing out in style as well. You can’t fake a deerstalker can you??

    Posted by 80sclobber at 4pm on 07.12.05


    Posted by DM at 7pm on 07.12.05

  138. aryte to all u dundee utility every1 nows were the best the ccs are jst a bunch o cunts

    Posted by dundeeutilty4life at 10pm on 08.12.05

  139. were the hearts all you wee stupid young team firms better get your act together cause this year we run the show so bring as many through to town and see what u wee gimps get ! csc

    Posted by coppertun loyal at 11pm on 08.12.05

  140. Fucking sheep, i fucking hate you lot. All you do is cling on to the past and these days all you have is a few top boys who are followed around by a couple of dozen scarfers who leg it at the first sign of going toe to toe and dance around the pavements fucking pricks, January 21st whrn the sheep come to Dundde next to play the Arabs. Fucking bring it on…… Cannae wait.

    Posted by Brian at 2pm on 09.12.05

  141. me and a few boys wer at parkheed , but seen no cunt.where the fuk wer yous. i didnt go thro 2 that dump 4 nout. that just shows that we r no1. if sum ccs boys did find u wat happened and where?? or do u just cum oot wen the dss aint at ur door….

    Posted by hibs at 10pm on 10.12.05

  142. fuck all u utility wanks u lot are a bunch of fannys who have to get escorted from leith on a bus cause u flapped it from us ccs4life

    Posted by ccs at 2pm on 12.12.05

  143. Moan the fuckin hibees we’re comin for u jambo bastards lets hope yis dinny fuckin run this time ay.

    Posted by HIBEE at 9pm on 15.12.05

  144. Res ponce to that jambo cunt from earlier about being from North Edinburgh snd slagging cunts who went to central schools in Edinburgh. That just shows you that the scum of the capital were driven northwards, out of the town, eventually to turn in to badly dressed aberfifians. Some still remain, masquerading as rats within a deprived gorgie. its not even worth smashing up. TCR CCS Michael Whelehan.

    Posted by ccs at 10pm on 17.12.05

  145. lets get the truth on here eh,back in the day csf had a not bad mob pretty game,ccs were tops in edinburgh,motherwell had a decent mob,dundee boys were fucking sappy as man,as for the no 1 back in the day it was the sheepshaggers though i hate to admit it.both the asc and ccs had massive mobs prob 800 to 1000 boys at there peak csf could pull about 500,disnae matter how many dundee pulled between them they were shitebags and motherwell were the bottle throwers .no1 now to wot i have noticed is the ob theve sussed it out, only took them twenty odd yr to do it though, gie them a round of applause.

    Posted by jambo at 4pm on 19.12.05

  146. just writing 2 see if there are any boys from chester goin 2 wrexham on the 28th of this month 2 kick e shit oot of those frontline cunts………….if so r we all up 4 it…. i sure am and just 4 the occasion am makin sure its not 1 2 forget…………last time we played them at home sum bold cunt dun me in big time ……….so cant wait 2 fuck his christmas up…. mon e 1 2 5’s….
    the chester boys r in town na na na na

    Posted by 1 2 5's at 9pm on 19.12.05

  147. I’m a hibbeeee but i wanna run with the c.c.s. a little help lads?!

    Posted by Chewy at 12am on 20.12.05

  148. Fuck all ye rangers fuckers yer shit and all ye loyalist wankers my freind got shite kicked out of him last night for walkin through a loyalist area with a celtic jersey on so fuck ye pricks C.I.R.A (CONTIUEIST I.R.A.) (C.I.C.I.C.I.R.A!!!!!!!!!!) (C.I.C.I.C.I.R.A!!!!!!!!!!!)(C.I.C.I.C.I.R.A!!!!!!!!!!) SINN FEIN 4 EVER FUK IAN PAISLEY THE QUEEN AND THE UDA. R.I.P BOBBY SANDS (KEANO! KEANO! KEANO!) EIRE 32.

    Posted by Hoops Belfast at 7pm on 21.12.05

  149. After the Hibs match against Dnipro aboot 30 of the CSF we outside John Lewis and about 100-150 of the CCS & HBC popped oot fae naewhere and chased the bastards up to Princess’ St. Got all of you bastards that ran. 28 Jan. Hertz Vs Hibs At Scummy Geogie, will use boys run again? Fucking get it together and get a fucking crip. Alot of people notice the HBC & CCS and go along with them so we’re never stuck with numbers


    Posted by HBC & CCS Ross at 1pm on 22.12.05

  150. I’ve not been into that since the end of the eighties, but I can remember fondly away days to aberdeen, edinburgh, ayrshire etc. It was mostly about fashions and style, as well as being ‘game’. Fashions i distinctly remember were, Dungaree’s, POP84, Pod sandals, Kickers, Lee semi-flares, Ocean Pacific, Chipie, The NEXT ‘great outdoors’ jackets, remember the brown and green hooded ones? they were a staple, also the next ‘golfcourse jumpers’ - the ones in blue or green with the crazy patterns, paisley pattern shirts, diadora, adidas jean trainers, Bjorn Borg, Benetton Rugby shirts, alaska parka’s, berghaus bubble jackets, chunky moccassins, Ricci, Boss, Armani, black 501’s, Crazy fashions!
    i remember going to love st once around 87 and there was a boy with a blazer, chinos and ski goggles!
    As far as i seem to remember most of the ICF weren#t from glasgow, and were from Irvine\Ayrshire, and they were all mental as fuck, the times yoou’d go via irvine on the train to ayr or killie and they would be at the train station every time, mad bastards!

    Posted by Burnzy at 1pm on 22.12.05

  151. Aberdeen were the first real mob in Scotland (1980/81), Motherwell were 2nd (1982), Hibs, Dundee (1983/84), then Rangers (1984), Hearts were skinheads till 1984/85. Aberedeen were easily best organised, dressed and numbers (Oct85), then Hibs caught up and definitely held No 1 (1991 approx)…then any team fcould claim to be best at some time or other. Also, Dundee/Utd although good at home, never travelled from 1983-1988, as there mob could not get it together in Edinburgh, Glasgow or Dundee. Mobs now days would not no what would have hit them in my opinion if faced with 80’s mobs.

    Posted by Real Hibs form 80's at 4pm on 24.12.05

  152. Burnzy, you must have run with a trampy mob if you got your golf jumpers from next. Here in sunny Leith we favoured Lyle and Scott and Pringle. Black 501’s were perhaps in but that was back in 1983/84 and were well favoured by the Hearts Service Crew as their mob was initially known. I take it you are from Dundee and that is where the dungarees come from. Oor Willie Utility indeed. Get back on your bucket and stop fantasising. What actually happened is that fashions changed on a weekly basis in say 87 - 88. That lasted about six months till the fines started and the police turning up at your door on a Saturday morning to tell your ma you were a casual. Plus, remember that there wasnt really that many labels to choose from. So what happened was that people began to accept all the usual famous labels as acceptable every weekend and they moved into almost mainstream fashion. This eventually lead to the Stone Island, Burberry nonsense as they were initially worn by the “top boys” then the rest of the mob followed and then, to a certain extent, the youth of todays society. It is basic sociology, from deviancy comes the norm. Personally, i wouldnt be seen dead in a Parka. At the end of the day, anyone who was still in it by 1991 was a fighter principally, not a dresser. These days had gone, replaced by E and clubs. Outside the calton studios in Edinburgh, graffiti appeared taunting the boys who didnt run with the mob any more and instead took class A drugs for recreation. What Jack says in his initial article is correct but was to be expected. The casuals were a massive youth culture in the late 80’s , any self respecting clothing company should have sacked their management team if they didnt utilise its potential. Young people cant really imagine what it was like in 1985, there were few places to buy good gear in Scotland, shops like USC have simply filled a large gap in the market at the right time. What should also be stated is that the quality of the clothing has deteriorated rapidly. Remember the old Timberland moccs. The sole didnt wear down. In today’s world, even cars and lawnmowers have what is called built in obselesence. I.e. certain parts are manufactured to wear out in a given period of time. Clothes went the same way a long time ago. I used to have a pair of Polo jeans and the denim was incredibly thick. It is not just clothes that have changed but society. It could be said that casuals were the last stand against society. It was hammered by Maggie Thatcher who, it is said, turned a blind eye to E. Thus, today,the majority of youngsters just get “pure melted man”. Everyone knows society is finished as we know it. The casuals took their moment but didnt see it to the end. They didnt have a chance. Now, where will another spark come from. It will be the next generation and it will be far more violent. That is inevitable as the final end. Big brother, no freedom to even have a shite. The next youth uprising will be stamped upon and various “controlling elements” will reorganise society like a massive ant nest. No deviancy will be tolerated. Perhaps deep down, we all knew what it was all about in the eighties. Not clothes, not fighting, the point was we were young men who saw that the world was a con. It was about the fact that life was not great any more. Why do you you think educational standards have fallen. The goverment realised that too much education was a bad thing. We were the last. Why should anyone have to work fourty hours in a week to if you think about it, to provide food and shelter and clothes. The rich get richer and the poor of today will vanish. the royal bank of scotland has opened a new head office with a shopping mall, hairdressers etc. They have a creche and take the bairns round the complex during the day. The next step will be housing and then we may have a child, born in the bank complex, brought up in the bank complex and taking a job in the bank, before retiring into a bank retirement home. certain individuals have become so brainwashed or unable to think for themselves that they would welcome this. “Yes, our James is doing well for himself, he has a house and job in the Bank” bollocks, our liberty is being stolen. Anyone up for a new revival. CCS . Be all you can be, choose soccer violence

    Posted by Brian blow at 5pm on 24.12.05

  153. brands from the 80s pop 84 , classic nouveau, pod ,adidas new yorker sweatshirts, cerruti, fila, tacchini, lacoste, them were the days. DEEPDALE BOY

    Posted by DEEPDALE BOY at 10am on 25.12.05

  154. hibs baby crew on top we will do any mob tht is game enough 2 come ahead we r scotland number 1 and u better remember tht

    Posted by imrie ccs at 4pm on 25.12.05

  155. hey brian,i think ur spot on but ur taking it a bit far wie the r.b.s and as for reviving the ccs it just won’t happen,well not to extent that it used to be.the old shed mob at tynecastle was probably some of the hardest supporters in scotland at that time who would have wiped out any casual firm off that day,some off the shed mob turned casual and started up the hearts mob (hearts service crew) and then (casual soccer firm).the uk is turning into a police state nearly a cctv cam on every corner off every street u even look or walk the wrong way ur collared and questioned,but brian what i truly agree with you is the day will come this country will explode again,into extreme violence,that the police and the goverment won’t know whats hit will be a reversed trend this time,the 80’s and 90’s was violence then raves and drugs, this present day the drugs are rife the lads are bored,with boredom comes violence then theres football,so maybe i was wrong earlier when i talked about the ccs not getting back there full potential but brian it won’t just be the ccs all the firms csf included will be back big time and nothing will stop them.

    Posted by jambo at 3pm on 27.12.05


    Posted by HIBS BABY CREW at 5pm on 27.12.05

  157. Bring On The Dons In Two Weeks, Bring You Sheep. We’ll Fuck Them Up To.

    Posted by Ross CCS at 1pm on 30.12.05

  158. Brian blow above shows it all and speaks from memories. A Revival of the CCS would be outstanding as our Mob would rule again just like the 80’s.

    Posted by Ross CCS at 1pm on 30.12.05

  159. csc ya fuckin tits prada and stone isiand all the way ya fuckin bams dun the jambos the day fukin minted ya fuckers.p.i.r.a.

    Posted by ciggy boy at 7pm on 01.01.06

  160. awryt av been wantin ti join a fitbaw firm fir a long time noo(coz a luv fightin but mastly evry man duz unless they r gay) but a dini ken very much aboot it so if yooz kood gee mi sum info it wil b very much apreciated

    P.S do raith rovers hiv a firm?

    Posted by johnst at 7pm on 02.01.06

  161. listen,i think we should stop this forum now,what a farce its turning into who’s no 1,who wearing what,WHO CARES.what u need to do is stop talking and get back to the games meet each firm with a good old fist fight, no come back on here in 6 to 12 months and the storys u will have to tell will be more interesting than what rubbish u young laddies are coming out wie the now,thats if any of u can handle it.some of u will be battered and bruised but fuck what a buzz u would have had believe me u’ll enjoy it either go on lets see u out there.

    Posted by jambo at 11am on 04.01.06

  162. No, we should turn this forum into a discussion of 1980s casual clothing, which, if anyone ever bothered to read the post at the top of the page is what it was always supposed to be about!

    There is no such thing as a ‘good’ fist fight.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 1pm on 04.01.06

  163. CSFs top boy got hammered in on Sunday a heard from the CSC what a turn out after the CSF went for them first CSC turned round and leathered them apperently

    Posted by Ross CCS at 2pm on 04.01.06

  164. celtic boys got hammered on 1st jan v the csf after game nun of yas were up 4 it

    Posted by jambo jay at 9pm on 05.01.06

  165. good to read the storys lads, dundee utility still scotlands top firm,one of the 22

    Posted by johnny auf at 1am on 06.01.06

  166. hello ross ccs,i was at the game against celtic and was beside the casuals and i never a single fight cause there was to many polis, maybe later on but the celtic fans never hang about after a game at tynecastle,so if a few boys from the csf are reading come on and tell the truth wie what happened we all want to know.

    Posted by jambo at 4pm on 06.01.06

  167. cant wait till the 28th. canny fuckin wait u jambo bastards. mon the hibs an the hbc

    Posted by broon at 10pm on 06.01.06

  168. Trampy mob Brian lol. Nah the Next ‘Golfcourse’ jumpers came a few years after the lyle & scott\pringle days. they were called that because they had crazy patterns on them, you know the ones I mean? they were big about summer 83.
    they came in green, blue or red, and had crazy psychedelic swirly patterns. next sucked tho’.
    The POP84 parkas were worn about a year later, before everyone turned to crapper labels like berghaus etc

    Posted by burnzy at 5pm on 07.01.06


    Posted by clark at 8pm on 07.01.06

  170. Tennis clothing had the largest impact on the casual scene in the 80’s anything that was made in Italy ruled! In 1985 Boris Becker won Wimbledon aged 17 in ellesse clothing and it became really big. McEnroe’s tacchini youngline tops were highly desireable, made in Italy and tight fit. Bjorn Borg’s fila line was huge as was any fila item generally as it was made in Italy and made to the highest standards. Then of course Lacoste, worn by Henri Laconte (French tennis player) though i’m sure no-one has ever won Wimbledon in a lacoste. Then there’s the Adidas Ivan Lendl range, all made in Germany with the cool sky blue iceblock design, this was great in polo shirt or tracky with zip-off sleeves. And finally cerutti 1881 which was very rare to get and worn by Jimmy Connors. All this gear was available at Olympus Sports on Princes Street from 1985 onwards, but the real jem was Austin Reed’s downstairs sports department on Princes Street (it had the lot) Fila polo shirts were 29.95GBP in 1985. Also Jenners had a pretty good range. I never shopped at USC it was and still is way too jim!
    Blackley’s Baby Crew Number 1

    Posted by check at 12am on 13.01.06

  171. Dundee Utility???????
    I want all scottish firms to know i ran with a street gang from dundee who only fought other street gangs but we ran the utility in the city centre when we were bored about a dozen times coz they are all shitebags.
    P.S. if you want to surprise these mice they drink in Ferrari’s Bar on matchdays just down from tannadice, just turn up with 6 guys or under any more than that and you’ll see 50 guys run like the skitters. Utter ballbags.

    Posted by DundeeGangsta at 3am on 15.01.06

  172. Fuk off liverpool will fuk ne1 round, forget the old days wen the fellas wer tits. that aint cummin bak look 2 the new firms like the HDS and the NET, n meet newer n ull gt dun!

    Posted by Simmo at 5pm on 15.01.06

  173. Fucik sake done a wee swearch on google fir a laff amd am amazed that the UTILITY has such a good name, its a pity that the ob have ruined the scene with cctv, b ut what i wonder about is mckell saying fleet rule when it has always been DUNDEE UTILITY THUGS/CREW never lochee! xxxxxxxx

    Posted by minisativaN40 at 9pm on 15.01.06

  174. 2 be honest wae use i hink we could take anyteam in scotland aww u need is the old bit stannley and a bat we r unstoppable and hope it stays like that

    Posted by ccs boy at 10pm on 15.01.06

  175. You all should get into 21st century. CASUALS HAD THEIR DAY IN THE 80’S. It is starting to sound like the bigot brothers arguing about bygone centuries. Get a new identity after all who wants to wear the same gear as every wee wanker in pilton. Any hearts cunts looking for revenge on sat 21st jan keep away police onto it.

    Posted by o.a.p at 9pm on 17.01.06

  176. Saturday, Saturday, Saturday Service.

    Saturday! Saturday! Saturday is Service Day!

    Was at Easter Road the other week for the M’well game. hadn’t gone to a M’well game since the early 90’s.

    Didnt notice many hibs at all. The usually infamous bridge was entirely unremarkable.

    Bob Todd - If your ever back on…hows yer brothers teeth. No danger of losing any more at Easter Road. Stll both going to the games I see.

    I dont even dress like a hoolie any more…Zara for me these days ;-)

    I have to live in the same city as these smelly inbreds too. Its shocking how many of these wee hibs hoolies are illiterate fuds.

    Posted by Scary Bear at 12am on 18.01.06

  177. u all fkin cunts, ya twats. ya pretend to have fkin firms, but ya all pussys. im the major for the fkin SRM (South Road Mob) in fkin taunton ya fuckin cunts.
    Next time ya fkin show ya ugly mugs at Taunton FC we’ll fkin have ya wet cunts n beat da shit in ya. YA FUCKIN CUNTS.

    Posted by THe SRM MAjor at 9pm on 18.01.06

  178. Hello sad fuks, wots this site all bout is it sum scottish fing or summit the amount of u bastards on here. All ya tlkin about hibs this celtic tht, ya footballs shit n ya firms shit. Your all past it now u need 2 mek way 4 the new era. LCS LCS LCS

    Posted by LCS at 8pm on 19.01.06

  179. Posted by Roy Keane 16 at 6pm on 20.01.06

  180. DENS DFC DERRY: 1975 - 1984. SKINS, PUMKS, VANDALS & THUGS.. MATCH GEAR: DONKEY JACKETS, ARMY SURPLUS or CARHARTT WORK JEANS (Carhartt had a factory in Dundee around the same period), STEEL TOE CAP BOOTS. FUNNY MOMENTS: PRE (Provest Rd End) emptying and all the Dens Derry runnig straight across the park towards the Motherwell end. Was a Wednesday night game around 1976 after we beat them in the cup. 2000 Motherwell fans running from the ground to the coach park (Gussie Park), attempting to get onbaord their buses as they were bricked, the sight of all their fans running up Arklay St shouting on the buses to wait for them… Every bus sporting smashed windows. A cold trip back to Motherwell. The Dens Derry then went onto Dundonlad St and smashed up 2 Police cars… Those were the days.. I think they call that a Riot these days.. D, E, DOUBLE R, DOUBLE R Y - D E R R Y !

    Posted by Satan at 10pm on 20.01.06

  181. csc who the fuk are they there always running n hidding


    Posted by ICF at 11am on 21.01.06

  182. was at easter road last week and jumped the graveyard outside the ground to get passed the barriers further back towards the ground. when a 400 strong of aberdeen charged at us singing wheres ur famous CCS we had to run for about a mile and enybody who fell behind got FUCKED UP ended up on london road near there busses but the busys turned up to quickly so aberdeen had only been challenger 4 about 5 minutes they then went 4 the station singing and then we piled in with the bricks and had it away 4 about 20 minutes solid then the riot polis turned up and lifted no 1. great day ccs all the way!

    Have also been hit with brick in aberdeen,had tear gas been thrown on the train in motherwell and hit with a bottle in swine castle but the ccs will be back id know cos am the next generation ccs!

    Posted by sparky (CCS) at 10pm on 21.01.06


    Posted by johnst at 5pm on 22.01.06

  184. just wondering wat the DUC think of the fair city boys??? they obviously dont see you as a thret anymore, which u pratically neva wer. just 2 ask where wer the dundee boys on the 2nd?? usually all the ‘shit’ goes down at the staion but i couldnt see 1 boy or even a fan and to make it easier for us there was not a polis man in site lol…..anyway 18th march should be good as a lot of boys are expected 2 make it thro.

    Posted by FCF at 6pm on 23.01.06

  185. Right , lets get everything into perspective ,the hibs crew were mainly manned by the YLT (Young Leith Team) these were the guys , remember ambushing the Hun Scum at St Clair , when we joined up with the YNT and other Edinburgh gangs , i’m 47 now and have been watching Football Factory to get me in the mood for Saturday against the Jambo.

    When i was young my father said to me,
    When you grow up son , what you gonna be ,
    Are you gonns go to school and get a degree
    or you gonna be the leader of yhe YLT

    Posted by Leith Hibby at 10pm on 23.01.06

  186. Fair City Boys? I dont know what the DUC think of them (who are the DUC anyway?) but back in the day (and probably much the same today), no one thought / thinks much of Perth I’m afraid… Brora Rangers probably have a harder firm / mob than Perth, lol… Brings me back to the (good) old days again when the Dens Derry used to hit Perth’s Muirton Park, every train to Perth packed from around 10am in the morning from Dundee and 1000’s of Dundee having a good carry on in Perth all day. It was very rare to spot a St Johnstone fan before the game, they used to hide their scrafs…in their home town too lol. Does anyone remember the game with 100 odd arrests (all Dundee!?!) back in the early 70’s? The Police didnt have enough vans so they hired 2 furniture lorrys to take the arrested from the ground to the Police station lol…classic. Perth Pack? Crazy Young Saints? Fair City Firm? They only came out to play when the likes of Alloa or Stirling Albion (the local derby) came to town…

    Posted by Satan at 9am on 25.01.06

  187. hearts are shite ccs ya bam…. rudi skacel is a fucking refugee?

    Posted by shaun at 3pm on 25.01.06

  188. Wrexham till I die!

    Posted by Gem at 6pm on 25.01.06

  189. y r the hearts tryin 2 seperate e fans on sat?? even the hearts security r tryin 2 save yous from a good auld do-ing. just like the norm. anyway there will be a good turn out. MON the CCS/HBC.

    Posted by hibby at 6pm on 26.01.06

  190. A wiz atHibs V’s Sheep in jan. CCS had a no bad mob oot. Kept trying to get it off but buizzies everywhere.
    Baby Crew had it wi some near the graveyard but after that ter sheep headed straight for Waverley.

    Any1 else see the herald that satuday??
    Good article bout casuals second coming!


    Posted by Fightclub at 12pm on 27.01.06

  191. im surprised there is still support for this casual thing amongst the gers what with all these anti hoolie measurements in place nowadays ie c.c.t.v. all seater stadiums passport restrictions at ports and airports etc etc.great site lads keep up the good work.newcastle united/rangers #1 no surrender to the ira.

    Posted by jafa at 4pm on 27.01.06

  192. Ccs till i die fuck the hearts

    Posted by Jailbait jay at 11pm on 27.01.06

  193. here i am writng bk 2 the boy who responded 2 ma last message…… the saints have always had a mob . ask anyboy fae perth and surrounding areas and they will tell u that. and wat is the ‘DERRY’ thing all aboot?? i dont remember that game u wer tokin aboot but ther is a new generation of the saints and are ready to battle wif any1. who dares 2? and believe me YOU are the rivals just ask the boys that got a hiding at the bus staion at perth after the game . only got told aboot it a couple of days ago but …….as i say the saints are bk and we will not hide or lie down 2 any1. IRA n FCF 4lyf.

    Posted by Perth Saint (FCF) at 11pm on 27.01.06

  194. you CCS/HIBEE pricks think your the hardest crew out there????where were you when the ICF were on the pitch at easter road celebrating winning the league???? Did you really let a couple of fat stewards stop you or was i just seeing things? In your own backyard too…shitbags!!

    Posted by Robert Knox at 10am on 28.01.06


    Posted by WIGGI at 4pm on 28.01.06


    Posted by Ash at 6pm on 28.01.06

  197. who is this fcf perth lad spinning nonsense?

    Posted by eaststandlad at 9am on 29.01.06

  198. thot this was a clothing brand chat eh?

    Posted by eaststandlad at 10am on 29.01.06

  199. We ain’t just in East London, we’re all over Essex in force, and my mate is right, you come down here and you don’t give respect, you fucked pal, Millwall only scored the equaliser, but the U12 will get ‘em and I’ll be eatin my pie and mash in Deptford yet! As for the chelski foreign legion, wankers, for seven years on the bounce we drank in the Nell Quin Kings Rd, and the Stanford Bridge Arms, wall to wall claret and blue. MarketeersICF

    Posted by BasildonICF at 11am on 29.01.06

  200. All the Scots lads on here seemingly are full of shite and full of themselves, step back and read the pish you lot have all posted. What an utter disgrace you all are. The jokes on you. Hibs this and that is all they ever come away with, Dundee saying Motherwell were the firts dressers proves what little they observed 80-84 before the SS had even travelled to an away game. Aberdeen were and still are at the forefront - the formation of The National Firm is living proof what ABERDEEN SOCCER CASUALS really are and even then the SNF couldn’t get it together to do the ASC.
    26yrs on, still the biggest most travelled firm knocking at yer door when in 26yrs only a handfull of clubs ever came to Aberdeen, nevermind do something.

    Posted by JJ69 at 6pm on 29.01.06

  201. Exeter city for life. dont mess with the ‘Sly crew’

    Posted by RIO at 2pm on 30.01.06

  202. Replyin to Rrobert Knox How fucing stupit are you??? your sayin we shit it fae the icf when you cames on the park at easter road to celabrete wining the was scarfers on the pitch not hoolies!!! and wot about when abedeen came on the park at pitodie????????????? wot about your mob then fucking shit it.and your saying we think were the hardest.mibby thats true mibby its no but hay at least we have a mob week in week out wich is more than wot cam be say for your pathetic mob. CCS BABY CREW

    Posted by CCS BABY CREW at 5pm on 30.01.06

  203. FROM MY MEMORY ARCHIVE: I remember when Dundee United played West Ham United in a friendly in Dundee, late summer 1982. It was the first time I think I had ever seen a mob of hooligans without club colours and very smart they were too. Spotted a couple of Deerstalker hats as well, that was different. There must have been around 50 of them and they went onto smash up a bar opposite the railway station and I think a fair few of them were arrested by the Dundee Polis. They met a little resistance from Dundee United scarfers, but on the whole I think they came did what they wanted to do in Dundee that day. If my memory serves me correctly, I think the bulk of their mob was the same ones who were featured on the TV programme ‘Hooligans’, back in the 80’s. I do remember seeing a (huge) black kid getting arrested, then I saw him in the tele programme as well…alongside the bass player from the CocKnEy ReJeCtS lol.. ICF are / were a force, no doubt.

    Posted by Satan at 11am on 31.01.06

  204. bring on the ccs a fink we shud arannge something here coz i wud love to kik the shit out of evrey 1 of yous





    Posted by 1 FUCKING LUNATIC at 7pm on 31.01.06


    johnst lod

    Posted by JOHNST LOD at 8pm on 31.01.06

  206. t.o.c willl kill any of uz ur firmz r shit we r the nxt big thing

    Posted by smooch at 8pm on 01.02.06

  207. stop all your cyber warrioring and leave it for match day ladies! this internet shit just gets ppls name for the ob.leave it for match days to settle scores!

    Posted by hibs baby crew at 1pm on 02.02.06

  208. theres not one boy in the hibs baby crew from leith.maybe a few of the older group.

    Posted by hbc at 2pm on 02.02.06

  209. It was a clothing brand message board till it got hijacked by some goats talking a fight.
    Most likely wearers of Aquascutum and burberry hats.
    Get back to some real gear boys, a nice pair of cords with some nike air max.
    You can blether away all you want about what you are going to do. But that’s all it is till you do is blether.
    Germany anyone?

    Posted by Joe ICF at 7pm on 02.02.06

  210. Right , lets get everything into perspective ,the hibs crew were mainly manned by the YLT (Young Leith Team) these were the guys , remember ambushing the Hun Scum at St Clair , when we joined up with the YNT and other Edinburgh gangs , i’m 47 now and have been watching Football Factory to get me in the mood for Saturday against the Jambo.

    When i was young my father said to me, When you grow up son , what you gonna be , Are you gonns go to school and get a degree or you gonna be the leader of yhe YLT

    Posted by Leith Hibby · January 23, 2006 10:57 PM

    This guy here, my dad was in the YLT and he’s about the same age as you but he’s Celtic through and through!!

    Posted by Sean at 8pm on 02.02.06

  211. A wee history lesson for you younger Edinburgh boys. In the mid to late eighties, us Hibs boys used to refer to Hearts as “catalogue casuals” - the reason for this was that at any point in time, there would be some form of CCS presence in the town. Hearts boys couldn’t get to the shops and therefore had to order their gear through their Mum’s catalogues( and take full advantage of being able to pay up a Tacchini tracksuite over 208 weeks - despite the fact that is was out after 2 months!)

    Around this time there were quite a few high profile defections from the CSF to the CCS.

    Hibs were the most inventive mob in Scotland.

    Arriving at Motherwell before the SS got on their buses for a game in Edinburgh.

    50 + CCS walkinging straight into a Aberdeen v Raith game at Kirkcaldy. Removed from the ground that day and put on a train back to Edinburgh - only problem was hat the train track is right beside the Raith ground, so Emergency cords were pulled and we were off the train and trying to get into the ground again.

    Dressed in snorkel Jackets, NHS specs and Rangers scarfs - walking amongst the ICF at Ibrox - they were completely unaware until they started getting hit.

    No-one, apart from Hibs, had the balls to pull stunts like this back then and no-one will ever try things like this again.

    This is Edinburgh and We Are Hibs.

    Posted by Edinburgh at 11pm on 02.02.06

  212. Jesus!

    Scottish Football is fucked. As are any offspring that these cretins manage to squeeze out.

    I hear Little Cumbrae is up for sale - how about the SFA buy it and then just dump ALL the casuals that really feel they still have something to prove on there and then don’t go back for a couple of months? They’d have a great time and so would we.

    On a fashion tip…what about Gallini? What about Grolsch bottle tops as fashion accessories? D M Hoey’s on Viccie Road should be turned into a museum I say!


    Posted by Johan at 6pm on 03.02.06

  213. Rite lads listen up!I AINT NO hooligan and dont ever intend to join the hibs.
    Everytime a see the hibs lads at a game(espacially away) use make me fear no cunt, simply because of the reputation use have built up over the years,and i dont have a problem way use doing what use do,infact I think its a laugh watchin use all fight:leeds,hearts,aberden…seen it, couple of mates of mine think the same
    However, I do think use are ALL TALK,NO ACTIONNow adays use do fuck all pretty much, and i know police are everywere,CCTV,gettin stuck in jail for years… But why do use all know create a scene to give yourself somethin to do, Like at rangers the other day a walked past a bus load of use all, surely you could have done somthin to all the huns trapped behind the police barricade, Just give them dogs abuse, u canny get arrested for that JUST DO FUCKING SOMTHING THSES DAYS take the piss out of them, fake charge them, make yourselfs known, ITS ALL FUCKIN TALK THSES DAYS WAY USE.U canny get arreested for the above
    How many hibs casuals travel to an ordinary killy?

    Posted by Eaststand hibee at 5pm on 05.02.06

  214. Anyone See The SS Mob That went Thru To Love Street ? fucking Lots …SS No.1

    Posted by SS boy at 7pm on 05.02.06

  215. howz it gawn firmz.dini ken if uv herd eh uz CCF (cowden casual firm) mon the cowden fuk the rest eh the firms exept thee ccs uz ntin 2 be oor cuzinz wb ccs cheers

    Posted by mossco at 9pm on 05.02.06

  216. whoz wantin 2 join the CCF then write 2 mi cheers

    Posted by mosscow at 9pm on 05.02.06

  217. read all the post but 1 thing PERTH yes its has mob for years i started travelling with the boys in late 70s travelling to all scummy towns throught scotland most mobs too pissed to fight so it was a rammy more than planned battles,then in 1985 THE “MAINLINE BABY SQUAD was born [m.b.s] fight for fun kick to kill we stood we fought but we never run.

    Posted by mainline baby squad at 10pm on 05.02.06

  218. i am a hibs boy through and through and see lots of boys week in week out. we usually wear aquascutum, paul + shark, prada, hugo boss, stone island, addidas y-3’s (and other acceptable gear). if u want 2 look out 4 casuals u shud look 4 folk that look good, dress good and fight good. 4 many boys if you have the bottle and are loyal then u are a good person 2 have. CCS + HBC. we are scotlands top mob and we are the mob to look out for!! no1 is able 2 turn us over !!!.

    Posted by 3-0 at 6pm on 06.02.06

  219. nobody kicks the shit out of you like the ayr service crew na na na

    Posted by dez at 4pm on 08.02.06

  220. i remember the time in the mid 80s we [the ccs]payed in to the main stand at easter road [aberdeen end] boy did we give them some kickin then we got chucked out the had to pay in again at hibs end, those were the days ccs

    Posted by hibsjfk at 11pm on 08.02.06

  221. ha ha ha ha mosscow u make me laugh ‘cos u talk pish ha ha ha ha ccf(2 men and a sheep)

    Posted by jambo at 3pm on 09.02.06

  222. hey jack,theres only so much clothes u can talk about what the casuals wore.thats pretty much been covered now,so the young un’s are turning there anger into a word fight which is a bit handbaggy if it was not so laughable.well jack time to close this forum then mate there was about three or four decent answers on here about clothing the rest well say no more(and thats including mine as well lol).so jack u’ve got ur answers so discussion ended, keep well, cya all at the games

    Posted by jambo at 3pm on 09.02.06

  223. I cant believe full grown men are arguing over who was the hardest in the 80’s it’s now that counts, is that not what you say to celtic fans that rant about winning the european cup. One point i feel i’d like to make from a female point of view coming from the Edinburgh area myself is that those so called scummy celtic fans are the best dressed guy’s in scotland with a better city and a far better selection of shops oh and let’s no forget the night life……….. P.s Have a good st patricks day!

    Posted by CELTIC FAN at 5pm on 09.02.06

  224. time to close this forum

    I’ve thought of doing that Jambo, but I like to leave comments open on all posts at this site. Sometimes people find a post years after I wrote it and add a helpful or interesting comment (eg. check out this thread about collapsed lungs, which is nearly three years old) and - unlikely as it may seem! - someone might add something useful to the discussion here.

    So, yeah - to future commenters, why not talk about casual clothes and brands, as well as trading insults? What brands do you wear to the football? Do fans even give a shit about clothes any more? (The continued popularity of Burberry caps suggests not!) Do you take the badge off your Stone Island gear or leave it on? What’s your favourite pair of trainers? Etc. Etc.

    I’ve given up on deleting off-topic comments (though anything really dodgy will still get the deletion treatment), but if you could add a line on the topic at hand to whatever you were going to say, I’d be most grateful.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 5pm on 10.02.06

  225. dear jack, this post is too funny it must never end, mon the cowden, hahahahahaha,
    pringle, fila white line, fila bj, tacchini youngline, tacchini dallas, ellesse made in italy?
    where in cowdenbeath did you buy these brands in the 80’s?how many persons are there in the cough…., splutter, erm,.
    cowden casual firm? hahahahaha…dear lord,
    ps anyone who wants too see a good casual documentary check out ‘policing the casuals’ on bbc frontline scotland, worth a look,
    ‘mon the cowden! hahaha

    Posted by check at 5am on 11.02.06

  226. Jack, that’s a fair shout.
    I’m fearful for the under 5’s these days. They think shopping in USC makes them a player, let them goto the games and rant and rave. They will never copy what happened in the 80 and 90’s, in violence or style. There is a reason why the dance scene was allowed to flourish, the police knew the casuals were involved, if the boys were up all night taking pills then they wouldn’t be causing carnage on a saturday afternoon. The police are wise to it all and are probably frequent visitors to this thread, looking for names, places and dates.
    I’d be interested to see if the dear stalker took of again,back in 80’s it was a classic accessory, with the top boys doning them. Daks of London ones were the must have of that item. Think one of the hibs boys mentioned he had seen one at easter road recently, that’s respect.
    Wonder if the like of Ocean Pacific, Pod, Chipie and classic nouveau,even still exist. Think chipie has a bairns line now!
    In stirling there was a quality shop, gibson’s that used to be great for all these garments, not sure they ever sold OP though. Think it’s a coffee shop now, probably thanks to USC and burtons!
    SI has managed to flood the market, alot of fakes out there thanks to ebay and the like.Badge is of mine, don’t thank anyone for growling at me when i’m out walking the dug and bairns, just because of the badge.

    What i’d like brough back?Chipie jumpers and lois cords, quality garments.

    Not sure about Prada, it seems a bit poncy is everything they do in Black?!?!?

    Where did this thing for baseball caps come from? Did I miss something or was it a trip too see the american casuals that introduced it!!!!! I’m all for fashion evolving, but not copying americans, get a grip boys.

    I still see some of the old boys in cruise, good too see you lads. Keep up the style.

    Posted by SJD (Retired) at 8am on 11.02.06

  227. Burberry caps are dead in the water mate, well they are in Ireland, an ever growing casual scene and indeed hooligan scene. As is Stone Island not just here but also in England. Paul & Shark is undoubtedly the top casual brand now day’s and what a brand it is. Acquascutum is up there in the big time return to football aswell. Not much happening in the big firm tables now days with increaseing crackdowns on this behaviour but in Ireland where it hasnt really took off yet its easy enough for a cracking day out and a great punch up especially in the Southern League. With the new Setanta Cup on the go where the biggest teams from North and South clash there is new firms that have never met and go all out for it, its great.

    Posted by The new scene at 1pm on 11.02.06

  228. here m8 …….(the new scene) wen hibs nd hearts wer over in ireland in the summer nothing happened …..i know that a few boys from both sides wer over but nothing happened….. i believe that it is probably just growing over there but i hope that a few of yous can cum over 2 scotland to see wat it is like over here … it is still ‘game ’ here and hopefully always will be .. well hopefully lol. if yous do get it on over there. i think that it will be great 2 see north against south as it will be more that your football team in some cases . but m8 make sure neither side take it 2 far… (i am totally against sectarianism 100%) p.s. i also agree with burberry caps, i have never been for them in the first place.

    Posted by hibees hibees at 7pm on 11.02.06

  229. SOME nice little stories coming through now. The Hibs one about the snorkel jackets and the NHS specs - classic, keep them coming. It’s good to hear all of these memories from the 80’s…

    Posted by Satan at 2pm on 15.02.06

  230. I’m from the PBC (Pacifist Bohemian Crew) and abhor all violence but I have to admit that the visual image of sneaking in amongst rival fans disguised in snorkels and NHS specs and suddenly starting smacking them all is a hilarious image! I would love to see video footage of that(though of course it was betamax in them days….)

    Posted by PBC #1 at 9pm on 15.02.06

  231. Pacifist Bohemian Crew - genius! May I start a TRFC branch?

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 12pm on 16.02.06

  232. whats all this talk of the lsd bein such a big firm these days i had never heard of them untill bout 2 months ago i go to paisley every 2 weeks and just wonderin whats its all about could someone please tell me if theve pulled of any good moves in the past months am confused here

    Posted by mon eh ajax at 3pm on 16.02.06

  233. MEMORY ARCHIVE RECALL: Around 500 members of the Lochee Fleet (Dundee street gang), dressed Clockwork Orange style, around 1972/3 making their way to a Dundee v Celtic game at Dens Park… They looked like an army. Also, bumping into 30 Aberdeen fans who were dressed like Dexy Midnite Runners band members, George Street Aberdeen, after a midweek cup game against Dundee, around 1981/2, got the worst kicking of my life.. 30 onto 1, the odds were stacked against me lol. PuNkS & SkInS v PuNkS & SKiNs - Hibs v Dundee, 1978 Easter Road, Wattie from The Exploited on the Hibs frontline lol… The memories… they keep on coming…

    Posted by Satan at 9am on 17.02.06

  234. I remember when there was about 100 ASC members marching through the streets of Edinburgh, down to Easter Road when suddenly a group of about 100 Hibs Casuals came running out of two sepparate alleyways and had us trapped. The Hibs Causals thought they had done such a great job as they were about to go in for the kill. All of a sudden 50 ASC members creeped up behind the Hibs Causals and started racking there heads around. The Hibs Causals were gobbed smacked. Suddenly the trapped ASC members started going mental! There was missiles flying everywhere. People being struck by objects such as clubs, sticks, lead pipes etc etc. Within a minute the stong Hibees were done and dusted. ASC will allways get the last laugh……………Grand Memories They Were.

    Posted by Mon The Sheep Shaggers!!!! ASC at 10pm on 17.02.06

  235. what bout the csf….done hibs twice in one day…and walked clean thru 80 aberdeen as they wudnt steam us….come on lads…top mobs in scotland….behave!!!!!

    Posted by fra-csf at 6pm on 20.02.06

  236. we wentup tae aberdeen and done them in we are the hardest casuals easy!!! nxt tyme we play use sheep were gonna gee u a ryte kickin !!!!!!!!!! cum on the CSF remeber walkin up tae 70 lads from ccs(hibs casuals) firm wi the csf team in givin them a kickin !!!!!!!1

    Posted by csf comeon the jambos at 8pm on 21.02.06

  237. csf fucking behave weve done youz about 4 or 5 times this season and were fucking sick of battering you jambo cunts. wot about polwarth bar? or when your youth mob met us out side the omni after our european game or after the first derby at tinecastle at the start of the season. CCS WE ARE EDINBURGH WE ARE HIBS SCOTLANDS NO 1

    Posted by CCS at 5pm on 23.02.06

  238. yez are all aff yer heedz everyone knows that w-s-a are the ardest and as for you bead rattlin bastards away n fuck yersells- GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.

    Posted by whitburn-shadwell-army at 10am on 25.02.06

  239. Is the casual look coming back to make an appearance? Bands like the Artic Monkeys are decked in what could be argued as Casual brands. The resurgance of Lyle and Scott is even getting press attention and has been written about in The Sun and The Times.

    Posted by MP at 2pm on 01.03.06

  240. hello lads, been reading ya banta about CCS,ASC,SS,ICF,LSD,SB am not an expert but i remember on a few occations when i was north o tha border ’ i think 85 was the earlyist . the ASC was the first ones i encounterd standing waiting in glasgow central ,train pulled in and a good 30 to 40 boys all in full clobber’pringle,lacoste,fila,diadora, an impresive site and then being ran by sum fucker with a blade! yes i shit myself am not getting cut for nobody. but i have to say the CCS were by far the nastiest and game, i even remember a few years later i think we played man utd and they came down and ran the red army ragged. airdrie section B were not bad either. dont know if this rings a bell with anyone but if it does you’ll be round my age 36 and know itll never b as good as then,now its just wannabe’s. yours leazers ender!

    Posted by leazer84 at 9pm on 02.03.06

  241. wat the fuk is casuals all about man. this is all fukin stupid. u watch films like green street and football factory. u look at how much trouble u can get into.u can also get murdered. fuk it cmon the gers no surrender for god and ulster

    Posted by rowley at 12pm on 06.03.06

  242. Aberdeen have a selective memory,they never recovered from the “battle of queen street” in 85/85 season.Top boys and well mobbed up jumped of the train at Queen Street,Glasgow polis escorted them out into Queen Street and they realised that they were trapped.Rangers pulled in a good few hundred that day and the battle was fucking magic.Aberdeen stood and fought like fuck fuck but eventually numbers counted.Never seen so many guys getting a doing in my life.Total respect to ASC.
    Hibs were always snidey ambushers who NEVER came to Ibrox.At least the SS and ASC came regular for the aggro.

    Posted by Barrysdeed at 11am on 15.03.06

  243. its been a while since sum1 lat put a post on this site

    but anyhoo……i wiz at e game yesterday (sc*mdee -v’s- taysides no1) wat a turn out from e perth pack……a couple of dees wer brave enough 2 try and get at us but because of the large number of saints we had to get an escort straight back 2 the train station……

    you shud of seen folks faces in the wellgate shopping centre….i have never seen so much people laying bricks at the same time lol……i just cant wait til next season now…. hopefully yous will come through 2 perth next time…

    i am getin excited already….


    Posted by perth saint at 9am on 19.03.06

  244. just like 2 say who are the “whitburn-shadwell-army”???? neva heard of yous…. r u a 1 army plonker??


    p.s are you a wannae be casual??? wae the mighty whitburn welfare lol

    mon the bo’ness lol

    Posted by perth saintee at 9am on 19.03.06

  245. in the early 80s hereford united dresser crew were a tidy little mob who always stood.we always did our shopping together so as to not “double up” with a new item.the favourite brands were lacoste,tacchini,pringle,lyle and scott,diadora,fila,burberry,that was a good label til the chavs of today fucked it up.dressing was all about wearing what suited you,not all looking the same like the burberry/henri lloyd/stone island clones of today,they havnt got a clue,just copy each other,tossers.
    anyway i’m just going to roll back the years,take my lois cords out of the drawer and try them on along with my pringle diamond and burberry golfing jacket…….oh those were the days!!!

    Posted by rob at 12am on 21.03.06

  246. bla bla bla ladie ive slowly read all your rubbish but quite clearly we all need automatic guns that is surely going to sort the game from the ungame. i love playing games.

    Posted by jack at 11pm on 25.03.06

  247. here perth saint what are you on about i saw yas in the overgate there was abut 15 o yas walkin about thinkin yas were hard dundee utility rule

    YDU…greg lawrie sean martin.. YDU

    Posted by greg at 9pm on 26.03.06

  248. the lot of use scousers should jst stop lyin… who cares if use started the casual clothes its who the better fighters are, an we all know that CSC(celtic fc) come out on top!!!!

    Posted by CSC at 9pm on 30.03.06

  249. i agree as few of you have mentioned,it will never be the same again as it was in the 80s/early 90s…on as an ex casual myself my opinion is that no one could match hibs or aberdeen on thier day,and a message for rob from hereford stylists i was the scots bloke who ran with you lot a few times in 91 whilst working down there..i was the fkn clown who steamed into hartlepool and thankfully got lifted!

    Posted by paulo at 11pm on 31.03.06

  250. Just another quick note: loads of folk have tried posting comments full of sectarian nonsense - don’t waste your time, that sort of comment won’t be published on the site.

    its who the better fighters are

    No, it isn’t not for the purposes of this thread anyway.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 11am on 01.04.06

  251. Some of the guys on here are ridiculous, especially the Celtic neds coming on - Celtic’s CSC are a joke, they’re pretty much non-existant! The only three firms in Scotland worth mentioning these days are ICF, ASC & CCS, and even though two of those firms are rivals, i’ll admit they can bring a good mob!

    [Sectarian nonsense removed - Jack]

    Posted by Greg at 6pm on 03.04.06

  252. theres only wan mob, the ICF! mon eh gers n no surrender :D aw the best boab ;)

    Posted by boab at 5pm on 07.04.06

  253. i am in the hibs babycrew and this season i think has been pretty quite we had only a few meetings with hearts falkirk and few minor 1s like when me and a few others slaped about some dundee utility outside middeltons on easter rd i wonder if all mobs feel the same and i would like 2 thank hearst for starting 2 show face now and thn x

    Posted by tam at 8pm on 09.04.06

  254. Come On The Dons. Aberdeen 1-0 Hibs. You have a shit team and a shit mob. Canna wait to kick ur heeds in! Sheepshagger 4 life!!! ASC

    Posted by ASC Barmy Army at 12pm on 10.04.06

  255. Now then, the casual movement started in the North West, first Liverpool then manchester….leeds scum weren’t too far behind. Thats the way it is, everyone else is just copying us and very poorly at that. As for fighting……when it happens I’ll be too busy looking good (you wont have got onto the labels though) Ha ha ha, I’m laughing at scruffy teds. FCUM.

    Posted by Top boy at 8pm on 10.04.06

  256. The best dressed these days are us well to do Celtic Crew. We are the best at everything. Simply the best? 3rd in the League! Them rangers fans still wear bowler hats and all that pish. Us Tims can afford the best designer gear.

    Posted by lofty at 6pm on 11.04.06

  257. look only 3 mobs in scotland that can stand toe to toe with any cunts hibs st.johnstone aberdeen /the rest are shitters or runners rangers never travell,celtic hide & dundee are always runing over the hilltown to get away/hearts are runners /falkirk only dissapear m”well only a few lads show then old bill apear well done to our young boys at inverness herats thought they could take them threw some bottles then got slapped 22 perth casuals arrested 50 turned back at the station we hope to see u all next season dont be shy u get a warm wellcome m.b.s./ “perth”

    Posted by mainline baby squad at 12am on 16.04.06

  258. To all the English mobs coming on and shouting your mouth, you might have been the first, but some Scottish mobs would take you apart, look back to my fathers era - taking the Stretford end at Old Trafford - that’ll never be equalled by any firm….

    Posted by Greg at 4pm on 17.04.06

  259. Again 2 the english boys remember hibs been down at oldam and utd riping apart other mobs and scattering millwall apart those where they days but the babycrew these days will fellow in our footsteps as hibs where are and always will be scotland number 1 and up there with tnhe top mobs in europe

    Posted by Tom at 7pm on 17.04.06

  260. i have read all you have to say and i can honestly say that i respect most the casuals in here i am not a casual myself but don’t get me wrong if i was offered i would join. i love to fight that addrenalin pumping through you when your kicking the shit out someone nothing beats it. as i have already said im not in a firm but being in a firm would propebly be like a family looking out for each others back.alot of people think that all the casuals want to do is cause havok .mostly they do but being in a firm i would say would feel like home to most and by the way you all go on about how your teams the best,most of your teams are shit give a take a few of them CELTIC are the best

    Posted by crawford at 9am on 19.04.06

  261. Think majority of people miss the point about casuals , the name casuals is synonomous with clothing , thats the true identity of a casual . I know guys that cant fight sleep but they are still classed as one of the lads cos` they got the right gear on .

    Top Ten Labels :

    Prada ,
    Zegna Sport ,
    CP Company ( Millie Miglia forever ),
    Stone Island ,
    Armani Jeans ,
    Lacoste ,
    Adidas ( Y3`s making it big on the scene ),
    Paul & Shark ,
    Paul Smith ,
    Peaceful Hooligan ( Obscure , but there gear is smart as )


    Northern Elite , Middle East Branch of the ASC

    Posted by Martyboy at 12pm on 19.04.06

  262. whitburn shawell…lmfao, the blackburn boys run west lothian, aint no1 big enough in west lothian 2 get a mob and face us in bathgate steelyard. bbw r still out there. cmon the burny boys

    Posted by bbw at 3pm on 19.04.06

  263. Just because someone has good gear on dosnt make them a casual.

    At the recent semi final around 20 of us including myself where droped of at the hearts end by a wegie prick of a bus driver :s all i can say is we walked right through them and they did fek all !!! we diddnt win the match but at least we held our heads high

    back to the clothing issue

    The scum think if ur in stone island etc ur a casual if anyone on here was escorted back to teh train station by a box of scum i was with my son

    Posted by Vassy at 12am on 21.04.06

  264. all them edinbuggers geein it the big time like the huns, all them hibee bastards feart tae admit they are fenians like us and feart tae join our crew, an them jambos they are just huns all the fifers are huns any way. Look all youse just ye know put yer money where yer mouth is an we might take yis seriosly until then we laugh at them small weak crowds of scum we see entering the away end of parkhead,in yer more store and asda george gear while we wear stone island and prada! Tiocfaidh ar la!

    Posted by lofty at 6pm on 21.04.06

  265. lol lofty where ya get your prada amd stone island from the back of a van ? or is it real yeah but no but yeah but no :S

    come back when u have something real to say Tiocfaidh ar la! lol

    Posted by vassy at 12pm on 22.04.06

  266. y dont u mentions the welsh hooligans , since i am a member of wfly i agree dat it was probably the scousers that started casuals because being unemployed they had nothing better to do

    Posted by fly at 4pm on 22.04.06

  267. Burberry caps are long gone but Stone Island is the no.1

    When is the last time ASC beat up the hibee fucks-im only a lad and my dad n me r aberdeen 4 life - he used 2 b in the ASC and has been banged up 4 the night a few times….any1 wanna get in touch, dons only!!!

    Posted by Rictus at 5pm on 23.04.06

  268. im a fashion design student doing a menswear project and i want to include casuals culture . if ne1 has any photos of themselves in the clothes, (back in the day, preferably) , email them to me! or if u cant be arsed scanning them just email me some thoughts on your clothes and why u were in to it to begin with! ta

    Posted by clair at 5pm on 26.04.06

  269. im a hibs boi in a cant honestly belive these tims thinking they are football casuals personaly i think they are all ira wanabes. The csc are a bunch of tramps from a council estate beside parkhead and when the whole five of the csc decide to turn up for a meet they just run away. Also just to mention wearing stone island and prada does not make your mob hard! Just thought i would tell other mobs as you cannot talk about results off the field with any other mobs use argue over the clothes use wear HAHA come back when sue get a result. CCS 4 LIFE Babycrew Divison

    Posted by tam at 7pm on 26.04.06

  270. I love wearin prada , stone island , cp , armani (just the jeans) but i aint no casual . The clothes are the nuts , look the part and the women love em !!!! Pricey , i just paid £85 for a prada cap at cruise . WELL WORTH IT !!!!

    Posted by marco at 11pm on 27.04.06

  271. killie midweek up at hibs walked thro edinburgh untouched som mob u’s hav eh??killie army

    Posted by killie boyz at 10pm on 30.04.06

  272. swedish casuals wear nuttin but Henri Lloyd and North Sails! and we use nuttin but fists n feet.

    see you in germany this summer


    Posted by viking at 5pm on 01.05.06


    Posted by LFC SCOUSER at 12am on 02.05.06

  274. the dundee utility rule the show in scotland and woosd rule it in england ana you load are all ald fags. the utility rule the show use dinna even ken hw ti fight nae mare and we will prove it if any1 starts in dundee (scotland)

    Posted by dundee utility at 7pm on 04.05.06

  275. dundee utility you mug. That shoes the strength of your crew that you need put the country next to your name. go and join a big crew, you have 15 badly dressed kids and 10 worse dressed men running after scarfies. don’t bother showing up at any away games and never to be seen at either dens park or tinkerdice. dundee utilty, aye ok.

    Posted by Joe at 8am on 06.05.06

  276. just reading all the shite from all u second rate mobs service was and always will be top fuck your tattie houkin scum lets have it right celtic have never had a mob ss ya mug mcdonald 2-1 fuck you enemy within our country fuck off too shamrock land saturday is service day

    Posted by top dosser ss at 1am on 07.05.06

  277. ecc youth r keeping traditions high old style clothes old style rules ahhhh the good old days .

    Posted by ecc at 6pm on 09.05.06

  278. What is this all about? Have just finished Dan Rivers book about ASC. I am still at a loss as to why anyone would find pleasure in inflicting serious damage and pain on another human being for the fun of it. On of the posts this guy says he was almost hanged by a jumper and was very close to being killed. He survived but still found it a great laugh (after the event). It must be passed down in the genes as there are obviously some seriously disturbed people who think it is ok for their own offspring to follow there pre neanderthal exploits. Try chanelling your energies in trying to educate yourselves. The spelling and grammar is frightening. Are there so many illiterate idiots out there in this country. Some of them can’t even spell casual. Very sad indeed.

    Posted by Navids Store at 1pm on 11.05.06


    Posted by Ash at 9pm on 11.05.06

  280. LEts start talking serious boys. this season, to what iv witnessed.aberdeen are still strong but killie and hearts are making a decent name for their youths.rangers,either home ot away, they never turn up.celtic, do they still have a mob.dundee,few game boys turned up to us.but couldnt handle it,fair play to they boys.falkirk,early this season had a minor runnig wi their older boys.thats all.and never heard or seen motherwell.but us (hibs), weve always taking a firm to games home and away

    Posted by hibsyouth at 11pm on 16.05.06


    Posted by BABY CREW CCS at 8pm on 18.05.06

  282. anytime you fuckin hibby scum

    Posted by scandal at 11pm on 18.05.06


    Posted by perth catholic team at 9am on 19.05.06


    Posted by JP CCS at 6pm on 19.05.06

  285. To any pretenders to the throne out there. Just a small note to let all you fuckers know that blackburn run the show always have, always will. Generation after generation, this history began in 1903 in bathgate steelyard when joe wallis (blackburn) set clean about 15 up and comings fea bathgate, whitburn and the surrounding areas. Needless to say Big Joe walked away with his chipie straw hat still intact. Ever Since Blackburn has been an intstitution, a name to fear. In Memory of joe wallis. BBW 1903-2006. Nobody kicks the fuck out of you like the blackburn bushwackers do!!! JOE YOU ARE A LEGEND

    Posted by Bushwackers elite at 12pm on 20.05.06

  286. We at head office of the bbw are trying to throw summit big together for a one off renunion to celebrate just over 100 years aniversary, a shindig for the legend that is JOE WALLIS. ANY Old BBW MEMBERSPAST AND PRESENT UP FOR ATOP NIGHT GET IN TOUCH AND WE WILL START THINGS ROLLING FROM THE KIOSK OR THE TRINLEY. Lets look after our ancestors as they looked after us. BBW TIL I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joe Wallis weighed in at just over 9 stone and carried a height of around 5” 4 but the fucker fought like an animal

    Posted by BUSHWACKERS ELITE at 12pm on 20.05.06

  287. all dis bollix talk not one of yiz a real footie fan, scruffy jock cunts and mouthy english queers talkin tru der holes about der shite fuckin clothes and poxy bleedin firms, yiz probly pull de balls off yizzerselves watchin green st. rangers r fuckin scum, celtic r muck, who de fuck r abberdeen? hearts n hibs only meet up 2 suck each others cocks, scousers r dirt, iraq has more goin 4 it than manchester, we’l say nutn bout blackburn cos der fuckin laughed at and last but not least de fuckin cockney twats poser cunts wit small dicks, yiz wont win fuckall in germany eitheir yiz hyped up shower of scumbag shams. delighted.

    Posted by stateehdat at 5pm on 20.05.06

  288. big joe what a leg end cock sucker bush wanker

    Posted by who r ya joe at 9pm on 20.05.06

  289. To take a few moments to revert to the reason for this forum. In 1984 I was on holiday in Marbella aged 15. I met three guys on holiday. A 16 year old guy from Liverpool and a pair of twins from London. I was wearing shit catchers, coaster slip-ons and baggy shirts. I knew from the moment I saw these guys I looked like such a style-less dick-head. They were wearing Sergio gear, Lacoste polo’s, Levi 501’s, Farrahs, Oxford smooth caps,Original White Kickers,Diadora Tennis Shoes, Raybans. Cool College boy haircuts. It was a total revelation to me. These guys all had a common thread in terms of style but individually were very diffrent in their personal taste. That was what appealed to me. The individuality was what really caught my eye.
    From 1984 until 1989 I was really interested in the whole scene. I loved that fact that Hibs crew at that time were individually distinct from one another. Hibs boys would not be seen dead wearing the same gears as their mates. The look had a real continental flavour. I personally think people under estimated/completely ignore the influence the of the Edinburgh Festival on the Edinburgh crews. All the continental fashion on show for all to see and be influenced by for 8 weeks in the summer every year. You must bear in mind that the scene was largely still underground in terms of the mass populace of youth. Dressing in Casual gear did make you stand out and did attract menace, but fuck that when you look cool.
    I remmember Michelle Gallo in Rose Street and going in and intentionally asking to try on gear on the bottom shelf so I could check the female sales assistant tits out. Buying Giscol french import jeans, tweed trousers, getting Levis tailored into flares with trianguler fillets added, Seaside port shoes, deck shoes, dash knitwear from John Lewis, Armand Bassi t-shirt cardigans.
    As with all youth movements the style becomes diluted the more it is proliferated. The classic gear becomes the dominant style and the eclectic sports wear/ designer mix is edged out. Pity I feel as I have seen really sharp crews turning heads. I can’t remmember the last time I spotted a bunch of young guys who really caught my eye. Its almost like dressing by numbers but hey…….I’m just an old cunt now so what do I know.

    Posted by mod at 1am on 22.05.06

  290. ooh ah up the ra

    Posted by tiochaidh ar la at 9am on 22.05.06

  291. Good post mod.
    The clobber then was the bollox. You can go into any shopping centre in this shit hole of a country today and see all the terrace favs fae 84/85.Which is a crying shame.Anyway i mind i got kicked to death by the utility lads in 1986 in Dundee city centre. There was one big cunt called mike tunstall and he clobberd me and stuck his timberland moccasins on ma boat. I escaped inta a pizza place and just then the OB arrived..thank fuck! Jute bastards.
    I got slashed accross the face but was lucky, it jus
    t ripped ma ear and i got 6 stitched in it. Got the scars ..and the memories…

    Posted by Surgeon at 8pm on 22.05.06

  292. Cheers,
    The point I was really trying to make is that in the 80’s especially it wasn’t so much about how much you spent on clothes but how you wore them. I remember Telford college in the mid 80’s. Seriously well dressed lad doing it for not a lot of money. Simple elegance. More stylists in those days. Prada. CP. et al is great gear, and is value for money but if every one is wearing it the subversive element is all but lost. I loved baggy jumbo cords, paisley pattern button shirts and zx600’s. I can recall in 1986 in Olympus in Edinburgh standing next to two wee Hibs boys. They had a perfectly lucid discussion about the pro’s and cons of zx600 versus Gazelles. The lad opted for the zx600 on the grounds that they would give some poor cunt a better kickin’. Absolute class.

    Posted by mod at 11pm on 22.05.06

  293. Cheers,
    The point I was really trying to make is that in the 80’s especially it wasn’t so much about how much you spent on clothes but how you wore them. I remember Telford college in the mid 80’s. Seriously well dressed lad doing it for not a lot of money. Simple elegance. More stylists in those days. Prada. CP. et al is great gear, and is value for money but if every one is wearing it the subversive element is all but lost. I loved baggy jumbo cords, paisley pattern button shirts and zx600’s. I can recall in 1986 in Olympus in Edinburgh standing next to two wee Hibs boys. They had a perfectly lucid discussion about the pro’s and cons of zx600 versus Gazelles. The lad opted for the zx600 on the grounds that they would give some poor cunt a better kickin’. Absolute class.

    Posted by mod at 11pm on 22.05.06

  294. lol class.
    I remember the paisley shirt stage. Had a few.
    We jumped on a train in Perth circa winter 84 en route tae a Skol cup final and im sure all the ASC were wearing them too, Mabey they can verify it, or are mabey to ashamed to admit it!! Ski tops, kagouls and the like were the game.I loves all the gear.mind I was at Queen street around 1986 and saw around 400 casuals, getting an OB escort, all decked out in deerstalkers and burberry,possibly ASC? think a few of the top boys at the front even had these walking/hiking sticks,They looked amazing. I stay clear of the usual gear on the go the now, except CP Co, which is simply awsome clobber,Theres a jacket on their webby the noo for £450 and im tempted…!
    More funny stories please lads too! like the hibs mob dressing up in parkas lol

    Posted by surgeon at 7pm on 23.05.06

  295. I used to run with the REAL ASC “Ayr Service Crew” Thru the late 80s and into the 90s. We had more than a decent mob for a smaller club. We stood our ground with a few of the big boys and I`ve still got the Scars to prove it!!

    Its good to see mentions from the MBS and the FEAR as we had some great offs in the lower leagues. They were the real dos no filth escorting you all over the shop.

    Anyone remember when the whole of Scotland let England walk past them at Hampden except the CCS and a few of us from AYR? What about charging England at half time thru the gates at the Celtic end? We hade a serious do with Birmingham City at the petrol station at the Plaza great day.

    The old firm were anonimous that day, the utility and the Aberdeen SC fucked off early and Killie got taxi`s to Newton Mearns and caught buses home!!

    Anyone remember the Killie Soccer Dressers? what a shower of Fannies they were? or The Love Stree Ladies…some of them were quite tasty!!

    Haven`t been down Somerset way for years, anything going on? The old intrest is starting again


    Jonny McT

    Posted by Jonny McT at 12am on 24.05.06

  296. Ha Ha, what a bunch of dobs you hun cunts are. Behind the Gorgie Road Loyal in the league? shameful. I seen a bunch of your Inter City Fannies on Paisley Road West wi the long sleeved Orange away tops to cover the trackmarks and some piss stained shiny three stipe under there socks. What a bunch of scaffy cunts. CSC # 1

    Posted by Wee Macca at 1pm on 24.05.06

  297. Wee Macca, celtic have never had a firm wherer u like it or not. CCS run the show in Scotland, always have always will.



    Posted by JP CCS at 8pm on 24.05.06

  298. Celtic never had a real “mob” matey. Even us little guys took mobs to Parkhead by train and performed!!


    Posted by jonny McT at 9pm on 24.05.06

  299. First of all. Celtic don’t want a firm. To all those buckie swelling neds that posted about the csc and the IRA. Don’t demean the IRA by trying to put them and the csc together. The csc are a bunch of daft neds, pretty much the same as every other casuals. Secondly you should realise how daft you all sound. I used to run with gangs in Castlemilk but I grew out of that when I was 16. And the boys from there were a lot tougher than any football casual I have ever seen. ICF-I thought they were West Ham, CSC-don’t exist, CCS-I’ve felt more intimidated in Newton Mearns, Dundee- great place to live once you retire. Most of you can’t even fill 10000 seater stadiums. Yet you all jump about as if your nutcases. Well I’ve seen real nutcases, and not one of you would have lasted five minutes around these people.

    Posted by football casuals are gay at 5am on 26.05.06

  300. ayreshire who?you fukers dont have a mob ,well maybe some smelly tinkers from zulu thats about it ,dumb cunts come to perth if your giro leaves you enough for the ticket up here .!!! wankers ,ecc supporters of mbs perth .

    Posted by ecc east coast casuals at 12pm on 26.05.06

  301. Re posted “Football casuals are gay”
    You are a boasting bell-end.

    Ive had it with loads of Celtic Hoolihgans.And know loads too.So go and Fuck yourself.
    We aint all IRA chanting thick bastards like you.

    Posted by Surgeon at 6pm on 26.05.06

  302. MOD, in the late 80s most well dressed mobs were all dressing in a contintal feel, remember Charles Chevinon, Biscoti, Ciao, verte vallee, matinique,fiorrici classic nouveau,replay, bournivelle,liberto, ball denims, pop 84, chippie,best company, ZX’s,burlington socks, ox blood DM’s and blazers and kipper ties all these brands never stood the test of time as far as I know. I do remember DASH that you mentioned, supprised anyone else did. They made good sweatshirts really colourful ranges each season.

    Posted by paisley lsd at 12am on 27.05.06

  303. I personally think people under estimated/completely ignore the influence the of the Edinburgh Festival on the Edinburgh crews.

    Good point, mod - never would’ve occured to me.

    Cheers for getting the conversation back to clothes, too.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 2pm on 01.06.06

  304. bring on the hearts the hibs the rangers bring on ur inter milan toichaidh ar la toichaidh ar la

    Posted by tic fan at 10am on 02.06.06

  305. been ta celtic ! been ta tha gers ! been ta hibbies and tha tarts , only one av got respect for is the capital service lads . mind this was a long time ago but best dressed def gans te tha dons, very smart bunch and handy. am now starting ta travel up nd watch tha hibs nd luv it, there’s alot ov clone island , cp , aqua , and adidas . but does’nt look half as good as tha classics , pringle,farah,origional 80’s adidas ,fila ,la coste ,kappa de robe ,diadora . or maybe am stuck in a time warp or sad, but a divv’nt care ONCE A CASUAL ALLWAYS A CASUAL . i only like ta dress now not dance but often see tha young ones get naughty and hav ta remind mysell am too old now with 2 kids , who hopefully will dress ta impress when older but keep out of trouble! fingers crossed. HOWAY THA HIBS.

    Posted by leazers84 at 5pm on 02.06.06

  306. Really have to laugh at the complete crap from Celtic scarfers with all the ‘Provo’ and ‘Our Day Will Come’ bollocks. Get yourself over to Belfast and start shouting your mouth off. Even your own side will remove your kneecaps for acting like cunts.

    Likewise the UVF bullshit from RFC fans. Can’t see the connection between drug-dealing paramilitaries and casual football violence?

    Fuck up about something you know fuck all about.

    Posted by mike jordan at 1am on 03.06.06

  307. I am a Hibs casual have been since the 90s i have started trouble at tyncastle inside and outside the ground remeber when Gary Naismith was hit by a coin when anti niemie was hit by an objct thrown by hibs fans we have attacked rangers goalkeeper andy goram and referee stuart dougal we are known throughout britian the police barrackade the streets outside easter road to keep visiting fans safe we are mental aberdeen are scared of us

    Posted by Hibs Casual 1990s at 6pm on 04.06.06

  308. ccs scotlands number 1 yid army englands number 1 always will do !!!!

    Posted by azz at 7pm on 04.06.06

  309. I remember when we were playing leeds in the whyte and myckay cup a couple of years ago and the ccs hibs casuals beat up 5 leeds fans in edinburgh city centre it was great we told them tae get the fuck back to england scummy tramps praise the ccs edinburgh and scotlands number 1

    Posted by Hibs Casual 1990s at 9pm on 05.06.06

  310. re hibs casual1990 5 was always about the biggest mob u cunts could handle and as far as u celtic our day will come pricks its not even fun any more kicking the shit out you no challenge ya tattie houkin pricks your day did come the end of season 04-05 at fir park fancy a mcdonalds 2 for 1 thers only 2 real mobs in scotland ss and asc the rest of you dressers are playing catch up those who need to know ,know thats the truth mfc ss ya mugs

    Posted by top dosser ss at 10am on 06.06.06

  311. re hibs casual1990 5 was always about the biggest mob u cunts could handle and as far as u celtic our day will come pricks its not even fun any more kicking the shit out you no challenge ya tattie houkin pricks your day did come the end of season 04-05 at fir park fancy a mcdonalds 2 for 1 thers only 2 real mobs in scotland ss and asc the rest of you dressers are playing catch up those who need to know ,know thats the truth mfc ss ya mugs

    Posted by top dosser ss at 10am on 06.06.06

  312. Motherwell who are they ?? never heard of them and im from scotland remember it was only a few months ago we smashed up the motherwell team bus on easter road it was the hibs casuals i also remember smashing aberdeen fans at the waverly train station last year the only mob still operating in scotland is the ccs hibs casuals i havent heard of any others in the news 4 ages lol u are finished we are still going strong praise tony mowbray praise hibs fc praise edinburgh the ccs and the hibs baby crew

    Posted by Hibs Casual 1990s at 8pm on 06.06.06

  313. did celtic not gas hibs at easter road and humiliate them back in the late 80’s. all the talk in the world cant beat, can it ???

    Posted by paisley lsd at 10pm on 06.06.06

  314. A was at the hibs v celtic game when we got CS’d, a wis a bairn at the time in the auld cow shed (famous 5 now) and which triggered off ma hatred for all other scottish firms and lifelong support of the CCS.

    The guys who got huckled for it were a couple o soap doggin’ muppets on the glue, hardly substantiates a crew.

    East Lothian boys had a big impact mid 80s to mid 90s on the edinburgh firms with a lot of boys hooked up with HBC, CCS and the scum across the at swine castle CSF fuds.

    Italian street style, paninaro, we lived it.

    We used to wear pods, seaside walking shoes and ZX trainers with chippie, C17 jeans and jumpers, lacoste polos with retour and classic nouveau making an appearance. Ciao and chevignon jackets were top clobber. Burberry short jackets, first edition with woolen tartan inside and matchin scarf.

    Main early shops were buzzini on cockburn street and rose street with cruise opening up on rose street with a tiny wee shop. Thats when Armani started getting seen on trendies in Edinburgh. Versace came along but lookin back was shit gear, and probably stemmed fi the soap dodgers. Then came stone island which is still the best fitba gear.

    Naebody does it like the hibs boys, biast or no, you canny deny that. Aberdeen were good in there day, game, but faded away when Jay, Strath and the rest of the main boys went doon or lost interest. A can remeber a game at pittordie 88/89 when they had mibbee 800 boys. Amazing sight but run like fuck when we turned on them at the grave yard. A lot of young boys though, probably just oot to witness the legendary CCS.

    Keep Edinburgh tidy, kill a jambo today.

    Posted by Watty at 10am on 08.06.06

  315. I was at tynecastle in 1994 when we broke the 23 games in a row i was only 8 years old but will always remember walking out onto the gorgie road after the game we smashed hearts fans all over the place the hibs casuals and hibs baby crew were in there prime i wish it would get back to those days but with cctv it will never be the same

    Posted by Hibs Casual 1990s at 6pm on 08.06.06

  316. I urge all genuine ASC of past and present to avoid adding any further futile comments to this thread.

    We know what happened back in the old days and we know what is happening now.

    No need to boast about anything or let outsiders know.

    As for Hibs in particular I’ll say only this, in our encounters over the years we’ve won some and we’ve lost some and that’s the way it is with EVERY mob.


    Posted by Aberdeen Original at 10am on 09.06.06

  317. Divit till i die….

    Posted by fightclub at 11pm on 14.06.06

  318. have st johnstone got a mob for the new season ??

    Posted by hibs youth at 4pm on 19.06.06

  319. The fixtures for the new season have just been announced its Hibs v Aberdeen in Edinburgh !! one of the most violent fixtures in the SPL the hibs casuals will be [rest of comment deleted]

    Posted by Hibs Casual 1990s at 7pm on 22.06.06

  320. to the hibs cunt yes st.johnstone will always have a mob the last time ur were in perth u got a doing outside the ground dont belive me ask blanchie he canny fight sleep and hes ur top boy ha! ha! CU SOON

    Posted by mainline baby squad at 3am on 25.06.06

  321. blah blah

    Posted by paninari at 12am on 26.06.06

  322. blackburn bushwackers this n that???…you must be a young boy…well boy..go and ask yer da about the paninari from livingston we were no1 in west lothian in the eighties and mid nineties until raves killed the scene.and the secret? no matter how outnumbered we were 3 or 4 to 1 or more….we never ran as we always knew that our lads would always stand by your side.
    and on a football note-these are the colours that NEVER run C.C.S. NUMBER ONE. never a truer saying

    Posted by paninari at 12am on 26.06.06

  323. [Deleted a few comments: please don’t post about where you’re planning to fight, and leave off the England/Scotland crap please.]

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 3pm on 27.06.06

  324. Born a Red die a red !!!!!!!!!! ICJ & COCKNEY REDS !!!!!!!!
    For all you muppets out there who do not know who the FAMOUS
    ICJ & COCKNEY REDS are , UNITED TILL I DIE, UNITED TILL I DIE, I KNOW I AM, I’M SURE I AM UNITED TILL I DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! call yourselves casuals lol

    Posted by UNITED 4 LIFE at 3pm on 27.06.06

  325. The Scots casuals especially fae Edinburgh are the hardest casuals in the uk cant wait till july 29th hibs v aberdeen in the scots capital!! praise the ccs and the hibs baby crew no english mob can compete with us hahahahahah

    Posted by Hibs Casual 1990s at 7pm on 27.06.06

  326. Cockney Reds are the cause of one of my favourite chants: you only live round the corner.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 10am on 28.06.06

  327. Some good stories from the glory days of the scene on here, shame you need to trawl through all the usual bullshit posts from know-nothing kids!

    The recent resurgence in the scene has brought a new generation of lads to the scene but in my opinion hasnt stopped the decline of the scene, walk through any city centre in Scotland on a match day and you’ll see real lads….but its still on its last legs I’m afraid!

    The fashion side has all but gone due to the mainstream popularity of most casual labels….Burberry (killed by the neds) Aquascutum (RIP too)…now Paul & Shark and Stone Island have been adopted by the better off neds!!

    CP Company still has its main fanbase in the casual scene and long may it last! New labels like One True Saxon too are more or less casual only but it pains me to see the indie kids and wanky TV presenter types have taken Lyle & Scott for themselves…cunts!!

    Posted by Celtic Casual at 11am on 30.06.06

  328. Wot i want to know is why sum wanker of a st mirren wanabe is naimng hibs boys admin please get this boy bloked you are basically a grass! every one knows the old bill comes on these forums and why did some wanabe hibs boy say we will be outside teh omni at 5 to aberdeen of couse we wont be outside teh omni will people please stop talkin shit and mentioning people names.
    From a true hibs boy !

    Posted by hibs boy at 3pm on 01.07.06

  329. re hibs boy im not a wannabe casual iv caused trouble at plenty of games i was once seen on sky sports hearts v hibs 2000 fighting police [rest of comment deleted]

    Posted by Hibs Casual 1990s at 3pm on 01.07.06

  330. Ayr had a crazy, well dressed crew. I remember the top boys were [names removed] etc. Ayr Service Crew always stood against any other crew in the 80’s. I can remember [names removed] standing against a mob of ICF in Central station and doing them by flinging trollies down the escalators at them. Fun times ;)
    I can remember Ayr running rangers out of town again, when they played at Somerset in 1988.
    They had a great long running feud with the tramps from kilmarnock, and the icing on the cake was when Fulton got the top boy [name removed] from Killie’s girlfriend pregnant, and at matches, Fulton would always shout over the segregation fence if [name removed] wanted ‘any money for the wean?’ lol.

    Posted by ayr service crew at 4pm on 01.07.06

  331. p.s. just out of interest, anyone remember the Adidas ‘Jean’ trainers? loved them in blue ;)Can you still get them anywhere?
    I’m just off to get a pair of Trim-Trab today. Quality!

    Posted by ayrservicecrew at 4pm on 01.07.06

  332. Deleted a few more comments, and sections of comments: don’t post details of where you’re planning to fight, and don’t post any name other than your own.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 11pm on 04.07.06

  333. Jack Mottram my comments have been fair and to the point ure out of order deleating them the police dont even check this blog to see when were fighting they go to the aberdeen forums thats where the real planning happens praise hibs and ccs and edinburgh

    Posted by Hibs Casual 1990s at 12pm on 05.07.06

  334. Hibs Casual - legally speaking, I’m the publisher of comments here, and I obviously don’t want to risk getting into trouble if, say, a specific fight is mentioned on my site. (I doubt the police are reading this now, but they might do after the fact, and this page is top result on Google for Hibs casual, and a searches for stuff like Hibs football violence show this page up in the top five…)

    So if you want to talk about current football violence, I’d prefer it if you do it elsewhere, if you want to talk about casual gear - go right ahead!

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 3pm on 05.07.06

  335. leeds united

    Posted by unkwon at 7pm on 06.07.06

  336. I think the anger of most Hibs fans started in the long hot summer of 1990 when Wallace Mercer ( may he rest in hell !! ) tried to shut us down as a club thats why the hibs crews hit there hites in the early nineties( i was too young to remember my info is fae older casuals ) Hibs and Hearts have never been the same the gloating of Hearts and Aberdeen was shoking but thats why now 16 years on we give them a good beating b4 and after games praise hibs the ccs and north edinburgh

    Posted by Hibs Casual 1990s at 4pm on 07.07.06

  337. Section B fucks ye all ! Motherwell scum !

    Posted by SECTION B at 4pm on 07.07.06

  338. alright im just wonderin if anyone knows about the make addict its gettin a big make over wer im from just wonderin if any 1 know it.

    Posted by topgeazer at 11pm on 09.07.06

  339. Scotland Vs England Last time we invaded our northern outpost you were chased all over glasgow.Some top english firms with some top boys.West ham,spurs,stoke,wolves millwall sheff utd.And not forgetting the zulus.scottish boys in stone island coats and kilts??..One newspaper reported invasion of the english casuals..Great day out.

    Posted by Pete at 7am on 14.07.06

  340. wait until charlton come up tae play hibs wel see what happens tae the english

    Posted by hbc at 5pm on 14.07.06

  341. Anybody else getting sick of seeing stone island?
    It seems as thought it has exploded in recent times, not too sure all of it is real though.

    CP company is nice wear, but someone needs to give them a tape measure.

    We need adidas to return the Bill trainer and jeans trainer.

    Posted by joey at 9am on 16.07.06

  342. RE PETE the reason the english fought in glasgow is cause rangers and celtic dont have any firms if u were palying in Edinburgh it would have been a different story the hibs casuas would have sent u home to think again southern scum

    Posted by Hibs Casual 1990s at 4pm on 16.07.06

  343. I am looking for confirmation of who won the ICF scum bag Hibs fight in Dundee ??? It def looks like the ICF in little numbers took you Hbs mob. I am only going by the CCTV images that are there for everyone to look at.

    Posted by west enclosure prod at 1pm on 18.07.06


    Posted by asc at 5pm on 18.07.06

  345. What a joke Rangers have never had a proper crew whenever thev came to Edinburgh to fight Hibs theyve always got smashed by the ccs whenver theyve went up to aberdeen they got smashed as well praise the ccs and edinburgh

    Posted by Hibs Casual 1990s at 8pm on 18.07.06

  346. I think they gave not a bad account of thereselves cos they were certainly outnumbered and they def did the attacking. There appears to be a bit of a revival happening at the Gers games …

    wait and see

    We are the people

    Posted by west enclosure prod at 1pm on 19.07.06

  347. west enclousure did you not watch your man talking about rangers on the real football factorys on bravo he pritty much said that you dont have a mob and the trouble only hapens over religion. rangers have never been a patch on hibs. scotlands number 1 and proung

    Posted by hbc at 5pm on 22.07.06




    Posted by YOUNGEST GUN IN SCOTLAND at 5pm on 10.01.07

  349. Thanks for the trip back in time….. I came across this site while looking for Adidas ZX450 trainers - silver/grey with blue - best looking trainers ever (1985-86?) - I’ve been trying to find them on the net or ebay for a few years now without success…. 80s clothing I remember well includes 501s, Valentino, Lacsote, Pringle Jumpers from Crowleys golf shop in the lane off Argyle street, Chevignon Jackets, Diadora Seb Coe tariners, Llendl court trainers, those mad patterned Next jumpers in green/yellow, Kickers from that tiny shop in the Trongate, G-Force baggy jeans (sometimes worn inside out) from Ichi Ni San in Glasgow. Burberry bush hats (leather with the check inside), Troop Excitement, Troop in Effect, Travel Fox, Ted Baker shirts, Pop84, Boss (before Rocky4 made them popular and the fake ones that came back from Spain), Leather jackets with cartoon patches, OP , Chipie…

    Posted by Paisley at 10pm on 10.01.07

  350. right lets stop all this CCS are the best mob, ASC are the best mob….keep that for match day. Me and a few of my friends have starting to go back to 80s style casual clothes, fila bj tops and adidas originals and some classic adidas trainers…there is too much fake stone island and aquascutum available and any little mug who thinks hes a football hooligan can go down the barras and get some knock of gear at a tenth of its original price. keep the casual scene mugs…no shite bags..motherwell Saturday Service

    Posted by ssyouth at 4pm on 14.01.07

    R O M AN C A T H O L I C C A S U A L S .
    C EL T I C S O C C E R C R E W .

    Posted by PAUL at 9pm on 14.01.07

  352. stone island to the end sly crew in your face

    Posted by trident at 6pm on 15.01.07

  353. asc yous cannae even fill your shity wee stadium never mind getting a team together icf still run the hooligan scene in scotland and yous all no that we can pull a right team nae tramps or shitebags in oor squad ……no surrender grfc no1 … smiths blue &white army are back in business….cmon you sheep shaggers lets fukin go now icf icf icf icf

    Posted by tiny at 11pm on 15.01.07

  354. Jesus does no-one know there history. Let me refresh you young neds memory so you dont forget ok. The casual tree in scotland runs as follows. 1st Aberdeen (A.S.C) kicked it all off 1980-81 ish we started dressing after some boys made a trip to a game in Liverpool so well done to the scousers for starting the whole thing off. 2nd I think you’ll find was (and this will piss the Edinburgh Muppets right off) Motherwell. 3rd Hearts and the rest of you no hope joke mobs can bring up the rear like you’ve always done. Oops almost forgot hibees WHO? Who are yah!! never heard of yah. Anyway “Scotland Scotland’s No1” “Stand Free”

    Posted by over40a.s.cNo1 at 12am on 16.01.07

  355. I am an original A.S.C member and have read most if not all the postings on this page and a couple of things have become apparent. There seems to be alot of boasting or should I say bullshit from a certain Edinburgh Crew (more than any other on here). Like wise there have been very few comments from another rather well know N.E Crew.
    All that I’ll say is that we the Aberdeen Soceer Casuals have no need blaw or boast about what we have achieved or done over the years our reputation speaks for itself. While on the other hand the C.C.S seem to feel the need to build a reputation through blawing or BULLSHITING.

    We all know who ARE the ORIGINAL TREND SETTERS

    A.S.C Scotlands No1 1983-2007

    Posted by over 40 old skool trendy at 12am on 16.01.07


    Posted by anti shepherd crew at 2pm on 23.01.07

  357. check the lad that says hes sick of seeing ppl wearing stone island
    no.1 not all ppl that wear it are casuals..they wear it coz they can afford to wear it…
    n0.2 half the ppl that do are wearing fake its easy to tell the diffrence..the real one is that the badge outline is green…the fake being like a lime green….
    no.3..the lad is well jeal cos he can only wear donny specials or thinks hes a clubby book casual..bill being bumped of course… lad…awa u go to the berries and tatties and neep picking and maybe if you do that for 20 yrs and save up just might know how it feels to wear dear genuine clobber…
    my wardrope is full of stone island as i like to keep up with the seasons fashion…
    like wot rondo says clothes shouldnt come in to football thuggery anyway..its about havn the guts and heart to stay and play…clothes to me are about wearing them on a sat night to look the dogs bollocks and to pull and chik in the process…
    i dont know nowt about casuals etc im a family man from whitfield dundee…and this is one mans point of view…ywsr lol
    also wot i do no is if it wasnt for the drugs ie smack etc then maybe just maybe the casuals wouldnt be fading there either monged and slavering on the foil…think it better to get a scrap at a football match than fighting a drug habit…if i was givn the choice it wouldnt be the latter..the main boys of the old auf were the dogs but are also most them are aids up or dead…all i know is that casuals will never be the same again in dundee and paul hunter u know this as you were one of the old…put it this way if the old sqaud came bak nowadays it would be a diffrent kind of adreanaline to wot it is now…like i say i no nowt about the casual game as i wasnt intrested..but i did no alot of the old gang ppl like davy johnstone and co…but look at the way hes turned out…catch ma drift lads…
    say no to the foil just look at davy for eg sellin his erchie up at bullion fields along with benny craterpus baldy grass colgin….
    engy benjy arse lol…

    Posted by mr mustapha at 8pm on 25.01.07

  358. check out all you numptys..threatning this n that while growling and slavering pulling mad faces that would scare me me…
    a the while saying cmon lets have ye were going to do this to you were going to do that to you,as i say a the while looking mean and looking like well ard fae eastys..
    we can pull 300 hundred you can only pull 50 …trying to intimidate this n that a the while sitting behind the pc..ohhh wee auf are scared of the ihm a new breed in toon ooohhhh were so scared of the big huge internet hard man crew….dfc utility says it all…doent it lads…
    50 each of 50 on the good all days…all you clans we your 300 hundred this n that…its a they big mobs that have ruined the good all days…polis magnet…bring back the good old days..

    Posted by mr mustapha at 7pm on 31.01.07

  359. lol remember going down princess street edinburgh doing the hibs..and the late great john towells flair that hit a hibee utility is in my soul..benzo..1984-1991..long live the bushwackers, utility..kiddy firm…

    Posted by benzo at 2pm on 12.02.07

  360. again im 37..was there at the start of it in dundee….asc who the fuck are they…blackpool cowling and wegg bunch of posing faggotts…done em run em..remember union st dundee we done you fgaggott aberdeen bastards ..utility number one..respect to mike aiden asc and puffin you guys prob dont know who im on about the real aberdeen where good lads had an honour not like the wegian minks…zx 800 and cords ..nice dressers…1984… coste..fila borg…floppy hats and no minky burberry in sight..pop company and clarks walking shoes..nice the old school casuall had taste..not on heroin or downers like they are now..respect to mcgurk..wilson.fergie brockie dek green who were real dressers..long live the gazzelle..timbie mocchasins and el charros..utility numero uno..benzo.

    Posted by benzo at 2pm on 12.02.07

  361. EH?!

    Posted by SouthLondonWall at 11pm on 25.02.07

  362. I just deleted a few comments: arguing about who’s harder than who is boring, racism is downright offensive. Clothes, remember?

    Also, while I’m here, FourFourTwo have asked me to write a feature on female casuals, like Alison who commented back in 2005. If anyone reading this page is/was a woman casual, or knows any women who are/were, please get in touch.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 2am on 01.03.07

  363. Great article. I’ve just launched my very onw website on this very subject Why not give it a visit and let me know your thoughts.

    Posted by TheCasualObserver at 10am on 05.03.07


    Posted by CFCBLUE at 11am on 06.03.07


    Posted by Seany Bhoy Hail Hail the Celts are Here at 8pm on 09.03.07

  366. celtic are pure shite man icf aww the way n it wis wan nuhin tae us true blues on sunday ha ha aww the tims oot there

    Posted by shug at 8pm on 12.03.07

  367. AM a dons fan, ma auld man is a hun and ma fathers best mate a tim, all of agree without any arguin,
    A.S.C. was the 1st, always will be the 1st Scottish casuals.
    as for the english element, ?
    well next year we shall see won’t we, EH???
    STAND FREE we are the FAMOUS

    Posted by dandiethrew at 1pm on 13.03.07

  368. Dont forget the A.U.F

    Posted by S.Milne at 1am on 16.03.07

  369. lots of selective memory on this forum,im going to buck the trend here,not one mobs been to gorgie this year and even tried,its not going to happen

    Posted by gorgie at 8pm on 16.03.07

  370. comn the celtic soccer crew and derry city youth we h8 loyalists scum huns always run tiocfaidh ar la
    say hello to the provos say hello to the brave say hello to the provos and ireland shall be saved PI PI P.I.R.A BRITS OUT

    Posted by freederry at 10am on 30.03.07

  371. Regrettably, but predictably, this board is full of uninformed nonsense, from wannabes, never-weres and no marks.

    There is no doubt that there are, historically, four firms worth talking about in scotland:

    aberdeen asc, hibs ccs, rangers icf and motherwell ss.

    there seems to be a concerted effort to invent a history for hearts csf across numerous outposts in cyberspace. many of the remarks are much similar and i suspect a small number of individuals, who i applaud for effort, but are otherwise dreamers.

    anyway, aberdeen and motherwell deserve credit for creating the scottish casual scene. aberdeen and hibs are the only horses in the race when discussing the greatest ever scottish firm, but rangers get credit for being a cut above everybody else.

    aberdeen vs hibs is really too close to call, and largely goes with personal preference. both have things in their favour: aberdeen can boast innovation and longevity, whereas hibs were top guns when the scene was at it’s peak in scotland, and pulled off some remarkable stunts both in scotland and beyond.

    at the end of the day, i wouldn’t like to split them, and this old dog calls it a score draw.

    as for whether some hearts kid at someone’s school was a casual a couple of weeks before everyone else - so what. even if it’s true, which i’m deepy sceptical of, it’s a mere historical footnote. hearts disappeared off the map rapid. hibs are the only show in town with regards to edinburgh’s contribution to the casual scene.

    as for utility - a very good at times, but lack the historical pedigree.

    celtic also had a very good firm for a time despite the bluster from teenage cyber-loyalists, but they didn’t last long.

    smaller clubs have often punched above their weight: airdrie notably, but also Partick Thistle, QoS, St Johnstone and so on.

    But at the end of the day it’s aberdeen and hibs, hibs and aberdeen. Whenever anyone talks about the casual history of scotland, it’s about these two, everything else is defined in relation to that.

    Posted by pop84 at 8pm on 30.03.07

  372. hello from croatia

    why you didn t show your flags on the main square in Zagreb??

    ha ha ha

    Posted by CROATIA CASUALS at 11pm on 01.04.07

  373. pop84 did u come to perth when aberdeen brought around 800-1000 boys for a day out that bring back memories even the old bill didnt have a clue

    Posted by mainline baby squad at 12pm on 03.04.07

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    Posted by abby escort at 9pm on 06.04.07

  375. This is a message from the Hibs casuals we will be playing rangers in edinburgh soon we will be in edinburgh city centre waiting on these english pro british unionist scum we hate britian we hate england scottish hibees forever whatch urselfs rangers were going to get u

    Posted by HibsCasual1990s at 6pm on 07.04.07

  376. Jack Mottram dont delete any comments from hibs casuals we dont take kindly to people butting into our comments of hate ok praise north edinburgh the ccs hibs and john collins hahah hearts are no more than a pub team hahahah

    Posted by HibsCasual1990s at 6pm on 07.04.07

  377. ppl need to stop livn in the past,BACK IN THE DAY WAS THE REAL THING FOOTBALL CASUALS N ALL,C NOW ITS ONLY HANGER ON ERS,that make up the numbers and there always standn at the back ready to bolt,as the skitters are falling out the bottoms of there false replays,its good to wear desighner labels n that but most of us dont wear it to become a casual,i dont care who u are the only way i would fight would be as if silly wankers came to my door,kettle of hot water and a few pots on the cooker,people have got enuff shite in their lives without us listning to bull about whos harder than who,see the real hard man,hes the one that sits in the house after a days work and goto bed early at night,but stand in his way hurt or maim him or his family then you will see wots real and wots not,theres enuff ass holes out there like neighbours and passers by gieing ye chib,without joining the casuals and gettn into more bother,fuk that,ppl can only fight nowadays with about 20 cunts standn behind him,try one on one,c how far most of you lads last,some of u lads gieing it the big yin need to grow up and get off the smack cos realism to wot your saying is in the tin foil,leave the past in the past,,,,

    Posted by grasp the realism at 9pm on 19.04.07

  378. To the leithy and stockbridge boys there in the days, I miss them. Saturday uo Pricess street waiting for the next train to come in! Happy days.

    Posted by Hibee1985 at 1pm on 23.04.07

  379. were going to beat the fuk out of rangers fans on sunday

    Posted by HibsCasual1990s at 5pm on 25.04.07

  380. any chance of sortin a meet wi chelsea when celic come to london,thur a fare few x csc who wont grow up

    Posted by wee ginger at 3pm on 09.05.07

  381. aw the pish about hibs and the huns,we were the the original trend setters and toe steppers;even at xmas bumped into a few icf on my own , never said fukall cos a ran use 2 many times

    Posted by wee ginger at 3pm on 09.05.07

  382. Newcastle have the hardest firm in the gremlins.
    beat the hell out of Boro and sunderland fans on barrack road. English fims are harder than scotland will ever have!

    Posted by Michael at 6pm on 30.05.07

  383. been running with luton mig crew for the past 12 years, best mobs down here are- man utd,spurs and boro. are the ayr service crew still active,remember them taking 150 to east end park for a cup game in 88

    Posted by jockmig at 5pm on 21.06.07

  384. as well as battering rangers in a friendly at somerset park the same season

    Posted by jockmig at 5pm on 21.06.07

  385. ASC were the top boys,closely followed by the hibs!
    The casual scene nowadays id dead as a dodo!
    Aberdeen and Hibs couldnt muster up a few hundred between them!

    Posted by scud at 4pm on 22.06.07

  386. reading through some of the old postings, cannae believe blackburn bushwackers are still going,and i thought whitburn were the ‘soccer goons’? as for ayr doing it at celtic,i think ‘johnny mc t’ means the league cup game in aug 88. ayr took around 100 but fuck it by all getting taxi’s from central. and what type of type of pricks try to arrange fights on the internet? if your a proper lad you’ll have the contacts

    Posted by jockmig at 5am on 23.06.07

  387. To Anyone and Everyone!

    Liverpool started it in England and too close a contest between who was top in Scotland but has to be between Aberdeen and Hibs, Aberdeen was doing well in Europe at the time and thus probably saw the casual scene England had, before any other Scottish team. Hibs at their peak were unbeatable.

    I was a youngster in the MBS with St Johnstone and fought a good few battles in my day.

    I’ll note them not to brag, just to recollect the laughs all you guys had oot there on a Saturday be it home or away.

    I remember we took a bus to Ayr in 89, I was 15, but well dressed as worked part time in Valentinos the only decent designer shop in Perth.

    52 of us on the bus, we stopped off at the pub the Ayr boys drank in and totally surprised them, from memory it was a white building a wee bit like a cotttage, next to a dual carriageway.

    What a laugh we were scrapping all over the shop.

    Then the filth came put everyone of the Perth mob back on the bus and took us all to the copshop, 2 boys fae Perth ,Finnie & Funky went straight to Barlinnie cos they had charges pending or were out on bail.

    When they told us to empty oor pockets in the Nick, they took my wallet and said oot loud in front o abody tae the Desk Sargeant,
    “1 Wallet, £35 and two condoms, what’s your date o birth Son.”
    A my mates were in stitches as I was only 15.
    Then to add insult to Injury, they put a us under agers in the same big holding cell, we one pisser and I was bursting tae.
    Anyway they drove us a back to Perth where my Maw was waiting in Perth Copshop, It’s aboot 11:45 pm and after I’m cautioned I had to sign for my stuff as the cop tarvelling wi us fae Ayr had brought a the clear ziplock bags doon wi him tae Perth, that was fun signing for 2 condoms in front of your Ma.

    Posted by ScottieM at 4pm on 01.07.07

  388. Man, good to see this thread going from 4/12/2003

    Posted by Ronnie Mckell at 4am on 10.07.07

  389. Had some cracking rows in the 80,S , ones that stick out are Aberdeen. Motherwell. Ayr and away games at Falkirk. For a small team St Johnstone did alright and a few mobs got more than they bargained for after a trip to Perth. F.C.F. 1983.

    Posted by Pringle Boy at 8pm on 25.07.07

  390. Anyone fancy meeting up and swapping some nice knitting patterns? Mugs.

    Posted by Bobs Yer Uncle at 10am on 02.08.07

  391. Good book Ronnie, wasnt involved in the casuals myself but some good stories in it, seems to be fairly balanced as well. Still mind the Aberdeen casuals after the relegation battle in ‘95, closest Ive been to the action I reckon although seen plenty fights down Arklay Street and the likes.

    Posted by Pacman at 11pm on 12.08.07

  392. Scottie M, i remember that game your on about was in the paper the next day that you lot had been nicked. A first division game, both Ayr and Saints had been promoted the year before, did a few Stirling (Including a Bird) not get jail for stabbing a couple of youse the year before, Mainline Baby sqaud also painted ‘Perth Casuals’ on Stirlings astro-turf

    Posted by jock mig at 7am on 16.08.07

  393. Wasnae you that wrote the book Ronnie, was Kenny McCall and John Robb. Still a class read though.

    Posted by Pacman at 9am on 19.08.07

  394. pity the cctv was invented it was the coz of a lot of guys stopping going to the games that and old age..i remember the good old days in dundee..we had a great mob..met the best from the mobs..bongo(hibs) cowling..blackpool..jay allen.(asc.) its no the same now..long live the 80s..dundee kiddy firm 1985..benzo..aka as stockport.

    Posted by benzo at 10pm on 04.09.07

  395. [The following comment is by ‘southlondonboy’, not me, but it got caught in the spam filters, and I accidentally deleted it—Jack]

    getting back to the point..CLOTHES..

    first I’m (almost) 39 which made me 13 in 1981 and all I can say is that the brands sported by the ‘dons’ back then were:

    Fila, (not Tacchini or Ellese as these were second best)

    Aquascutum, (the check is slicker than Burberry)

    Lois Jumbos, (Farahs were what we wore to school), Waffles were for those who couldnt affors Farah

    Pringle, (because of the LION on the chest), Lyle & Scott was acceptable but came after Pringle, The Golf look circa 1983, came after the Tennis.

    Adidas, (adicolor/sambas etc), over Nike..(Wimbledon were considerably cheaper), Although the holy grail were of course GOLD Diadora Borg Elites, (the only diadoras to wear), Kickers were worn by some but were a bit bulky.
    Not forgetting the Patent shoes with the Gold bar, the Baskets or the Nicklebys.

    Lacoste Polos, (the pastel colours went well with the Pringle Jumper), the Shark brand came later.

    of course the Wedge was the only haircut to have, (dependent on your hair type).. if you had curly..wet look perm was your main option.

    Did this look originate in Liverpool? I can’t say because I’m not a scouser but I have my doubts. were Liverpool the only club in Europe back then? and if so would it not be more likely that it was the only chance most people had to get hold of ‘the look’ without paying for it. Lets not forget that the clothes were talking about were expensive and unless one was ‘ducking and diving’ there wasn’t many who could afford them.

    What I DO know for sure is that Borg, (and Fila), were big in the mid to late 70’s but the Tennis look had already been around a few years before then. Not looking to piss on anyones fire but the Sportswear trend was first sported by grown up LONDON Mods in the early 70’s as a reference to it’s first outing in the early to mid 60’s. Lets not forget that Fred Perry was BIG in the 60’s and not for sporting reasons.

    Basically EVERY youth trend is in some way connected to Mod as it was the first genuine youth SubCulture to have ‘mass’ appeal.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 4pm on 06.10.07

  396. you lot should be ashamed of yersels you were this we were that, total mince ! gilmour st station not many had a good trip
    lsd try it sum time hahahaha…….

    Posted by scar at 2pm on 23.10.07

  397. yeah all the hibs junkies saying this and that,talk big.yeah im sure you lot remember the ulhuru in tollcross and fountainbridge,you,s were done big time by the csf,we r the hearts

    Posted by tommo at 6pm on 13.11.07

  398. Anything happening with the Italians?

    Posted by Pacman at 12am on 15.11.07

  399. Hey,

    I get all my gear from NOT Addicted Casual Clothing

    Very cheap Sergio Tacchini, 80s Casuals, Northern Couture, Casual Connoisseur etc.

    Check it out!

    Posted by Craig at 2pm on 21.11.07

  400. we only wear the very best-fukin hibs a’deen-soap dogin’ cunts ,oh and the dundee utility-no1west ham -firm

    Posted by deano.l. at 2am on 01.12.07

  401. i suppose if throwing something through a window constitutes doing hibs big time for you jambo mugs by all means go for it, you have never & will never do hibs ya trumpet

    Posted by ccs lad at 5pm on 28.12.07

  402. The Casuals thing did start in Liverpool, around the time of the Charity Shield in August ‘77 against the Mancs. The Reds, if you remeber had just won the European Cup, in addition to the UEFA cup the year before and the match at Wembley was the first instance of those brands being worn instead ofthe usual footy colours, though scarves were in evidence also. There’s to be an exhibition on the movement and the fashion in Liverpool next year sometime at the Walker Art Gallery.

    Posted by Dave at 1pm on 18.02.08

  403. Good to see so many lads still into their clobber. Never really cared so much about the fighting, just more about looking the bollocks in designer labels. Think we’re a dying breed though.

    Posted by southend at 8pm on 18.04.08

  404. I am 41 now and was a mod at school around 79 like most of me mates.The scousers were definately the first ones to cotton on to it around 77-78 closely followed by some of the mancs (perry boys) by 83 most of the original heads had moved on to other diversions.But it was still popular and i remember wearing gear like brown wrangler cords, trimm trabbs,pringle jumper with a nice blue kappa cagoule in around 82-83

    Posted by chris at 6pm on 03.10.08

  405. Top labels in no specific order for me over the years are the early sportswear like Fila, Sergio Tacchini and Ellesse plus .Armani,CP Company(Boneville),John Smedley and Nicole Farhi. As for footwear Timberland moccasins and boots took a bit of beating and trainers such as the Trimm Trab by Adidas and the Torino by Diadora were Terrace classics and a must have. Even though its 25 years since it all started for me it never leaves you and you still check out whats going on up and down the country and its great to see a lot of the old gear coming back again. Great memories reading some of the posts.

    Posted by Fair City Firm 1983 at 3pm on 21.10.08

  406. call yer sel casuals evry fuckin wan ae yoo plastic fugs need blades n shit no cunt can handle it wen real celtic crew members want tae slap fuck oot awe yoo green street wanabees ..u no who,s the real hooligans in europe green brigade numba fuckin wan ………yer awe pusy,s……… csc

    Posted by provo dmbarton regiment at 11pm on 12.01.09

  407. how do i join the A.S.C

    Posted by wizey at 1pm on 17.01.09

  408. If anyone can help plz email me at

    Posted by wizey at 1pm on 17.01.09

  409. i am ex member of the ayr service crew and although it all finished here years ago i see it has all kicked off again,recently when ayr played killie in the scottish cup they took up over 100 boys and ran complete riot,i also here they went to airdrie and wrecked a few pubs and turned them over as well,now they are back in the 1st division so i expect they will be back in buisness. is there still a lot of teams got firms out there?i remember partick and morten were usually good for a punch up ha ha

    Posted by ayr service crew at 9pm on 28.06.09

  410. Been down England twice - once with Carlisle to visit Blackpool and thought Carlisle where a decent mob (around 89-90) then in 94 went to Cardiff v Luton and bumped into forty Migs who I followed around for 2 hours taking it to the Welsh at every oppertunity - saw Spurs in Magaluf taking piss also but apart from that havent seen anything the ASC couldnt handle all day lond inc f@@king CCS!!

    Posted by ColdDonGood at 4pm on 06.08.09

  411. Look i have studied the casuals for some time it started in liverpool then man u joined in then london….

    but in scotland i must admit the abeerdeen soccer casuals were first then motherwell then hibs….

    But dont take that away from the scousers they were first…

    moan the ayr service crew!

    Posted by connor hood at 9pm on 10.09.09

  412. I had a right laugh laughing at all the stories on here. Some good, some pish. Basically all this were better than you pish is wearing thin. Were all grown men now with families. Were mostly all into the clothes still, paul and shark mixing it up with everything from kappa, lois cords etc etc, anything goes really.
    Basically if you werent in The Aberdeen soccer Casuals from 83 -85 then you missed the best fucking days of your lives!!
    Everything else is heresay.

    tuff titties ladies x

    Posted by Michael at 12am on 09.11.09

  413. Paninari of Livingston
    Now that folks is a blast from the past?…..
    Started in what 1984? by the likes of Gavy,Steff,Ally and co named after the infamous paninaro in Italy
    and developed into a mob of around 200 boys?.
    Remember the infamous train journey from livi to bathgate one saturday nite in the late 80’s with over a 150 boys, oh the memories.
    Made up of hibs,celtic,rangers,aberdeen,hearts casuals this toons mob was a match for any mob in scotland as many mobs found out (including St.johnstone) when the Livi boys turned up in the QOS end for a laugh.
    Trying to remember some names
    in fact i better not in case they want to forget.
    but then again livi was full of gangs thinking about it?

    Rowdies,DCM,K-toi,Paninari baby crew,barmy army,P.O.S,

    been in america for 17 years now so dont know the gen as to how thing evolved.


    Posted by Deek at 2am on 03.02.10

  414. Do you remember any of those Paninari Boys?…..

    i cant remember must be my old age! so remind me anyone???…

    Posted by Deek at 2am on 03.02.10

  415. Paninari on the world wide web??

    Deek you certainly tweaked some memories there!

    im down London and have been for 15 years myself

    names? ill go with nicknames that i remember but i wasnt one of them myself

    never mind 200 boys i remember 10 of them standing 70 bathgate / armadale boys in the middle of the steel yard fuckin lunatics.

    met one of them not long after and laughed about the event,i asked what made them tick?
    He replied that they never had a top boy (ever) but when things were looking hairy they would all look at each other and say ‘any cunt runs and your getting it!’ he then quiped you would be better taking one tanking from a rival than getting a tanking every other week by the boys you let down by running,people thought we were radio standing mobs 3 or 4 times bigger but what we really feared was each other.

    Posted by c.c.s macintosh at 1am on 15.04.10

  416. thinkits pish now every 1 grown up canny get a mob …plus out there face in gear ….were in our late 30s now so fuck it gave me hassle ….2 old

    Posted by scottsco at 12am on 26.09.10

  417. lol, what are u talking about. “croitz” our top boy! ive beenn running with ASC all my life since 83 anyway! I dont know of anybody called croitz. as for your firm the Utility,they [not taking cheap shoet here] were a joke for the whole of the 80’s . Ask Hibs or Motherwell too. You pulled together some lads for a couple of years in the early 90’s when the scene was won by the police! keyboard warrior indeed. Id actually come out of retirememnt just to shut u up u loudmouth nomark

    To the rest. The 80s seen some exceptional firms in scotland[for its size] ASC,ICF SS were all good in their day. im proabaly biased but would say overall ASC just shaded it over Hibs due to us being at it longer than them and having too many top lads jailed/banned to keep it going when they reached their peek. I rememebr being in buses twice and being turned back on our way to ER! it wasnt worth it by 88’,then we all know what happened. Like most 80’s lads will remember it for the buzz of being part of something new and wasnt led by Glasgow[for us] or London [for UK] but by Northern outposts in NW England and NE Scotland. We were casual 24/7, it was great. Something the new generation will never experience an by the sound of it havent a clue how to behave. Mind you the ronnie loudmouth is letting himself and firm down badly mouthoing off from the safety of akeyboard.Ill excuse him as he is Dundee. if he were Hibs or ASC I would doubt he was even a lad!


    Posted by gavin at 6pm on 05.01.11

  418. Fistly the length of time this post has been going goes to show what the term ‘casual’ means to so many. I’m not gonna post any bullshit such as ‘i remember when 5 of us stood against 50 of your mob’ etc etc. I’d smacked a few faces during the mid / late 80’s and was put on my arse a few times also. Although only involved for about 2/3 years back then it was pretty dam good. Virtually every team had a mob of some sorts back then and the OB not as organised as they are now so a scrap was almost a cert. From what i can recall i’m sure Aberdeen started the ‘casual’ trend in Scotland closely followed by Motherwell. From what i’ve seen in those 2/3 years back in the 80’s and IMHO i’d say the ASC had the biggest mob,CCS only travelled with 150 max (all proven fighters) after that young lad was beaten into a coma by Aberdeen & Perth’s MBS were the best dressed all decked out in Armani, Best Company & Timberlands. One mob that did surprise me with numbers were the Montrose PBSS although they were backed up by Aberdeen. I dare say i’ll get bombarded with pish after this post. For the record i followed the Utility and remember the CCS in Dundee City Centre that the last guy posted.

    Posted by Taysider at 1am on 16.01.11

  419. Valentinos in Perth was one of the first places in Scotland to sell Armani back then , and with the owner being Scots Italian and the lads working in the shop Perth Casuals we were pretty lucky when it came to the latest label must haves getting sourced. He also owned a bar called the Gowrie where the Perth mob drunk and must have made a fortune off us.

    Posted by FCF1983 at 3pm on 07.02.11

  420. This thread never dies.

    Posted by jim at 4pm on 07.02.11

  421. I know - when I wrote a load of pretentious nonsense about casual brands I really didn’t expect it’d get more than 400 comments over the next eight years.

    Not that I’m complaining - keep the memories coming!

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 4pm on 10.03.11

  422. lets get in right in scotland. ASC were the top lads when it counted. yes Hibs challenged us but never.foockin NEVER overtook us. Throwing a petrol bomb at us, then claiming you are number therafter, is a joke. the follwing 3 years saw us take 350+ to every game in edinburgh where we won most and police rest. then we were stopped by police/bannings etc..from travelling[personally i was twice on coaches turned bach fro Hibs,FACT}. all the major battles with ASC n Hibs were in Edinburgh,FACT! you had the odd win on a wednesday night when we were outnumbered but never it a full turn out did you take AC in their day,even blnac gives us this credu=it in his book. his conclusion is we werer similar mobs that had equal results and draws. which by he end of 80’1 early 90’s would agree with,before that we took the piss in edinburgh and Glasgow[wont even mention Dundee in that era as they awere a joke]. anyone who disagrees with these facts simply wasnt here. Im a grown man now and have no reason to lie. Im simply saying it as it was and so do the H*bs lads I know[which is actualy quite a few now]. So all these young Hibs cyber warriors ,keep it reeal, yes you were a test for us away, but not a test we ever ducked from or lost! All this is fact. as i saod you simply wernt there!

    Nowadays the top fim is the Police,youd have to be an idiot to be in a firm now. the police with their ready eye and spotter know exactly who u r. throw a punch at the footbal and youll get 6 months jail,throw a punch on a saturday night and youll get a breach[£150 fine max]. the scenedied in early 90’s as every true lad knows.what we have left is a few dinosaurs and wannabee posers.

    So Ill give Hibs credit but the fact we took it you in Edinburgh all the time when it counted makes us tops ,when we left undeafed or drawn,at worst. Rangers and Celtic n Dundee simply would scrap amongst themselves in firms and get their scarfers to back them when ASC or Hibs came to their place. Thats how it was back n th day. so lets keep it real lads

    Posted by gavin begg at 10am on 18.03.11

  423. Paninari of Livingston

    A match for any mob anyday.

    200 boys easy on a good day , hardy boys at that who could scrap and NEVER run.

    I could only imagine the carnage if Livingston fc was around in the 80’s

    Posted by Paninari at 9pm on 05.05.11

  424. ok lois jeans, jumbo cords,kickers, jocky jackets,peter storm, lumber jack shirts(top button fastend) stan smiths, sambas,forrest hills, was the first casual look!! FROM LIVERPOOL! i’m leeds we used to watch them at leeds station around 1977! and most important the wedge haircut such a great look , happy days lufc service crew ps you have to be at least 47 to remember all this, CP STONE ISLAND LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

    Posted by robo at 11pm on 06.07.11

  425. Hi was just reading the papers and watching the news about the Polish thugs that invaded Dundee for the euro game with utd,trying to fight with families and women doing there shopping in Dundee town centre,shocking there 30 years behind the times.I work with a couple of polish guys and they said sorry for the way there fans behaved,they said Polish hooligans are total wankers and are into hilter and nazis even though he wiped there counrty out during the war.They said all there hooligans take steriods go about with no tops on fighting anyone that gets in there way,even women and children and even rape each other.I think the euro championships in Poland next year should be interesting,thats if it hasnt been moved somewhere else by then as warned by fifa because of all the trouble in Poland just now.England have always been number one when it comes to hoolignism and the casual movemet,just a pity most of the top boys are either to old and not intersted anymore or banned from travelling or it would be like the nazis invading Poland all over again,you never know,Englands young guys might give them a suprise.

    Posted by afc at 8pm on 23.07.11

  426. Those were the days my friends,having followed Aberdeen Fc all my life home and away,i would have to say Aberdeen and Hibs are by far the two biggest firms in Scotland by miles.Iam 39 and was at school when the casual scene kicked off,most of the top boys of that era were just a few years older and you looked up to them and dressed like them wanted to be like them,in Aberdeen if you wasnt a causual you were the odd one out.Going to school in first year with my two tone Adidas cagoule on and Nike wimbeldons on i thought i was well cool,the fashions changed so quick back then,specially in Aberdeen.You went to Royln sports for your Pringle jumpers,Crombie sports for your Lacoste,Macalls for your Fila,Tacchini and Ellesse,we even had are very own Burberry shop on Union st back then and the prices for Fila,Tacchini,Ellesse etc costed more than they sell them for now.Back then Aberdeen could have 700 to 1000 boys sitting in the south stand,the police used to have road blocks on every street as far as Crown st to stop us getting at the away support.There isnt much firms that have come to Aberdeen in big numbers realy,they probally new what would happen,specially in the 80s.Give Hibs there due they always showed,but like the guy that posted before me,most of the big battles with Hibs were in Edinburgh,i remember Hearts being crazy in the early 80s all skin heads in crombie jackets,but as a casual firm forget it.Motherwell had a decent firm,but Aberdeen showed then who was boss.Celtic had hardly any casuals,but most of there fans would fight like Rangers back then.I used to like going to Dundee back then,they would wait at the train station for you,then Aberdeen used to chase then all the way to Dens or Tannadice,they would be thowing anything they could get there hands on at you,it wasnt punches you had to look out for it was bottles,stones,bricks.Rangers would only show if they had there English friends with them and still got battered.It just shows how Aberdeen were so organised and had the numbers way before most firms even in England.I was still going to games in the 90s but there wasnt much happening,havent been to a game for a few years now,but have been told the casual scene is pretty much dead in Scotland.I rembember the first time i got lifted before a Aberdeen v Rangers game at Pittodrie in the late 80s,i got a £50 fine,you would get the jail for that now,not worth it anymore,if only you could turn back time,must be getting old.

    Posted by afc at 8pm on 02.08.11

  427. 1984 MBS . Everybody was 16 and unde , Top boys 15-20. Best mobs 90 - 100. Average mob 50. Better dressed than every mob we came across not including Aberdeen. I can’t talk for everyone but my group got plenty of violence out of the 5 years we did it- got the record to prove it. Armani Armani Armani that’s all most boys wore with us. End of MBS rangers semi final at parkhead - smashed to bits. Hibs in Perth 1990-91 was the final straw. Best days of my life never will be forgotten.

    Posted by P at 9pm on 14.08.11

  428. Aye Livi were some mob,remember them taking a huge mob to Bathgate one night in the late 80’s, youse were cunts if i wanted to go in that shopping centre though

    Posted by Jockmig at 5pm on 15.09.11

  429. What’s really telling about this article is that it is eight years old and yet it could have been written this morning! The thirst for football casual clothing is stronger now, in 2011, as it ever was. And that suits us at Indi Menswear just fine ‘cause we love it all!

    Posted by Alan Jenkins at 9pm on 19.09.11

  430. Even Rambo run like fuck from the ASC in the 80s,no other firms in Scotland had a chance fact,we were up there with the top firm firms in England fact.First Casual firm in Scotland fact.Regared as the Top firm in Scotland fact.Trimm Trabb on yer head,Trimm Trabb on yer head.

    Posted by afc at 8pm on 13.10.11

  431. Rangers football club,is melting away.Just like there mob the,Ice Cream Firm,lets all laugh at Rangers.

    Posted by afc at 7pm on 28.02.12

  432. Paninari ? Not that is a long lost name from the past .

    We joined up with them years ago for a short while (broomhouse) through football connections.

    Good good boys from what I remember, but raging lunatics.
    Think the old acid years and raves put them to rest but I agree with a previous comment that if livinston fc had been around 10 years before? .

    Good boys

    Posted by Hibs 69 at 1am on 01.03.12


    Posted by TERRY at 5pm on 15.05.12

  434. ‘lsd till i die’. lsd werent even on your radar in scotland. there were 3 firms in scotland worth talking about Hibs,ICF and ASC. ASC were the orginals and biggest firm about until police rapped them up in early 90’s. surethere were still bits and pieces for the next 10years but we all knew it was over. The 80’s was the casual era it died then. The 00’s were about chav posers who were an embarressment to the firms that went before. These 3 all had their time at the top at various times,the facts are though,when it countred in the 80’s, ASC couldnt be touched. Yes Hibs gave it a go and done well. Hand on heart they just didnt do enough to takew the crown from the NE. Gers ICF only played at home and when their scarfers were on their side. This proved a test for ASC n Hibs,but firm on firm,these 2 were defo better than Gers ICF[they know it. Eitherway good days,as everyone has said, never to be forgotten! Pity our once thriving Scottish league where the casuals run about in the 80’s is a shadow of its self. We will probably be a replica of the Welsh l;eague sooner rathe than later! Thank fuck w have memories or it would be grim![must be how Celtic,Utility and Hearts lads feel like,lolwhat a waste of time that 3 are/were]

    Posted by big ron at 4pm on 23.07.12

  435. “Then a little later - 1978-9 - scally supporters of Liverpool FC found themselves at a loose end in French and Italian city centres, thanks to their club’s European successes, and took the opportunity to acquire (or, more accurately, steal) sports- and causal-wear they knew fellow and rival supporters back home had no chance of finding.”

    Sorry mate, but that simply isn’t true. In both 1978/79 and 1979/80 Liverpool were knocked out in the first round of the European Cup, by Nottingham Forest and Dynamo Tblisi respectively.

    They did win the cup in 1977/78, but the final was played at Wembley.

    Posted by Fugate Starkweather at 2am on 27.01.13

  436. we all know the clothes in 80’s n 90’s so wont bore you all repeating it
    we all knw the top 3 in scotland as the only real football firms who could/did mix it with the engksh lads when it counted

    ASC-1st till polie broke t=our backs in late 80’s early 90’s.
    2nd Hibs- the old hbs were good test in edinburgh.never did anything up here worhy of mention#
    3r ‘gers ICF[lol,stupid name] they let themselves down badly by not keeping it lads on oads. their knuckle draggng scarfiers who could fight,the violent fuckers, backed them up by thousands when we went there

    these are the facts.argue if u wam]nt but 1 you wernt there or 2 you are too biased to admit the truth

    eitherway rewriting of history on this site is you not all remember the casual firms from Aberdeen wiping out your dour cities/towns. i did every other saturday for 10 years

    argue on ,i wont be back to listen to the trash cyber warrior shite

    i know and so so the lads all over scotland.respect and thanks for the meories to all ASC lads,Hibs and gres. The rest played at it or came out afetr it was policed out for a pose about
    anyway too old and couldnt give shite who is no1[lol] in a non existant battle table. It simple doesnt happen
    keep it real

    Posted by ascno1 at 1am on 18.02.13

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