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Testing Geopress

This is a little test of the GeoPress plugin, which embeds maps in weblog posts, among other things.


Good, eh?

Posted at 11pm on 01/02/07 by Jack Mottram to the places category.
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  1. Interesting to see that Google (or their mapping provider) have resolved their mislabelling of Great Western Road and Byres Road, though University Avenue is still labelled with “University Street” (a damn sight more accurate than “Chewton Way”, as I believe it was previously).

    Oh, and yes, GeoPress looks quite tasty….

    Posted by Derek Murray at 10am on 05.02.07

  2. Yeah, when I was setting up the plugin I noticed that a lot of the “Chewton Way” type errors seem to have been fixed. If I remember, Kelvin Way was given three or four spurious names before they finally settled on the right one.

    And GeoPress definitely comes recommended—it slows down the loading of the posting page a wee bit, but otherwise is very slick indeed. Can’t imagine I’ll use it very often, mind you.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 11am on 05.02.07

  3. Doesn’t render properly in Safari on OS X, I’m having the same problem….

    Posted by Trent at 2am on 17.02.07

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