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At the time of writing, if you search Google for ‘jack’, I’m the ninth result, snuggled between Mr. Bauer from off the telly and a low-latency audio server application.

As far as Google is concerned, the only Jacks more famous than me are Mr. Daniel and his sickly ‘whiskey’, popular singing sensation Mr. Johnson, and the perma-grinning leather-faced star of such films as One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

How very peculiar. I can only assume it’s some sort of temporary glitch in the system (I’m nowhere to be found in the first 50 results for ‘jack’ on Yahoo! or MSN search).

Note: I wasn’t on a deranged egosurf when I spotted this, honest—I just checked the logs for this site, and noticed an awful lot of folk finding their way here after searching for ‘jack’.

Posted at 7pm on 11/07/06 by Jack Mottram to the site news category.
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  1. This can’t be as tough as it sounds - I’m currently coming in at number 4.

    Posted by Rob at 8pm on 11.07.06

  2. I wonder if it’s the old ‘Google favours weblogs’ thing, then?

    (I get this Rob as fourth result for ‘rob’, though, Rob!)

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 8pm on 11.07.06

  3. I’m number four for MacDara (number two in Yahoo!) but then again, how many people do you know named MacDara?

    On a related note, how often do you check your referral stats? I haven’t looked at mine in months.

    Posted by MacDara at 11pm on 11.07.06

  4. I cheated in order to further boost my ego and just searched on, which gives a different result from .com and must be UK biased.

    I don’t make the grade on .com until page 3. Must try harder.

    Posted by Rob at 8am on 12.07.06

  5. Ooh, I’m Jack the sixth on

    On a related note, how often do you check your referral stats? I haven’t looked at mine in months.

    Pretty much never - I’d just renewed a couple of domains so had a little wander around the admin interface my hosts provide. This is in marked contrast to when I first set the place up - it was a group weblog for a good while, and I remember sending excited emails of the ‘Check it out: 37 people visited today! Amazing!’ variety, and posted about ‘amusing’ search terms used to find us.

    I do use PubSub to see if anyone’s linking here, though, and have a peep at Technorati from time to time…

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 9am on 12.07.06

  6. Hee! You’re still there.

    Posted by sisterphonetica at 7pm on 16.07.06

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