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Introducing The All-New CockBook

While the new black MacBook is certainly a shiny, pretty thing, I can’t help but wonder whether Apple’s pricing structure might backfire on them.

That black paintjob comes at a premium, you see: if you upgrade a white MacBook to exactly match the specs of a standard black iBook, it’s £89.99 cheaper. Really.

On the one hand you almost have to admire Apple’s chutzpah, flogging a computer at a premium simply by changing the colour and implying it’s the top of the range is a wonderful bit of smoke and mirrors manipulation.

On the other hand, what will you think when you see someone with a black MacBook? You’ll think, ‘Ha ha, that total cock blew nigh on a ton to get his computer in black! He’s a CockBook user! Ha ha! CockBook!’ Or similar. Which might harm sales a touch. No one wants to look like a total cock, after all.

Posted at 5pm on 19/05/06 by Jack Mottram to the mac category.
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  1. I think I’ll stick with the white myself.

    On a slightly related note, I am glad that it’s so much easier to replace the HD on the MacBook than it is on the iBook without professional help. It’s gonna set me back a few hundred to replace the dying hard drive in my iBook, but on the plus side I do feel better about upgrading to the new model, which I will be doing at the end of the year.

    Posted by MacDara at 9pm on 19.05.06

  2. jack - get my emails?


    Posted by MJ at 1pm on 21.05.06

  3. Who cares? It’s black! I have to have one. Cockbook here we come.

    Posted by Rob at 8am on 24.05.06

  4. From the black v. white discussion they’ve provoked and the sales they’re making, Apple seem to have good insight into the Mac buyer’s psyche.
    Buying a Mac is not a process that necessarily involves logic :-)

    Posted by James at 9am on 03.06.06

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