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Polaroid Reminiscipackage

I bought a scanner yesterday and immediately set to archiving the hundreds of grubby polaroids I have from the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Apparently, my friends and I spent those years dying our hair, getting into various states of disrepair and going to Optimo every Sunday without fail. Also, I was quite disturbingly thin, Hannah had enormous eyes, and Leon looked like a small Mancunian child.

Click on the terrifying photograph below to see a slideshow.

Self-Portrait As A Junkie

Posted at 1pm on 24/04/06 by Jack Mottram to the photographs category.
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  1. what do you mean you was disturbingly thin - you is disturbingly thin.

    Posted by bobbydad at 4pm on 24.04.06

  2. I’m loving see all those old polaroids. Keep them coming I want more please mr jack.

    Posted by little hunty at 5pm on 24.04.06

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