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The Institute For Electronic Artists

Handy geo-folksonomical digest The Glasgow Now coughed up a link to The Institute for Electronic Artists, the day after their event at my local, The Liquid Ship. Very annoying.

The Institute for Electronic Artists is an organisation that has been established to aid, encourage and promote the continued development of electronic music and art. We provide a forum for producers of electronic art to share ideas, network and build relationships with other artists and people with related interests, such as promoters, DJs, VJs, etc.

Our events feature music, video and images produced by the artists present. Artists are invited to bring along there work on CD-R to be played or displayed and corresponding artwork and composer details are displayed using a projector.

Laudable aims, and I like that they’re taking the risk of playing music and video by anyone who pitches up.

The Institute also have a spot on Subcity Radio, every Monday at 10pm. After a quick listen to a recent show [.m3u stream], they seem to be defining ‘electronic music’ fairly broadly, but steering well clear of the wiggy fringes (everything I’ve heard so far has drums).

Perhaps I’ll pop along to the next event and foist a CD of me hooting into a load of broken effects pedals on them.

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