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Pre-Op At MacSorley’s, With Möt & Len

I’ve mentioned it before, but, since it’s such good fun, I may as well repeat myself: Leon and I have been playing records, compact discs, MP3 files and a Buddha Machine on Sunday evenings at MacSorley’s, Jamaica Street, Glasgow (an old man’s drinking den recently reclaimed for the musical youth by the Sub Club). The artists formerly known as Submit Response are but temporary proxy selectors while regular host Ego Spastachrist is on his hols (see here), so you’ve only one week to catch us before the night returns to abnormal.

For your information: the entertainments begin at 8pm, and early on we’ve been playing lots of drone, noise, folk, prog, spoken word and esoteric hooting, largely for our own benefit, before moving on to skronk, punk, rock ‘n’ roll, dancehall, dubstep, very gay disco and outright populist selections - my Addicted To Love covers medley must be heard to be believed! - once the punters turn up. As if that wasn’t enough, you get first dibs on Optimo queue tickets, too.

So, join us this coming Sunday for our final stint, and limber up for the return of Spastachrist on April 16th, when he will be joined by William Bennet from out of noise whores Whitehouse, playing an uncharachteristic Italo Disco DJ set.

Posted at 3pm on 07/04/06 by Jack Mottram to the music category.
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  1. ooh, me and the good lady are coming to skip the queue and witness mr bennett and his chums in all their glory. we might be at pre op hopefully if we can remember the way from the hotel.

    Posted by frenchbloke at 8pm on 12.04.06

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