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Submit Response Radio Version 3

After discovering Podbasket, a rather fabulous service that makes generating podcast feeds a piece of piss, I decided to resurrect Submit Response Radio.

Previous incarnations - the first using the obscure Konspire protocol, the second essentially an experiment in styling RSS with XSLT - didn’t last long, because I never got around to automating the process of adding new content.

With Podbasket, all I have to do is upload a file and fill out a brief form, so SRR v3 should last a little longer than its forebears. To tune in, add this feed to your podcast recieving application - iTunes, say, or any feed reader that supports enclosures - and you can slurp down a dose of good music, and, perhaps, the occasional video, at least twice a week.

The first installment is a bid to salve the wounds of those missing their daily dose of Pete Burns. Birth of a Nation by The Mystery Girls is the wonderfully pervy single by Pete’s first band, which he formed with Julian Cope and Pete Wiley. Coming soon: some 1920s white country gospel, some histrionic progressive rock, a wee bit of rockabilly, and, inevitably, a fair number of rare Prince tracks.

Thanks to Peter, or Rob, or both, for pointing to Podbasket (I forget where I saw it first).

Posted at 8pm on 10/02/06 by Jack Mottram to the site news category.
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