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His Name Is Pinocchio

Impulse purchase of the month? A ‘’ case for my iPod Mini, well made and swiftly despatched by Peter Kinne.

Wooden iPod Mini #2

It’s fashioned from wood salvaged from old jacuzzis, and stainless steel reclaimed from salvaged bicycles. The simple locking mechanism - a wood block held in place at the base by a metal clip - is a joy, and the whole thing is just beautifully put together, fitting the iPod snugly. As you can see, it looks wonderful, in a perverse anti-technology technology sort of a way, and it feels wonderful in the hand, too. Last but not least, at around twenty-three quid including P&P, I’ve scored a lovingly produced bespoke case for my iPod for around the same price as a mass-produced ugly thing made of neoprene.

Thanks Peter - mark me down as a satisfied customer.

Posted at 1pm on 01/06/05 by Jack Mottram to the mac category.
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