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Lady Hooligans

This comment by a reader called Alison was added to the ongoing funfest of violent threats and sectarian hatred prompted by my past wiffling about how great casuals looked:

As true aberdonian and worked in Edinburgh for years and went to loads of matches - in both ends - you talk off the fights and crews but realy being a supporter would be fun.

ps was left in Edinburgh when 11 when cousin was arrested for fighting at Waverley in 1981 nae good.

You never hear of the girl crews and we were there week in week out and fought like men when needed.

That last sentence just screams Sunday supplement feature, doesn’t it?

I’ve never read anything about female casuals, whether in terms of fashion or violence, and the only reference I can dig up, on the exhaustive Football Research Organisation UK website, is to a 1998 pamphlet from Leicester University’s Sir Norman Chester Centre for Football Research titled Factsheet 9: A History of Female Football Fans.

The only problem is, if I pitch the piece, and someone goes for it, I’ll have to actually talk to some lady hooligans. Scary. Very scary.

Posted at 2pm on 31/05/05 by Jack Mottram to the art and culture category.
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