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Flickr Meets Google Maps Uptown

A nice bit of web application mash-up geowank, courtesy of

If you tag your Flickr photographs with geotagged, geo:lat=xx.xxxx and geo:lon=xx.xxxx, then add a link to in the photograph description, you can click that link to see a Google Maps map displaying photographs taken nearby by yourself and others. It works with usernames too, so you can see a Google Maps view of your tagged photographs.

Try it out on this tedious snap of a rainbow on Gibson Street, Glasgow, or take a look at my Geobloggers page.

(Of course, finding the coordinates of a given location isn’t always easy - I just happened to know, roughly, the longitude and latitude of Gibson Street because I used to live at the top of it. Feel free to point and laugh.)

Posted at 1pm on 19/05/05 by Jack Mottram to the photographs category.
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  1. Indeed an excellent application.

    However : “finding the coordinates of a given location isn’t always easy” - it is now, with Firefox and greasemonkey.

    This website details how to set up the firefox browser such that Google Maps will tell you the lat/long, and creates tags that can be pasted straight into flickr. :)

    Posted by subflux at 3pm on 19.05.05

  2. Thanks for the tip subflux - the more I find out about Greasemonkey, the more it’s making me want to switch to Firefox.

    Posted by Jack at 6pm on 19.05.05

  3. If you like Geobloggers you may like:

    Posted by fer at 10pm on 22.10.05

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