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Things You Never Want To Hear A Radio 4 Announcer Announce, Part The First

The first in an occasional series (both ‘and now, The Archers’ and ‘it’s time for You & Yours’ need not be included in this list, such is the horror they inspire):

And in just a moment we have the first in a series of monologues by Lynne Truss on the subject of forty-something men

Fuck off.

Posted at 11am on 13/05/05 by Jack Mottram to the radio category.
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  1. She had an article in the Guardian about her monologues the other day. It wasn’t particularly interesting then, I’m sure the radio show will be the same.

    Posted by Gary Fleming at 12pm on 13.05.05

  2. Here’s another one: ‘And now it’s time for Quote, Unquote’

    Thankfully, the good stuff on R4 outweighs the not so good stuff.

    Posted by Matt at 11am on 14.05.05

  3. God, even the mention of Quote Unquote makes me shudder.

    The good does indeed outweigh the bad by a huge margin - it’s only my chronic Radio 4 addiction that makes me so full of rage when I have to listen to the cosy middle class pap on the schedules (I know I could turn it off, but for some reason that never seems to occur to me!)

    Posted by Jack at 4pm on 14.05.05

  4. Heard the first in the series on a drive down to Manchester. Apart from the ending which was a bit weak, I thought the whole thing was pretty good actually. Funny, great narrative drive, good testing of the monologue limitations. Slightly sentimental but hey, not bad.
    No it wasn’t Alan Bennett but really, hardly the issue to make you tell the whole of Radio 4 to “fuck off” on.

    Posted by tim at 2pm on 19.05.05

  5. Not the whole of Radio 4, Tim, just the bits like this one! I’m looking forward to Listen Again/BBC podcasts developing so that I can organise my own personal Radio 4, shorn of all drama/You & Yours/Home Truths/Quote Unquote/etc. etc., maybe with a bit of World Service mixed in to fill the gaps…

    (Alan Bennet being a good example of the sort of thing that Radio 4 schedule I can’t abide, too - repeatedly over-enunciating the word ‘antimacassar’ while mocking poor people becuase you’re not one anymore does not a comic genius make!)

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 2pm on 19.05.05

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