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Maryhill Anti-Graffiti Network

Maryhill Anti-Grafitti Network

Does anyone know who’s behind the Maryhill Anti-Graffiti Network?

Update: Veryape (aka General Ape) has some information on their inspiration:

It’s a play on posters put up during the 80’s by the philadelphia anti-graffiti network (formed by the then mayor to eradicate graffing) which read the same. pic of the original here. notice original’s spelling =) go pick up a copy of henry chalfant’s “spraycan art” book for more.

Greffetti Writers Are Mean

Thanks Ape!

Update II: I know who is behind the stencil now, but will respect the anonymity of the artist!

Posted at 2pm on 23/03/05 by Jack Mottram to the art, art and culture, culture category.
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  1. dunno which artist is behind it but it’s a play on posters produced by the Philadelphia Anti-Graffiti Network during the 1980’s. have taken a pic of the original for your reference and have a look out for henry chalfont’s “spraycan art” book for more of the same.

    Posted by veryape at 7am on 25.03.05

  2. Oops - updated the post before seeing if there were any comments needing approved!

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 12pm on 25.03.05

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