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Ekow Eshun New Artistic Director Of The ICA

Ekow Eshun is the new Artistic Director of the ICA.

I never can quite tell whether I think he’s fabulous or shudderingly dreadful in print and on the telly - both at the same time, usually - but he’s a good appointment, thanks to his tendency to latch on to some little cultural gobbet he finds interesting, picking away at it until it’s been, well, Eshunised. Nice, too, that he’s a pretty firmly entrenched contemporaryvisualartworld type, but one who keeps fingers in plenty of other culture-pies.

Be interesting to see what impact he has on the ICA, anyway - one of a handful of places that makes me think, for the occasional split-second, that moving to London might actually be quite a good idea.

Posted at 4pm on 09/03/05 by Jack Mottram to the art and culture category.
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  1. On the few occassions that I have caught the Newsnight Arts show, normally after having given up screaming at the politicians on Question Time, I’ve been astounded by the pretentiousness of Ekow. That man is worse than the other one who likes poetry. He’ll do well at the ICA. That bar, my god! Don’t move to London for people like that Jack.

    Also, didn’t The Face stop circulating during his editorship?

    Posted by Donny at 10am on 10.03.05

  2. He was Assistant Ed. at the Face for a bit, I think, but not the one(s) to blame for it going tits up, that’s for sure.

    That man is worse than the other one who likes poetry

    You don’t mean Tom Paulin? He fucking rules!

    And yeah, it’s the stuff in/on the ICA, not the folk who drink there that I’m interested in. Plus my tolerance for pretentious wank is - what? - 10, 000 times higher than yours, Don!

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 6pm on 10.03.05

  3. Has anyone checked out the new Palestinian beer they’ve got in the bar though?!

    Posted by Raj at 2pm on 22.03.05

  4. ekow eshun doesnot have the brains to the job. the newspapers has made it clear he hasnot even planned for it

    Posted by raminder at 7pm on 08.04.05

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