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Bored Of Comic Operas, Christian Voice Take On Abortion

The BBC reported recently that our friends Christian Voice are bored with shouting about unfunny musicals and are now set to turn their sights on abortion clinics.

The piece is full of the usual Messianic bluster from Stephen Green - he wants to watch himself, I hear God considers Pride a bit of sin - but the last line is telling:

Would he draw the line at breaking the law? Green answers thoughtfully: “Yes… unless the law contravenes the law of God.”

The law of God is, famously, not very clearly stated, and open to interpretation. This is how it came to pass that I see the New Testament as a rather sensible set of instructions to be kind to other people and share your things, while Mr. Green chooses to skip those bits in favour of some ancient and obscure Jewish rules about men not lying with men as they would with women, or spilling one’s seed on the ground, or, er, being a gay policeman.

So, we can look forward to Green and his supporters taking their lead from American ‘Christians’ and, you know, killing honourable members of the medical profession to save a few gooey little bundles of cells, pushing women onto the knitting needles of backstreet abortionists? Fabulous.

All this is almost enough to make me reverse my position on the Prevention of Terrorism Bill. There is at least one person who needs to be put under house arrest without access to telephones and the internet for the safety of the public: Stephen Green.

As an aside, I’d know more about this story if Newsnight Scotland hadn’t crashed onto the screen last night midway through a revealing item about CV on Newsnight proper. To tell us about escaped mink and troublesome crayfish.

Posted at 3pm on 04/03/05 by Jack Mottram to the politics category.
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  1. Don’t you think maybe this cock is getting too much of the oxygen of publicity? The world is full of such nonsense-peddlers, after all; he’s just a standard nutjob being dignified by excessive attention…

    If there is a God, imagine how embarrassed he is. Hopefully the words, ‘Look, I’ve never even met this Green guy, and I don’t endorse his views, OK?’ will soon appear in an aubergine somewhere.

    Posted by hannah at 1pm on 05.03.05

  2. methinks green and bush are penpals

    equally unworthy of the word ‘christian’


    Posted by missbadger at 9am on 07.03.05

  3. I am always against abortion because it is a sin to kill an innocent child..*-

    Posted by Anna Allen at 8pm on 25.05.10

  4. what i can say is that abortion is a sin and it should be deemed illegal by all means ‘-*

    Posted by Sublingual Vitamins at 9am on 04.12.10

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