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The Submit Response Interview Archive

After posting the previous entry, it struck me that the Interviews section on Submit Response is, well, really rather good! So I thought I’d alert everyone to the various Q & As available on the site.

Sorcha Dallas is the first gallery-owner featured, but there’s plenty of artists to choose from, including Toby Paterson and his fellow Modern Institute artists, Martin Boyce, Jim Lambie and Simon Periton. Just to show I’m not a total Mod. Inst. fanboy, there’s a rare interview with Robert Therrien, a cracking chat with Israeli artist Nahum Tevet and a revealing talk with Sebastian Boyle, of Boyle Family.

Moving on to authors, big famous ones at that, Michel Faber talks about his best-selling novel The Crimson Petal & The White, while Douglas Coupland touches on everything from Columbine to Robert Crumb via Macintosh computers.

The lone film-maker in the set is Henry Bean, who discusses the making of, and reaction to, his debut feature as director, The Believer.

Last, but definitely not least, the music people: perennial Glasgow favourites The Delgados chat about winning the Mercury Prize, Diamanda Galas scares the pants off me by talking of her loathing for certain sectors of the press, and the protesting politics that inform her work, and - my favourite, I think - David Mancuso, the man who invented nightclubs as we know them, is his usual passionate self discussing the history of The Loft, and his love of music.

Apologies for blowing my own trumpet there, but I really enjoyed re-reading the interviews, and since they don’t get a lot of traffic, it seemed worth overcoming my over-developed British reserve to point them out.

Many thanks to all the interviewees, and Leon, of course, who conducted half of them.

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