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Submit Response Radio: Now ‘Podcasting’

Remember Submit Response Radio? Thought not. It had, to the best of my knowledge, precisely three loyal listeners, which probably matched the number of people actively using the obscure (but really rather good) P2P application I was using to broadcast, Konspire.

Now that podcasting is all the rage, I thought I’d crank up the virtual transmitter and start infringing the copyright of the recording artistes I admire again.

The Submit Response Radio podcast won’t follow the prevailing trend of pretending to be a real radio programme. Instead I’ll be offering an MP3 or two each week, with a brief comment on each song, with those songs being an utterly predictable exciting mish-mash of Wire-reader wankmusik, grime, blues, obscure Prince b-sides and so on. Also, to save me a few seconds, there won’t be an SRR website, though the feed is styled for viewing in a web browser as well as the various aggreagators and podcasting applications (see below).

So, here it is: the Submit Response Radio feed.

If you’d like to listen in, you’ll need one of the free podcasting receiver applications: pick from the cross-platform iPodder, or the rather more shiny-looking, and OS X-specific, iPodderX Lite. Update (23/11/04): I just found another great application for receiving podcasts, Jäger, it’s cross-platform, open source, and a fully-fledged RSS reader to boot. (The SRR feed has been tested with all three applications)

Once you’ve downloaded the application of your choice, adding a feed is very, very simple:

Told you it was simple. Now that you’ve added the feed, click the button to check feeds, and the inaugural SRR podcast will begin downloading; then, depending on how you choose to set up your Podcasting application’s preferences, all subsequent SRR podcasts will automatically find their way onto your hard drive. (Of course, if you can’t be bothered with the above malarkey, you can subscribe to the feed in a headline reader and download the songs you like the sound of, or just check the feed in your browser from time to time.)

The first two podcasts - God I hate that term, let’s say broadcasts from now on, eh? - contain a song from Jandek’s recent live debut at the Instal festival, and the Vaselines classic Son Of A Gun, on the grounds that both are not only wonderful songs, but were also already online after recent mentions on the weblog. I’ll put a bit more effort into future broadcasts, promise.

Happy listening!

Posted at 7pm on 18/11/04 by Jack Mottram to the music, radio category.
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  1. Love that Petit Vodo track. I bet one of his gigs something to witness.

    Posted by Matt at 12am on 20.11.04

  2. Live, he’s just mind-boggling - he sits behind a drum kit with a guitar and harmonica, playing all three, and somehow manages to trigger samples, and twiddle a shortwave radio at the same time. Close your eyes, and it sounds like a full band are in the room… the records don’t really do it justice, to be honest.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 1pm on 20.11.04

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