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Sovereign Nation

Soveriegn Nation, Lady Sovereign’s documentary spot on MCing beyond the M25 for Steve Lamacq’s Radio One show is now online for listening. Not being a keen Radio One listener, I got the heads up from Chantelle Fiddy’s World Of Grime - a wonderfully named one-stop-shop for all your online Grime news needs.

London-born MC, aka ‘ragga midget’ Lady Sovereign, leaves the bright lights and big city behind to see whether Garage music can thrive in the countryside. From the highlands of Scotland to the valleys of Wales, the flats of East Anglia to the South West wash of Cornwall, Lady Sovereign goes off the underground map and deep into the countryside to meet the village-dwelling MCs hoping to make it in the garage scene.

(I haven’t streamed it yet, but there’s a fair-to-middling chance it contains the sound of me ineptly cutting between songs from Matmos’ Civil War LP while Sov pisses herself laughing at the fife ‘n’ drums action. Woo.)

Posted at 5pm on 18/11/04 by Jack Mottram to the radio category.
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  1. Just had a listen … best line from the Sov: “Oh, look! Seagulls!”

    Posted by Leon at 1am on 19.11.04

  2. That line was so good I think she used it twice!

    Have to listen again to catch your amazing skills Jack! But Radio 1 may have its downside (John Peel RIP gonna miss you for ever) but it can’t do any harm to be on it.

    Posted by Jules-C at 12pm on 24.11.04

  3. what is the meaning of sovereing nation

    Posted by Danielle Baber at 9pm on 10.01.05

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