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Sub Sessions Coming Up

Sub Sessions Logo

The next Sub Sessions is at the Sub Club, on Wednesday 21st July, 9pm-1am, with another fabulous line-up: Marcia Blaine High School For Girls, Mellow Submachine and Wordrop are all playing live, and I - DJ Möt - will be playing some records inbetween. Marcia Blaine alone are worth the measly cover charge - which is up to you, it’s a donationware nightclub! - they’ve had stuff out on, er, Stuff, Dalriada and Static Caravan, which should give you an idea of the sort of hard-crunch-sweet-melody music they make.

Do come along, it’ll be just fabulous. Promise.

Posted at 2pm on 14/07/04 by Jack Mottram to the music category.
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  1. thankyou for the kind words…i should return the compliment in embarassing back-slapping style by saying that your dj set last night was just lovely.

    Posted by Marcia Blaine at 5pm on 22.07.04

  2. ummmm…i mean i should, so i will. the previous entry looks like an unfinished thought, really.

    Posted by Marcia Blaine at 5pm on 22.07.04

  3. Cheers! My ‘play all the records I bought recently that I’d like to hear on a massive sound system’ policy obviously paid off ; )

    Boring technical question: what was the Marcia Blainester on the right using to do his scratching? Surely a CD player can’t do that?!

    Posted by Jack at 5pm on 22.07.04

  4. oh yes it can. its a Pioneer…ummm DJ600 or something like that (the schoolgirl in question wasnt me, i was the one huddled behind the laptop looking miserable). hold on, i’ll find a link…
    ah, i notice its a cdj800. i also like the fact that the link has the word ‘taxonomy’ in it.

    Posted by Marcia Blaine at 5pm on 22.07.04

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