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The Rise of The ‘And’ Bands

If recent years was have belonged to the ‘The’ bands, I’m tipping ‘And’ (and ‘&’) as the must-have nominal accessory for up-and-coming groups in ‘04.

There are two bands in Glasgow pioneering the trend: Uncle John & Whitelock, and Sons and Daughters.

The former are, for my money, the best rock ‘n’ roll band in the city since V-Twin. They make filthy swamp music, and write a mean lyric (Where’s your wife? She’s on the sunbed). Their debut EP was a beautiful thing to behold too, being a ten inch packaged in a hand-sewn sleeve, with the look of a lost classic 78, dusted off and reclaimed. To deploy the cliched formula, UJ&W are like Captain Beefheart, The Dirty Three and a preacher from the Deep South… on Benylin.

Sons & Daughters, meanwhile, are about to get rather well known rather quickly - at one recent gig the A&R men and label lawyers practically outnumbered ordinary punters, and regular plugs in the press from Franz Ferdinand can’t hurt, nor can their close connections to Arab Strap. Not that they don’t deserve it: when playing live, they make fabulous hillbilly stomp music with folky tinges; real riotous stuff, but delicate too at times. As a further clue to their sound, I hear Scott Patterson (guitar and vocals, and a fully trained dentist, fact fans) sees it as his job to bridge the gap between Bo Diddley and Bill Callahan - a laudable aim, I’m sure you’ll agree.

So, yeah, if you’re thinking of starting a group, be sure to get an ‘And’ in your name. I would suggest Polly & The Syndetons, if the pun wasn’t so dreadful

Posted at 12pm on 11/03/04 by Jack Mottram to the music category.
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  1. Have you been attending Period (monthly) on wednesdays at Le Sub?

    Bands so far? Half Cousin, Sons and Daughters and on the 31st We Rock Like Girls Don’t.

    It’s worth a wee look-see if you haven’t been already.

    Posted by gape at 3pm on 11.03.04

  2. you’re forgetting the magnificent prog disco in space band multiplies!

    (i didn’t make it, sorry babes)

    Posted by Donna at 7pm on 11.03.04

  3. Jill Mills’ night? The closest I’ve got is listening to her and Hannah make dreadful menstrual puns about the name… If I wasn’t in London, I’d have to come to see We Rock Like Girls Don’t - fabulous name, but maybe only if they’re a girl group!

    Posted by Jack at 11am on 12.03.04

  4. i guess …and they will know us by the trail of our dead honed the use of ‘and’ in a band name to perfection.

    if anyone ever starts a the the tribute band, they should definitely consider calling themselves and and.

    Posted by stirmonster at 7am on 16.03.04

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