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Cognitive Dissonance

I have found the recipe for instant cognitive dissonance, that psychological phenomenon which might roughly be described as the discomfort one feels when a currently held belief clashes with a new piece of information.

You will need:

  1. A copy of Heat magazine.
  2. A copy of Goodbye, Babylon, the bespoke sextuple CD compilation of religous musics.

Now, simply play the compilation - any disc will do - and read the magazine.

It’s just a wild trip, man. I’m going to write a report for Erowid about it, right away.

Posted at 3pm on 25/02/04 by Jack Mottram to the music category.
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  1. that just made me laugh out loud like a buffoon

    Posted by Donna at 5pm on 25.02.04

  2. This proves that you have very different belief systems from me! Wonder what happens when you listen to some Wagner and watch “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”.
    Also, a chant is required for the away end at Millwall to cause cognitive dissonance in Dennis Wise’s brain over the belief that he is an able player.

    Posted by Donny at 5pm on 25.02.04

  3. This proves that you have very different belief systems from me!

    Nah, it works for everyone. No matter what your beliefs, cognitive dissonance will be provoked by reading about Shane Ritchie’s private life while listening to profound church music full of pain and longing.

    Talking of Milwall, any news on tickets? Will give you a bell this evening…

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 5pm on 26.02.04

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