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Product Party

Submit Response returns to its nightclub roots tonight, with an appearance at vegan café-cum-record shop Mono to celebrate the launch of the latest issue Scotland’s premiere journal of culture, Product magazine.

The issue is on a cinematic theme, so there’ll be a DVD screening of the work of Scottish film-makers, and we’ll probably play music associated with films, and from film soundtracks.

I imagine copies of the magazine will be available too, so for an immersive Submit Response multimedia experience, you could listen to us play while reading what we wrote. Leon has a revisionist piece on Beyoncé Knowles in the magazine, claiming that she isn’t really all that and a bag of chips after all, while my contribution is a faintly ludicrous chunk of scattershot bootleg feature-writing on the subject of popular music in film.

See you there? It starts at eight.

Update: They cut my line about Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious and John Hughes’ use of Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds to soundtrack the climactic freeze-frame of The Breakfast Club! Those bastards!

Posted at 2pm on 16/12/03 by Jack Mottram to the music category.
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  1. Um, Coen bros. piece was in the last issue. This one’s an brief and hastily-written rant about Bouncy.

    Posted by Leon at 3pm on 16.12.03

  2. i would have come, but i’ve been ill and not quite mesel yet

    have fun!

    Posted by Donna at 5pm on 16.12.03

  3. Oop - sorry Len - apologies for misrepresenting your curmudgeon spot in the mag.

    Talking of which, if I’ve had a piece of the same length on the same page and on the same topic every issue so far, does that make me… a columnist? Eugh. I feel soiled.

    Donna - we did!

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 1am on 17.12.03

  4. Multimedia extravaganza! ; )

    How did it go? And is this the start of new things? : )

    Posted by XXX at 5pm on 17.12.03

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