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BTOpenWoe? Not so much.

Griping about BTOpenworld, or BTYahooWorldInterweb, or whatever they call it now has been a favourite topic here over the years, and elsewhere, thanks to their formerly exorbitant set-up fees, frankly ludicrous choice of ADSL modem, near-complete lack of Mac technical support, and various other things to do with them being, like, the man.

In the interests of fairness, here is a rough transcript of my telephone call to the unpopular ISP this morning:

JM: Hello, I forgot to update my credit card details on your site, and now I’ve spent the money set aside for my broadband, because I thought it had gone through on the usual date. Is there any chance you could switch me back on for three days, and I’ll pay then?

BT:Okay sir, what month were you born?

JM: March

BT: And your mother’s maiden name?

JM: ******

[A very long pause, the sounds of furious typing]

JM: Er, hello?

BT: Right, I’ve given you a free month.

JM: What?

BT: A free month! Don’t say we’re not nice people at BT! Ha ha!

JM: Uh, wow. Cheers. So if I dial up now…

BT: Your connection will be active! Ha ha!

JM: Goodness, thanks for that. I’ll ring up on the 18th and pay.

BT: No need sir, it’s a free month! Just update your details before January.

JM: OK, right, I will. Thanks very much!

BT: No trouble at all sir! Ha ha!

Now, either my customer support representative is completely bonkers (he really did keep saying ‘Ha ha!’ like that) and happily giving away freebies to all and sundry in a peculiar bid to get himself sacked in the run up to Christmas, or BT have suddenly discovered that if you treat your customers well they’ll start to like you, and they’ll tell other people about it. Like I am now. Like a sucker.

Posted at 1pm on 16/12/03 by Jack Mottram to the misc. category.
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