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iTunes 4 + iTunesdl = Filesharing Heaven

If you have iTunes 4, you’ll be wanting to download iTunesdl. It let’s you download files to disk from iTunes users you’re sharing playlists with.

Here’s a screenshot.

Update: Please note that I didn’t write this application, and don’t know who did, and certainly can’t answer your technical questions via email!

Posted at 6pm on 08/05/03 by Jack Mottram to the mac category.
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  1. hey - that’s my library you’re in there!

    Posted by Donna at 7pm on 08.05.03

  2. also check out Clutter for iTunes 4. It grabs an image of the cover of the album you are playing. You can stack them on your desktop or add the image to the mp3.

    Posted by alister at 10am on 09.05.03

  3. happy days…

    Posted by g.ape at 10am on 09.05.03

  4. indeed!

    i’ll have to check clutter as well - i’m getting irritated by the lack of artwork attached to my mp3s - god, i am a slave to marketing…

    Posted by Jack at 10am on 09.05.03

  5. I’m currently in the middle of transferring 20gb of tunes to my new ibook. once i get itunes 4 up and on the go, feel free to raid the archives over my fat work connection…

    Posted by Leon at 11am on 09.05.03

  6. are you just using the ibook in work instead of your iMac then? MIght as well, I guess.

    Posted by Jack at 11am on 09.05.03

  7. Not sure we’ll be able to share via iTunes at all, though - I assume your IT wonk won’t be up for opening port 3689 to let us in…

    Posted by Jack at 11am on 09.05.03

  8. No, I’m on my work mac, but I’m using the work connection to leech software and download stuff to the ibook rather than do it via the steam-powered home connection. suspect you might be right about the sharing; there are all manner of firewalls and the like here, though the IT guy’s hopeless, so I’ll give it a shot.

    Posted by Leon at 1pm on 09.05.03

  9. Nb. Judging by a few referrals, some folk seem to think we’re responsible for this ace app. Not so, and I’m not sure who is - I just saw the direct download link in some forum or other…

    Posted by Jack at 1pm on 12.05.03

  10. just had to switch off (sorry chaps) iMac on slo mo protest. hmmm.

    Posted by Donna at 6pm on 12.05.03

  11. slowness unrelated to iTunes sharing/iTdl - ah well. I shall figure it out shortly.

    Posted by Donna at 9pm on 12.05.03

  12. iAmBusted

    By now it is obvious that iTunes 4 is a smash hit with the peeps, but a new problem is forming. The new software allows users to share their library with others by streaming the songs. This means that you

    Posted by Capn Design at 6pm on 14.05.03

  13. thanks for the itunesdl link.
    how do i find i connect to other users?
    i’ve never done this before

    Posted by rafael at 3am on 16.05.03

  14. Hi Rafael - try Share iTunes - I should be listed there under the title Mot’s Music.

    Posted by Jack at 8am on 16.05.03

  15. So, I love the sound of this, but how does iTunes DL work? I’ve found many libraries in Share iTunes that sound interesting, but how do I find the appropriate Host name to input into iTunes DL so I can download the songs? Right now, all I can do is copy a redirect adress onto my clipboard or share the list in iTunes 4.

    Posted by Scott at 5pm on 16.05.03

  16. When playing live streams using iTunes, rebuffering often occurs, causing pauses in songs. What happens when a rebuffering occurs while using iTunesDL? Are the copied songs ruined?

    Posted by Nick at 8pm on 16.05.03

  17. I think I pinched about half Jack’s library the other night. All present and correct. Rebuffering has no impact as far as I can tell.

    Posted by Donna at 10pm on 16.05.03

  18. There’s no buffering, let alone rebuffering, because you aren’t streaming the file, you’re downloading it - just like downloading off a website or what have you. I’ve nicked a couple of hundred files from folk, and all of them play fine. Or fine-ish, given that 128kbps seems to be the standard out there…

    Posted by Jack at 12am on 17.05.03

  19. Having trouble catching DAAP addresses… .

    Posted by Plato Shrimp at 11pm on 17.05.03

  20. You have to be quick viewing the source of the pop-up on ShareiTunes, as they’ve added a line of javascript to close the pop-up, presumably to deter the likes of us!

    Posted by Jack at 12pm on 18.05.03

  21. hi does anybody know how to use dl i can’t seem to connect because i don’t know what to type could someone pls take a second to help us.


    Posted by ASDA at 6pm on 18.05.03

  22. Not quite sure what you mean. To connect to my library, for example, type into the Host field, then hit connect… ask other people for their IP addresses and do the same.

    Posted by Jack at 11pm on 18.05.03

  23. hey does anyone know of any other apps that do similar things? i think it would be perfect if someone wrote an app that worked IN itunes4, so that while you were streaming you could crtl+click and get the option to download, now that would be awsome!!

    Posted by mac at 12am on 19.05.03

  24. I read all the comments above. Still I couldn’t find out where to find DAAP addresses.
    Help desperately needed ;-)

    Posted by buckwheat at 8pm on 21.05.03


    When there click on a share… then when the pop up is open do a right mouse click real quick and VIEW SOURCE. The address will look as follows…

    setTimeout(“top.location = "daap://"”, 2000);

    you want the address AFTER the daap


    Posted by iCow at 2am on 23.05.03

  26. doesnt let you view the daap address any longer, it just reverts to a .php command that goes to a site id and then it goes straight to iTunes..

    sometimes, usually when it has a hard time connecting, iTunes shows the IP address of the server, or compter you are trying to connect to.. but when its all smooth, it doesn’t let you view the IP..

    is there any way to view what IP’s you are connecting to, through iTunes or any other means, i.e. Terminal, a script, etc?



    Posted by dank at 12am on 10.06.03

  27. Well, I might JUST have what you’re all asking for…
    I read this somewhere on the web (well, I used google to seek this info in fact) so don’t grant me for anything, you could have found it on your own…

    1°) Open a connection to a server using your favorite web site (so far I only know of two : and
    2°) Start to listen to ANY song listed here
    3°) Open the Terminal
    4°) Type : sudo tcpdump -qtn port 3689 (copy & paste it)
    5°) Enter the administrator password

    And that’s it. You’ll get quite a lot of information here. Basically it will show packet IPs in and out of your computer for the port 3689 (aka “daap://”). So you’ll notice two IPs, your and the one to the server.

    Ho, and don’t forget the last step :

    6°) CTRL-C !

    Or the packet listing will go on and on, and on, and on…

    Of course, if you’re already connected to a server either downloading or listening to music on the port 3689, when typing the command in the Terminal, you’ll get even more IPs ! Try to remember which one is yours at least.

    I love the Terminal. I just wish someone could make a script that would show the IPs without opening and typing all this. A sort of automation after all… Anyone gifted with programming skills in here ?

    Posted by Romain at 4pm on 16.06.03

  28. Well,

    even simplier than what I just explained above :

    1°) Connect to a library with iTunes using your favorite website.
    2°) Open the Terminal
    3°) Type : lsof | grep iTunes

    That’s it. The IP your connected will be listed with : “(ESTABLISHED)” next to it.

    Posted by Romain at 5pm on 16.06.03

  29. Rendezvous Proxy, Supercomputers, GNUpod, Easter Eggs, Mozilla and much more

    EETimes: Supercomputer benchmarks to be overhauled by 2006 An app called Rendezvous Proxy allows you to trick your computer into thinking that any foreign host is local to your subnet. This means you can share music with iTunes and access other rendezv…

    Posted by Switch-Case at 5am on 15.11.03

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