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Radio Pop Action Streams Profile

If you use the clever Radio Pop service that BBC Radio Labs launched a little while ago, and you also use the Action Streams plugin for Movable Type1, this might come in handy:

Radio Pop Action Streams Profile [36KB .zip archive]

As you’d expect, it’s a profile for Action Streams that will add the radio programmes you ‘pop’ to your ‘lifestream’.

To install the profile, download and unzip the archive, edit the file ‘config.yaml’, replacing the word ‘Username’ with your own Radio Pop username, and upload config.yaml and radiopop.png to the right places on your server, eg.:



Then you’ll need to activate the profile in the usual way, by logging into Movable Type, navigating to the Other Profiles section, clicking ‘Add Profile’ and choosing ‘Radio Pop’ from the drop-down menu.

To get the little Radio Pop logo to show up in your lifestream, you’ll need to edit your Action Streams CSS file. Assuming you’re using the default templates that ship with the plugin, adding a declaration like this should do it:

    .service-radiopop {
        background-image: url(;

If you’d like the profile to track everything you listen to via Radio Pop, rather than just the programmes you pop, change line 25 of config.yaml from

url: ''


url: ''

All this messy editing business isn’t ideal, but I couldn’t work out how to get the profile to ask for your Radio Pop username when you activate it, then configure itself accordingly. If I do get around to making a cleverer version, I’ll update this page straight away.

And, just in case anyone is wondering what on earth I’ve been wittering about, here’s what happens on my homepage when I pop a programme:

Radiopop Action Stream in action

  1. To be honest, it’s pretty likely that I’m the only person in the whole wide world who uses both Radio Pop and Action Streams, but I thought I’d make the files available on the offchance I’m not alone!

Posted at 3pm on 25/10/08 by Jack Mottram to the radio category.
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  1. I know of one other person that uses both - me!

    Posted by Rob at 5pm on 26.10.08

  2. i have never wondered what you were wittering about but was pretty confident that if there was anyone out there he/she would be a submit response afficianado. can we go back to collapsed lungs and football casuals?

    Posted by lepatron at 9am on 27.10.08

  3. Rob - excellent!

    Lepatron - oh dear, the post I’m writing up at the moment is mostly about getting a Huawei E172 modem to run under Ubuntu on an Eee PC (with a brief foray into the relative benefits of wicd and network-manager). I am wearing my Tranmere badge while writing it, though!

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 11am on 27.10.08

  4. Also, without the space in your username, you look like some sort of futuristic leopard robot!

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 11am on 27.10.08

  5. You actually listened to Any Questions? Have you lost your mind, man? You’ll be listening to You and Yours with Liz Baaarclay next. And phoning in to Any Answers with some half-baked rant about Jonathan Ross, Russell Brand and the declining standards of public service broadcasting before you know it …

    Posted by Leon at 10pm on 01.11.08

  6. Hah. I actually quite like listening to Any Questions/Answers, in a shouting at the radio way.

    I even listen to You and Yours sometimes. Is there an emoticon for ‘hangs head in shame’?

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 12pm on 04.11.08

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