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Today’s Links (30/08/08)

Posted at 7am on 30/08/08 by Jack Mottram to the links category.
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  1. Re Faith schools
    As non-Jews would not send their offsprint to learn Hebrew & non-Mohammedans would refrain from sending their kids to Islamic schools, this demand really applies singularly to Catholic schools.
    The St Francis Children Society recently had to negate their religion in order to continue functioning, now it is the Catholic schools. Why the envie of their excellent academic record thanks to the abominable word ‘discipline’? Haven’t we got enough failing schools?
    Catholic schools are to take in non-Catholic teachers and children. Will the lobby group demanding this fund a classroom for these children, while the rest of the students are taught the basic dogmas. Will they provide the non-Catholic teachers with a religious background so that they may teach? You see, religion is not just in books, it’s a way of life.
    On the other hand, envie may not be the underlying reason for this non-workable request. It may well be that these schools are to be forced to become private.
    Please enlighten me
    U Collman

    Posted by U Collman at 12pm on 30.08.08

  2. Re: Movable Type, I usually set things up so that the most popular pages (the front page, stylesheets, feeds) are the only pages that I republish. The rest are built dynamically so there’s no republish overhead. That functionality is built in to MT and pretty simple to configure as well.

    Posted by Nick at 9pm on 31.08.08

  3. Nick - yeah, I’d forgotten that MT now makes dynamic publishing simple (if I remember rightly, it used to be quite a tricky proposition). Yet another temptation to switch…

    U Collman - erm, I’m not sure how your comment relates to the post. Did you mean to comment somewhere else on the site?

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 10am on 02.09.08

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