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Through The Looking Glass

More on the We Tell Stories fiction series and Alternate Reality Game follows shortly, but I got a bit distracted from my reading and sleuthing when I found this post by ‘nara’ on the Unfiction Forums, a community website devoted to ARG playing:

I’ve been following trackbacks from the various articles mentioned here. I found the one for Jack Mottram’s submit response blog. Is the story you get from the email supposed to be about what happened to him at the station?

Then, later, this:

I created a twitter account to follow Jack Mottram…I hope this wouldn’t be considered stalking….this is what his last post said:

Anyone else reading/playing We Tell Stories? -

Wonderful! For a little while, I became a character in a game I’m playing myself!

I resisted the temptation to play along, placing myself inside the ARG as an unofficial hybrid player-character. But only because I’m so easily identified as a real person, and most players would instantly assume that Six To Start, thorough as they are, probably wouldn’t write seven years’ worth of weblog posts or somehow insert a decade of journalism into the press in order to create my backstory.

Though I wonder if this sort of trick been tried before? I’ve never followed any other ARGs, only reading about them after the fact, but it strikes me that recruiting demonstrably real people to play characters would be an interesting move, adding to the level of difficulty and longevity of the game.

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