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Today’s Links (29/02/08)

Posted at 2pm on 29/02/08 by Jack Mottram to the links category.
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  1. hiya Jack, enjoyed the dJing the other night in Sleazys.

    the joiku thing is very interesting - but I am not sure why I would use this other than the bluetooth to 3G I use of my ibook or nokia 770 to the phone. I suppose it might actually help me evade the silly TMobile terms of Use on my supposedly unmetered plan (they disallow computers it says - although I always have got around and also disguise my mac browser as a Nokia e61 user agent).

    I guess I will install it as it might be that someone else has a laptop one time and no bluetooth / poor bluetooth modem ability).

    What do you make of the new EEE PC 9 inch version?

    Posted by Luke at 3pm on 04.03.08

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