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Today’s Links (19/11/07)

Posted at 12am on 20/11/07 by Jack Mottram to the links category.
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  1. hey Jack,
    whats the dibs on the eee? worth getting as reliable low cost lo weight plaything? £200 ha
    Ps washed my iron hearts for the first time. Wearing them today. like a denim leg corset

    Posted by sue denim at 1pm on 22.11.07

  2. Not sure about the Eee yet - not due to arrive until next week thanks to a debit card cock-up, at which point I’ll doubtless post a deeply tedious in-depth review.

    ‘Like a denim leg corset’ would make an ace Engrish ad slogan for them!

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 4pm on 23.11.07

  3. Eee has arrived. It is bloody brilliant. (Except that the keyboard is so wee it’ll take a month to get used to!)

    Posted by Jack at 3pm on 30.11.07

  4. Wheres this tedious review then????

    Does it work well with the mac, networking and transfers wise?

    Damn I have totally forgotten my openid. Again.

    Posted by Luke at 4pm on 10.12.07

  5. Coming soon, Luke! I’ve been too busy tinkering with the Eee and visiting new babies.

    Networking and transfers a bit flakey, but I haven’t really looked into fixing that properly yet, as I’ve just stuck with the lo-tech route of transferring files via USB drive or SD card.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 2pm on 12.12.07

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