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This Prince spat is getting weird.

Earlier in the week, the three main fansites—, and Prince Fams—joined forces under the banner of Prince Fans United to fight off threats from Prince’s legal team, which had forced the three sites to remove all images of Prince from their servers.

Sue this, Prince!

Prince’s response? He released a song, PFUnk, on a piss-take site, Prince Fams United.

And now, Prince has issued a rather slippery statement, claiming he was only really miffed about some live shots from the o2 Arena gigs, not every last image of him on every last fansite after all, and that, by barraging them with legal action, he’s actually ‘looking to provide fans with exclusive music… free of charge’.

I assume that’s a reference to PFUnk, a song that includes lyrics like ‘Hush yo mouth’ and ‘You might not like the taste, but I’ma stick your face in this funk’, and so, reasonably enough, has generally been interpreted as the little man saying, ‘Cock off, you whingeing twerps, I’ll do what I like’ to the people who pay his wages.

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